President Roh's reply.


Unidentified chemical substance that President Roh, Moo-hyun uses - after having been to the front of Blue House.

The next day after demonstrating in front of the Blue House of President Roh, Moo-hyun.

Jan. 15, 2006

As I got out of the house, went to the street, and was about to get on a car, I could see an agent to my side who works undercover in the neighborhood who revealed his identity on his own, and behind me, there were several who were waiting to spray chemicals. Yesterday, I didn't turn around, letting them do whatever they wanted to. I went to a bookstore and then a Chosun Hotel Bakery. When I was about to turn around in the building to come out, I could feel something was sprayed on my head. I have heartburn and difficulty in breathing since late yesterday, and swelling and pain have continued up to 11 pm today.

Chemical Terrorism: This is President Roh, Moo-hyun's reply.

Chemical Terrorism: This is President Roh, Moo-hyun's reply.

President Roh, Moo-hyun said as such in his speech at a reception for diplomatic corps in Korea held in Nokji-won, Blue House, and said "I was house arrested in the Blue House while being impeached, and I was able to continue without losing health and hope thanks to the beautiful nature, clean air, and environment. You are breathing with me the mysterious air that brought a dying man back to life."

“The NIS has strived not to commit injustice and not to exceed its authority,” the president said at the briefing. “I ask you to break from the past and develop into the world’s best intelligence agency through future-oriented and sweeping reform efforts. Jan. 20, 2005

I am looking at the National Pension report. I made a phone call during day time and asked many things. And I extended the Pension exception period on the phone.

I extended the exception period of the National Pension, as if I were completely an exception from the application of law thanks to President Kim, Dae-jung. To interpret their unintelligible expression that they used while using drugs on me, it meant that they were going to eliminate me from society (Period of First Oppression in Europe). At the time of President Kim, Dae-jung, the political terrorist organization completely revealed itself and tried to kill me. Now I am subject to brutal chemical terrorism by the errand men of President Roh, Moo-hyon who yell "You wanna die, bastard?" in the middle of Seoul.

On the internet, there is a phrase that the National Pension was created to contribute to the promotion of national welfare by implementing various kinds of welfare projects. In the Ministry of Health and Welfare that even does such things, a person by the name of Roh, Gil-Sang, who commits bioterrorism and fabricates prisoner of political thoughts, is employed even receiving awards. This person even uploaded his picture on the internet recently to the effect that he is visiting Brussels where President Kim, Dae-jung tried to kill me.

For those who make excuses that it was for "survival", what would the National Pension mean? It says, "The National Pension System is the income guarantee system that the government operates directly to help people maintain at least the basic standard of life." The political terrorist organization directly operated by political power has taken root in the Ministry of Health and Welfare as well.


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