Paid Well - Terrorist


Mr. Paid Well of the organization that packaged me as extreme right when the cycling event was held, conspired with one person of the political oppression force including Mr. Bae and Mr. Jin of the end of 80’s who branded me as leftist and used secretly narcotics to destroy a citizen.

This is the person who laughed at me with Gil-Sang Nho at the church looking at me suffering from pain infected by pathogens used by agents for bio terror.

Mr. Paid Well said President Kim Dae-Jung sent money to North Korea for the amount of trillions, and prepared conspiracy to harm me. I made Mr. Paid Well’s conspiracy impossible through Mr. Jung Kang-Hyun, and they said again through Mr. Jung that they would make economic compensation.

Hunger Strike at the Church - President Dae-Jung Kim’ Criminal Attempt (June, 2001, Brabant)

There was a limit to how long I could stay in the U.S., and I couldn’t go to Seoul, so I headed towards Brussels, where those who were waiting to kill me were. It was late May, 2001.

After arriving in Brussels, I talked with Paid Well and then met him. As they say, there were many times when I did not have many choices. This day was one of them.

While in Brussels in early June 2001, I did not meet most of them except a few such as Paid Well, Wise, Nho Gil-Sang, and several agents.
A few days after I started the hunger strike against those who tried to kill me, Paid Well suggested giving monetary compensation with the help of a secret agent. The location where the compensation was mentioned was the same place where Paid Well threatened me by mentioning the military prison when I came back to Brussels after the conspiracy to kidnap and murder me failed in Antwerp around the end of June 2000.

After the hunger strike was over, for 503.27 Euros I purchased an airplane ticket at a travel agency to leave Brussels. [Travel Shop Brussels, 2:40 p.m. on June 12, 2001]

Mr. and Mrs. Paid Well tried to eliminate me at the church (June, 2001)

President Dae-Jung Kim —who even committed bio-terrorism after being awarded the Nobel Prize— did not want to miss the chance to suppress the evidence of his political terror activities.

Paid Well carried out a conspiracy to kill me as I was preparing to leave, at a church, even using his own wife.

When I was losing consciousness because of the drugs, Paid Well had a smile on his face, shook his finger from side to side, and tested how conscious I was. Paid Well said —before I lost consciousness— many people would arrive , and I asked later on whom they were, but he said that he didn’t remember. Paid Well refused to reveal the identity of those who said they would come to the church before I lost consciousness on account of the drugs.

Wise —one of the members of the diamond smuggling ring— appeared again. This person was by my side when I was waking up from the drugs that Mr. and Mrs. Paid Well had used. That was the time when I faced him for the last time. Wise frequently came with Paid Well and Woo-Chul Kim. I saw him among those who were mobilized to cover up the conspiracy when the man who was trying to kill me at a restaurant in Antwerp (Diamond Smuggling Network, 2000).

In the evening that day, I, who had lost consciousness because of the drugs, was able to avoid death incidentally, thanks to the presence of the people who were coming there to sleep. Paid Well gave up the plan as the unexpected visitors appeared.

At the end of 2005, Mr. and Mrs. Paid Well were relocated to Kwangju, Jeolla-Do.

Diamond Smuggling Network

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