Doctors and Torror


Sept. 11, 2001

Later on, another agent converted into a terrorist criminal was deployed at a hospital in Pittsburgh, where he kept on talking about the foreign passports he had got for his babies. But those passports do not define him and his colleagues, they do not justify what he and his colleagues were doing, and they cannot be used as a shield.

It is necessary to review a tiny gesture of one of agents operated near me. He was a doctor who arrives just after I arrived at Brussels just like Mr. Ban Ki-Moon at UN (2001). He was one of criminals those who worked with Military Attaché and diplomats —once he said about his disguised contact with diplomats at the Embassy—. He often tested me to figure out how much I doubt about him. He is very subtle, as his colleague used to talk to me in strange way, in the handling of other person and disguised as arduous Catholic and speaks a lot of religious miracles and holy water. But that can not be done because from the beginning of his appearance, he tried to use local prostitutes to harm me insidious way and tried to make me ill when he knew that he can not use me that trick. And later he laughed scornfully about narcotics intoxication prepared by diplomats and my ignorance about their intention and criminal entity. That was enough to explain what his identity is. Often he tried to pose a trouble by saying that I was born at Seoul —he pretended he doesn’t like—. It was a just tactics to irritate me and isolated me and conceals his activities. Now he is working at Seoul. He continuously sent me his colleagues to figure out about how I think about him and Patriot II who I have to meet later at Seoul. (Publicly they do not like each other. It was the same with the thugs who used violence against me at the University campus and appeared at the church with the intention to threaten me after Ambassador Choi Dae-Hwa’s threat at the beginning of 2000.)

Especially he was very happy when he said to me that his babies will hold European passport. He skillfully mocked at my status of intoxication by narcotics used by diplomats those have to protect me. He was doctor. In front of his eyes, there was a fellow citizen who was completely destroyed by their narcotics and plots such as what they did at the US’s NATO military base (SHAPE) for their incomprehensible profits. [Later, at Brussels, I had to confront with medical school professor —one of Ambassador Choi’s fellow terrorists. At Seoul, I had to confront with germs using dentists and medical doctor who is very easy with death threats.] His trace was found at St Francis hospital (Pittsburgh, US) near the trace of doctor Choi who leaved his trace Cleveland Metro General. Choi was a person who delivered a death threat at Seoul at the year that I returned.

At the same year, a dentist used germs on me and later used psychotropic substances to torture me —just before their pharmacological torture, I wrote about dentist's terror act on my website. And they suggested to change to young female dentist —they showed me form the distance— instead the criminal dentist. [It was evident they were under cooperation. I stop to go to the dentistry. Just like Brussels, they were standing a young woman in front of crime business.]

In this world there are some doctors and dentists do terrors and criminal acts —we do not even imagine the existences of those.

May 07, 2007 - The same death threat I received from Cho (Jo) Dong-Il (July 2002, Seoul). [After verification of criminals (infectious agent using terrorism and pharmacological torture), Il-Won Dong, Gangnam Gu, Seoul]


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