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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Political Terrorism - The Lack of Political Freedom Based on Democracy under President Kim, Dae-Jung

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“There is the basic problem of poverty behind all the terrors. Those who are frustrated and angered by poverty that they cannot do anything about cooperate with and participate in terror. As long as the problem of poverty is not solved, nobody can be safe in the world.” from President Kim Dae-Jung's speech on “East Asia and Young Leadership” in the morning of February 2, 2005.

Political act full of cruel tactics and the arrogance of power – President Dae-Jung Kim's excuse for terror

After trying to kidnap and murder an innocent and defenseless citizen who does not agree with his own political thoughts by mobilizing professional assassins, President Kim Dae-Jung who can move enormous fund in secret makes an excuse that the cause of terror is poverty.

“Corruption hurts the poor disproportionately by diverting funds intended for development, undermining a government's ability to provide basic services, feeding inequality and injustice, and discouraging foreign investment and aid”.

Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary-General

in his statement on the adoption by the General Assembly of the United Nations Convention against Corruption

1. Behind all the terrors is the basic problem of poverty - Poverty Didn't Breed DJ's Terrorists!

Those who attempted to harm and murder me make an excuse that it was for survival. President Dae-Jung Kim says, "Those who are frustrated and angered at the poverty they cannot do anything about are cooperating with and participating in terror."

President Dae-Jung Kim, Ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi of the Vice Minister rank, Minister-counselor who threatened me with a gun at a church, the couple who told me not hang around people from Jeolla-Do, Army officer who is on a family trip to North Europe after the terror, self-appointed patriot who threatened to kill me when the identities of terrorists were revealed, Mr. and Mrs. Paid Well who tried to kidnap and kill me at a church, Consul at the Embassy who participated in the conspiracy to induce me to West Germany to kidnap and assassinate me, the terror organization member who told me there would be economic compensation, and bioterrorist Gil-Sang Nho who worked at the Embassy, all of them were better off financially than myself who had difficulty even in basic sustenance. The kidnap and assassination organization member of President Dae-Jung Kim even boasted on the internet that he was going on a vacation after the attempt to assassinate and bioterrorism. He is not the only one of this kind.

Ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi of Vice Minister rank who tried to scare me in front of an Embassy in the most luxurious Mercedes Benz. Ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi of Vice Minister rank who told me that Gil-Sang Nho and a consul in the Embassy whose name is unknown will immigrate to Houston is the people who cannot be classified as the poor.

Agent Kang-Hyun Jung who acted as self-appointed National Intelligence Service employee and also as Counselor of the Embassy is also the person that are difficult to be classified as the poor. He threatened the safety of my family as I was getting totally destroyed, and told me that financial compensation would be given if I don't go back to Seoul. Agent Jung suggested financial compensation to me.

After the failed attempt to kidnap me where Mr. and Mrs. Kim Jong-Gil and 4 unidentified adults participated, it was the Consul at the Embassy who induced me to meet with Yong-sun Ham who was the chief of a kindergarten in order to induce me to a city in West Germany that I wasn't well aware of. This Consul in question who was at the low echelon of the organization and belonged to the Embassy called me to his house to package me as anti-Jeolla-Do and anti-government extreme right, and showed off his very affluent economic life which was beyond comparison with mine.

After the failed attempt to kidnap by agent Kim Jong-Gil at a corner of Place Poelaert in front of Supreme Court, Agent Gil-Sang Nho sped up in a luxury car that he used to show off, got out of a big road and went on a narrow and winding road (Chaus. de Louvain), and then went back on a large road (Blvd. du Régent) again, stopped the car in front of a war memorial in Place Poelaert in front of Palais de Justice, looked around and mentioned financial compensation. He said the basic order of the world is who takes more to eat, and said to eat is to benefit, and that I had to be flexible. It was their appeasement that I accommodate financial compensation flexibly. He is the person who said I could ride on a luxury car like his if I follow the orders well. The person who was involved in this bioterrorism was dispatched to the National Defense College under President Roh, Moo-Hyun, and is called as desirable Health and Welfare person.

It was found that those who used drug and manipulated anti-Jeolla-Do regional sentiments in the 1980's were active in President Dae-Jung Kim's terror organization. This couple is only one of those. This couple was assigned to Kwangju, Jeolla-Do under President Roh, Moo-Hyun, in succession to President Kim, Dae-Jung. At the end of 2005, Mr. and Mrs. Paid Well were relocated to Kwangju, Jeolla-Do.

The couple who were professors in Honam region in the 1980's and told me not to hang around with anyone from Jeolla-Do. One of them silently threatened me at a church, and afterwards told me in a corridor of Porte de Namur subway station that I was passing by that the terror organization led by Ambassador Dae-hwa Choi wants to meet me, pretending it to be an accident. The errands men who know their lives abroad would not be able to say these are financially indigent. They were active around me since 1980's with Mr. Yang-Hong Bae whom the terror agent Gil-Sang Nho also knows about, and playing roles in the terror organization of President Dae-Jung Kim that was active in Brussels.

The self-appointed patriot is one of those who conspired to make me a criminal in the early times in Belgium, in other words in the 1980's, and is the person of the same era as agent Jin and army officer Yang-Hong Bae. He has been acting as the rich. This person who appeared again in front of me while preparing to leave for Atlanta came to find out about my whereabouts and thoughts. This person, who is self-styled patriot, made an excuse that the political gangster life that they were involved in was to make living when their identities were revealed. When the perpetrators of the bioterrorism were revealed, he mentioned Albanian organized crime gangsters and made a death threat, saying they would hurt me to conceal the terror. After coming back to Seoul, I could see his writings on the internet regarding his affluent life in a foreign country written around 2004. Searching on the internet, one can see that such positions and titles as Advisor and Professor in Honor are added next to his name.

President Dae-Jung Kim who can secretly send an enormous amount of money to North Korea, the self-appointed patriot who is said to be affluent, who boasted that he is rich, Mr. and Mrs. Paid Well who is said to receive the largest salary among them, Ambassador Dae-hwa Choi who is said to be Vice Minister rank, and army officer who is going on a family trip to northern Europe after the kidnapping and assassination attempt and bioterrorism of terror organization , can they be said to be those who are frustrated and angered by poverty?

Just as those who boasted of economic affluence make an excuse that they participate in terror for survival when their identities of professional political gangster are revealed, the excuse by President Dae-Jung Kim that the basic cause of terror is poverty, that "behind all the terrors is the basic cause of poverty. Those who are frustrated and angered at the poverty that they can do nothing about are cooperating with and participating in terror" is not valid. These are not those who are despaired and angered at poverty which they can do nothing about, but professional terror agents who cooperate with and participate in terror thinking that the basic order of human society is who eats more, as the agent named Gil-Sang Nho who was dispatched to the Embassy said. That's why they so easily think that such terror activities governed by cruel tactics and the arrogance of power can be concealed by economic compensation and women. That’s why they can make a proposal for my silence. And they also ask that economic compensation for terror be flexibly accommodated.

Such a terror act deceives citizens and hinders democracy itself which is the basis of the nation.

2. Nobody can be safe in the world unless the problem of poverty is solved.

It was the case of terror where they called me anti-government because I supported the opposition party, accused me of terrorist when I was just reading books and became more indigent under IMF situation, accused me of pro-Kim Jong-Il anti-American leftist, accused me of anti-Kim Jong-Il pro-American extreme rightist and tried to kidnap and murder.

To boast of affluent life while killing and destroying people making an excuse that it is for survival is just like for a person enjoying an affluent life to commit terror activities making an excuse that it is for survival. Nobody can be safe under such a political culture where the President Dae-Jung Kim who emphasizes human rights so much commits bioterrorism against citizens after receiving a Nobel Peace Prize Award.

They conspired to commit bioterror against a powerless citizen who is leading a poor life in a foreign country, and to package him as extreme right terrorist. Why did they commit such a cruel terror, making an excuse that it was for survival, when they were not even underprivileged? Why does President Dae-Jung Kim who exercised enormous power, calling himself a human rights president, operate a secret organization to kidnap and murder to get rid of a powerless and poor person like myself, and use bioterrorism as a means of oppression?

"Money" proposal by President Dae-Jung Kim, who suggested financial compensation to conceal kidnap and murder conspiracy and bioterrorism. - The only condition is I should not return to Seoul. Of course numerous suggestions for economic compensation by President Dae-Jung Kim between 2000 and 2001 were rejected by me on the spot repeatedly. I gave up many things to leave Brussels. When I arrived at Atlanta, leaving behind the terror organization of Ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi that President Dae-Jung Kim operated in EU, I had $20 in my pocket after paying a half month rent.

“When I quit the position of President, I thought I could lead a comfortable life without troubles, but it didn't work out and I am still leading a hard life, and I think that is probably the way my life is.” Ex-president Kim said at a meeting with the party leaders such as a representative who visited "Kim Dae-Jung library" on November 16, 2005.

President Dae-Jung Kim's terror is to kill a destitute person before and after the North-South Summit Talk to use for political manipulation, and destroyed even the destitute life that I maintained away from oppression. Attempts were made to kill me for his political interest, not because of his poverty. The attempted terror and conspiracy that President Dae-Jung Kim committed from Brussels to Atlanta can not be excused with the word poverty.

The world is not safe for anyone unless the terror activities that are committed while those who cooperate with and participate in terror are making excuses full of cruel tactics and the arrogance of power, justifying economic compensation and saying that the basic order of human society is who eats more are abolished.

3. The national economy without democratic foundation is a house built on sand.

“I believe that democracy is the absolute value realizing the dignity of human and is the only way to realize economic development and social justice. There cannot be the right kind of market economy where there is no democracy. And without market economy, we cannot expect competitive economic development. I am convinced that the national economy without democratic basis is a house built on sand.” On December 10, 2000, President Dae-Jung Kim made a speech like this when he was getting awarded the Nobel Prize. After that in Brussels, President Kim who talks about the realization of human dignity attempted kidnap and murder of a powerless citizen numerous times through a secret terror organization, and committed bioterrorism. Such an act of terror violates and deteriorates the democracy itself which is the basis of the nation and deceives citizens. It threatens the existence of market economy, obstructs economic development, and worsens the problem of poverty.

For a political party supported by citizens to accuse a person as anti-government because he supports the opposition party and pushes him to death is to deny democracy itself. No citizen can be safe unless the terror activities based upon gangster culture of oppressing or killing its own citizen by using germs or drug and accusing him to be anti-government or criminal according to the political needs of the powerful.

There was something that the agent Gil-Sang Nho said mentioning Interpol at the residence of Mr. & Mrs. Paid Well. It was the proposal of the political thoughts of President Dae-Jung Kim. I rejected the socialist leftist political thoughts, manipulative politics, manipulation of the conflicts between the western and the eastern regions of Korea, and bioterror that President Kim, Dae-Jung suggested to me through Nho, Gil-Sang. And I reject them even now. I also reject the commercial sense of reality by Mr. Dae-Jung Kim that I remain silent about terror and not return to Korea in return for economic compensation. President Dae-Jung Kim says poverty is the cause of terror, but that is not excuse for the terror of President Kim. A beautiful country can never be built as long as the self-appointed patriot who threatens the victim of terror for terror and terrorists is fully rewarded. In other words, the country that does not clear up "the gangster culture" is far distanced from a beautiful country based on democracy. The errands man of the terrorists use unidentified chemicals that cause pain on the street and make threats, "You still want to live", but I cannot stop protesting against the act of concealing terror and oppressing human rights mobilizing organized violence of the political power.

President Dae-Jung Kim who is said to have devoted his entire life to the protection of democracy and human dignity operated a terrorist organization even in foreign countries. And he hired even foreigners to commit bioterror. President Kim who is called Human Rights President used the cruel means of political act of inhuman tactics and arrogance such as terror for his political activities. Does President Kim kill poor people to solve the problem of poverty? President Dae-Jung Kim's terror is from "the lack of political freedom based on democracy" that I have been advocating so far.

Historically, market economy is said to respond effectively to totalitarianism. Political oppression and terror that political power commits against a citizen cannot be helpful for market economy. It might be helpful for totalitarianism, but the act of terror by the President Dae-Jung Kim is not a political means to solve poverty but just aggravates the problem of poverty.

“Participant democracy should be realized, where the people are treated as main actors and acts as main actors. I will by any means realize the "politics by the people" and "politics owned by the People" with the people.” Inauguration speech by President Kim on February 25, 1998

In the politics where the people play the role of the owner, there would not be a politician who would commit a bioterror against a citizen to realize his own political purpose and mobilize an organization for kidnapping and murder to suppress people. President Dae-Jung Kim must be well aware of these as he had sought asylum in the U.S. We can tell from our tragic history also that a beautiful country cannot be built by means of terror which is a means of politics full of tricks and conspiracy.

In order to build a beautiful unified country which will be the center of peace and safety, we should leave behind the politics full of tricks and conspiracy that deceive citizens, and start realizing beautiful and genuine democracy.

In the middle of Seoul where they strangle me and yell “You wanna die?”.

President Moo-Hyun Roh Special lecture in Yonsei University on "Let us cut off the politics-economics and politics-press adhesion." On 27th, the President said, "We have to get rid of the exclusive and privileged 'gangster culture' that remains in our political power." "In the gangster culture, they have strict laws established for themselves. They don’t respect any law toward the outside world. Internally, they have powerful rule, and have strict relations of loyalty and compensation. It is an exclusive privilege group. People in general suffer because there are unfair transactions among them. This is the reason why I am trying to cut off the connection between political and economic powers." May 27, 2004

I believe that democracy is the absolute value that makes for human dignity, as well as the only road to sustained economic development and social justice.

Without democracy the market economy cannot blossom, and without market economics, economic competitiveness and growth cannot be achieved.

A national economy lacking a democratic foundation is a castle built on sand. Therefore, as President of the Republic of Korea, I have made the parallel development of democracy and market economics, supplemented with a system of productive welfare, the basic mission of my government.

(P152 Selected Speeches of  Kim Dae-jung. 1998-2004 Hakgojae)

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