Patriot II



Ex. member of the National Assembly: Jul. 2004

It is not surprising at all that such an evil force would reside in the National Assembly. As I have already explained, I met an ex-member of the National Assembly who tried to manipulate (July, 2004). Even abroad, I once met someone who came up to me as personnel of the National Assembly, while he was in fact merely working as an agent for Mr. Banís crimes and terror acts. This person, whom I shall describe as Patriot II, became angry when I identified his affiliation on the spot, as soon as the gathering started. [Patriot II was fully informed about me. He figured out what I was thinking about his display, and he showed it without any hesitation. What is more important here, Patriot IIís real name was frequently mentioned by terrorists in Brussels. They kept on asking me what I thought about him. He was in charge of a group that tried to kill me.] They are continuously changing, not only their appearances, but their political convictions too. Just like other homologous are deployed from hospitals to banks, some are placed in the National Assembly óthe difference being that they are very well known and agile enough to present themselves as persons who can stand against oppression and injustice, and for causes concerning human rights. Patriot IIís activity and aggressive response answered many questions. (Efforts made by UN Secretary-General to Counter Mr. Ban's Terrorism - Concealment of His own Terrorism - In front of President Roh Moo-Hyun's Blue House - 100th, Sept. 04, 2007)



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