Choi, Dae-Hwa, Ambassador


Dae-Hwa Choi, vice-minister-level ambassador for the European Community (EC, European Union). With diplomatic immunity and privileges, uses diplomats and doctors as terror agents

Vice-minister-level ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade was a person who formally belonged to the highest stratum of the group that was involved in a kidnapping and murder conspiracy in Western Europe. People used to say that he would become a minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade after being the vice-minister-level ambassador in Brussels.

Using my family as hostage, Using foreigners under contract -Arabs, Chinese and others - as terror agents - Ban Ki-Moon (Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, incumbent Secretary-General of the U.N.)

Using foreigners under contract —Arab, Chinese and others— as terror agents.

Using medical doctors and dentist as terror agents.

From narcotics related crime to diamond smuggling.

Lee, Sung-Joo
Jul. 1999 Minister, Korean Embassy in the Kingdom of Belgium and Korean Mission to the European Union
Mar. 2007 Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the UN Secretariat and International Organizations in Geneva

Kim, Il-Doo
Dec. 1999 Counsellor, Korean Embassy in the Kingdom of Belgium and Korean Mission to the European Union
Mar. 2003 Deputy Director-General for North American and European Trade Affairs, MOFAT
Dec. 2004 Minister, Korean Embassy in the Commonwealth of Australia
Aug. 2007 Consul-General, Korean Consulate General in Chengdu, China

Left: Dae-Hwa Choi, vice-minister-level ambassador for the EC (European Community, European Union), Right: Ki-Moon Ban (Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, incumbent Secretary-General of the U.N.) With diplomatic immunity and privileges, using diplomats as terror agents - Principle IV, The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him. (Nuremberg Principles)

Mr. Ki-Moon Ban, minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade: For what benefit did the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade come to kill an indigent -very poor- person? — June 30, 2004

Minister Ki-Moon Ban, what do you think about the terrorist activities carried out by the members of the diplomatic staff led by vice-minister-level ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi, who tried to kill me by accusing me of being an anti-American leftist and then a pro-American extreme rightist? What was the purpose of the phone call made by a diplomat to the effect that I shouldn’t trust anyone in the U.S., when I was leaving Brussels to go to Atlanta?

Vice-minister Ki-Moon Ban —who has become UN Secretary General— is now carefully concealing the terrorist activities that ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi carried out in the European Union (EU).

On the one hand, for public consumption, you regard yourself as a diplomat providing spotless protection to citizens abroad.
On the other hand, in order to avoid being questioned by the citizenry, your diplomats —such as vice-minister-level ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi who became a key agent— attempt to abduct and murder me in foreign countries, also for profit. I am demanding the prompt end to all terrorist activities and political manipulation.

Minister Ban is making fun of people all over the world, including the citizens of the Republic of Korea. While minister Ban insists, “People should be on alert. They have to take care of their own security”, MOFAT has high ranking vice-minister-level diplomat Dae-Hwa Choi going around killing a defenseless citizen.

Minister Ban committed various “immaculate” terror acts for President Dae-Jung Kim. Minister Ban doesn’t mind using violence —even physical violence— inside and outside his headquarters — the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

You —Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade— did your best to apply the diplomatic philosophy and instructions of President Kim. Now you —UN Secretary General Mr. Ban— are doing the same sort of deeds for President Moo-Hyun Roh —the political successor of president Kim— and President Dae-Jung Kim. Since Dae-Hwa Choi —a vice-minister-level ambassador who is your subordinate— tried to murder a citizen for political gain, you yourself are now working to cover-up President Kim’s terrorism in which you played a role in implementing. You —including UN Secretary General Ki-Moon Ban and ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi— are all together, in one organic whole.

UN Secretary General Ki-Moon Ban, your subordinates carried out government-sponsored terrorist activities. They all have destructive and negative effects on peace, safety, development, democracy and human rights.

Crime and inequality still holding back Central America. Ban Ki-moon (left) addresses conference
13 June 2007 - Twenty years after a landmark peace process helped end decades of conflict across Central America, the region has posted impressive gains but still faces daunting challenges that include deep income inequality and persistent crime, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today.

Political crimes and terrorism still weigh down on my country — Korea! If you think terror is wrong, it has to be ended right away. You have to dismantle the terror organization in which UN Secretary General Ki-Moon Ban and MOFAT vice-minister-level ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi are involved.

Minister Ki-Moon Ban (incumbent Secretary-General of the U.N.) said, “The ultimate responsibility of diplomacy is with the President, and I am responsible for implementing the diplomatic philosophy or directions —instructions— of the President” (April 19, 2005). UN Secretary General Mr. Ban and vice-minister-level ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi have to remember “Nuremberg Principle IV — The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him.”

Second Period of State Terrorism in Europe — Bio-terrorism and numerous attempts to kidnap and murder me — vice-minister-level ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi and his henchmen.

After Mr. Dae-Jung Kim was sworn in as president, his political terrorists and diplomats appeared. They were running errands for President Dae-Jung Kim who accused me of being an anti-government, pro-Jong-Il Kim leftist and then an anti-Jong-Il Kim extreme rightist, and attempted to kidnap and murder me.

President Kim Dae-Jung, Kim Jong-Il Dae-Jung Kim and Jong-Il Kim (June, 2000)

When President Dae-Jung Kim visited North Korea and received the Nobel Prize for talking about North-South reconciliation, the charge fabricated by President Kim’s diplomats and terrorists was changed from pro-Jong-Il Kim communist to anti-Jong-Il Kim extreme rightist (2000).

Rise of Terrorists (FDA inspection, Brussels and Brabant, 1999)

Diplomat Gil-Sang Nho (PhD, UK, 1994), one of the most dangerous agents under the command of president Dae-Jung Kim, participated in an event in order to get near me (FDA, Brussels, 1999). It was a unique chance to kidnap and murder me during an event well-prepared for a terrorist act — because I was not aware of the heavy presence of President Kim’s terrorist diplomats and thugs. He behaved in a strange way as well as his low-level agents already in place near me — later some of these low-level agents participated in President Kim’s bio-terrorist act-. It was a gainful occasion for President Kim’s terrorists. Nevertheless, they failed — they did not kidnap me. What he did was a prototype of President Kim’s criminal acts —implemented by actors like vice-minister Ban— that would be tried out later on by Mr. Paid Well in Antwerp in 2000.

Interestingly, a certain agent who participated in Nho’s operation became very nervous when I mentioned the name “Gil-Sang Nho.” This reaction was also reflected in the facial expression of Jong-Gil Kim after the failure of the kidnapping attempt — when he spoke of President Dae-Jung Kim’s financial compensation. [What was the reason of their fears?]

In a restaurant immediately after their first failure, diplomat Gil-Sang Nho and an unidentified consul at the Embassy told me that vice-minister-level ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi would emigrate to Houston, Texas (Brussels and Brabant, 1999). A consul said he just moved from the US. This scene was orchestrated by diplomat Gil-Sang Nho. Until today, I do not know the reason for why Nho’s boss —vice-minister-level Ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi— released such private information to a person who he would like to kidnap and murder. Dae-Hwa Choi was not the only one. Agents who were engaged in the terrorist operation against me often spoke about their visit and emigration to the US. A certain agent spoke about his eventual naturalization as a US citizen. [One of the agents had some words about why he emigrated to the US — it was to “escape from his criminal past.” At that time, they branded me as a pro Jong-Il Kim communist.]

Indeed, this was the beginning of Dae-Hwa Choi’s clandestine operation to kidnap and murder a Korean citizen abroad for President Dae-Jung Kim’s political benefit —President Dae-Jung Kim’s burnt offering. [Before this attempt, one of the diplomats tried to entice me to the Brabant-Wallon area — his lure was financial gain. I did not fall for it.]

Agent Gyu —who branded me as a pro Jung-Il Kim communist on the street and in the “Porte de Namur” subway station at the end of 1999— was encouraged by vice-minister-level ambassador Choi. It was an unexpected gesture of the ambassador. [It explained their relationship described by the son of President Kim’s political colleague.]

In Seoul, minister Ban’s agent who took care of his criminal activities tried to strangle me in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and tried to use psychotropic substances numerous times (2006). The same brutal assault was carried out at the University of Louven in Western Europe. At that time, one of the agents was presented to me as a person who had a status equivalent to that of a local citizen — as a European. [Currently, he is a professor in Korea. Once he appeared at the church. At that time, agent Gyu —one secret agent kindly informed me about the presence of this criminal— told me not to come again to the church. It was an arranged scene. One agent who attacked me never appeared at the church again. The attacker changed a lot. Until that time, agent Gyu had tried to lure me to the church. Why did Gyu suddenly change his tactics at the beginning of 2000?]

In the part of society ruled by a person like Mr. Ki-Moon Ban, strangling is one of the favorite tools of threat and terror. They do not need any weapons.

August 24, 2005 — Strangled at the hands of the agent. He attacked several times and I lost consciousness briefly several times. The violence of the state in the “Yaksoo” subway station — The police said they would warn and then release me —the victim of terrorism. These are the people who made the perpetrator disappear, who grabbed and forced me to go up to the ground level, saying they were detaining me to take me to the police station, and then ran away.

June 21, 2006 - Mr. Ki-Moon Ban! Is germs using terrorism insufficient? Why do you have to strangle me in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade? In front of President Moo-hyun Roh’s Blue House and Ki-Moon Ban’s crime essence (35)

Later, agent Gyu —who worked with military attaché Seung-Sun Lee and Paid Well and others— talked about “information gathering on NATO.” Agent Gyu later turned out to be a member of the criminal cell. I was brought in front of the Ministry of Justice at Brussels. Agent Gyu also accused me of being anti-government because I support the opposition political party. At that time, a member of the criminal cell involved in using germs for terror activities worked in the building next to the Ministry of Justice. That agent’s name is Suh.

Initially, I thought it was strange that people say I am anti-government if I support the opposition party. Unfortunately, such ridiculous criteria are used by those whose job is conspiracy, who would even attempt murder by accusing a person of being anti-government, or make him out to be a political dissident. [As they said in front of the Presidential Palace in Seoul, this type of political crime is profitable business in which they can make a living.]

At the beginning of 2000, I gave Counselor Kang-Hyun Jung a book on the Mafia. I gave it to him so that he would protect people from this kind of people. Counselor Jung of the Embassy, who was a member of the diplomatic staff, devoted himself to the conspiracy of kidnapping and murdering me. He described an arms smuggler as a crazy person. The weapons smuggler said that he could get any kind of weapon and that he would supply weapons. To make matters worse, the arms smuggler offered certain information which at that time, might have been considered to be a Korean national secret.

Even when I was approached by such a person who said he would supply arms to the Korean peninsula, Counselor Jung was in a hurry to make me leave the embassy that day. Later, Counselor Jung threatened me with a gun inside of a church after the threats and strange behavior of Caleb. After that threat, Caleb went to Seoul — Caleb and Suh are members of the Joshua group. [Ironically, I gave President Kim’s political mafia a book on the Mafia.]

The organization —including henchmen such as Gil-Sang Nho and Mr. Paid Well under vice-minister-level ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi’s command— continued to attempt to kidnap and murder me.

Dae-Hwa Choi, who threatened me in front of diplomats at the church and also tried to scare me in front of the Embassy, was the person in charge of a terrorist operation “which carried out official duties to kill a citizen with a political objective” in Brussels and Antwerp, as a vice-minister-level ambassador appointed by President Dae-Jung Kim. Ki-Moon Ban, who is the present UN Secretary General, was vice-minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade at that time. Diplomats under the control of ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi committed numerous terrorist acts in connection with diamond smugglers.

North-South Summit with Jung-Il Kim (June 13-15, 2000) — Branded as an Extreme Rightist

 2000 km cycling event between Paris and Berlin 2000 km cycling event between Paris and Berlin

Immediately after the June 15th North-South Korean Joint Declaration issued at the North-South summit meeting in Pyongyang on June 13-15, 2000, President Dae-Jung Kim invested time, money and resources in a massive political manipulation operation. As the date to commemorate the Korean War of June 25 approached, he branded me as an extreme rightist. His agents attempted to kidnap and murder me while bicycles were passing by in Antwerp, since they had not succeeded in doing so in Brussels. UN Secretary General Mr. Ban was then a vice-minister, fully responsible for implementing President Dae-Jung Kim’s diplomatic philosophy and instructions.

June 13, 2000 — South Korean President Dae-Jung Kim visited Pyongyang and participated in the summit talks between the South and North.
June 15, 2000 — Dae-Jung Kim and Jong-Il Kim signed the South-North joint declaration.

The agent who lured me to Antwerp was Paid Well — also, he and his wife told me about the cycling event.

I left the area filled with those terrorists by taking main streets frequented by many people.

After I returned to Brussels, I went to the church. I had to see them.

When the conspiracy to kidnap and murder me failed, those who attempted to kidnap and murder me sought forgiveness through agent Moon [Gardena, CA]. Agent Moon asked my forgiveness, saying that there was a pastor who forgave a North Korean soldier who had killed his own son during the Korean War. Meanwhile, Paid Well —who sat on the bench where Moon had been sitting— threatened me by mentioning the Chung Song Military Prison. He raised the stakes of the threat, saying that those who have been in the Chung Song Military Prison are not normal —even if they manage to get out alive— and that he was witness to this when he was in the military.

After this failure, they wanted to show me that they are ordinary citizens and often mentioned various kinds of compensation.

After the failure of the kidnapping and murder attempt in Antwerp under the cover of the 2000 kilometer cycling event between Paris and Berlin, diplomat Nho said to me that President Dae-Jung Kim —had not forgotten me— had not abandoned me. He delivered this threat at the church. His words simply proved and predicted what happened in the area filled with the political criminal activities of president Dae-Jung Kim.

As diplomat Gil-Sang Nho said, President Kim did not stop his criminal activities against a citizen who he was supposed to protect. President Kim did not at any time keep the terrorists away from me (Brussels, EU, Atlanta, US, 1999- 2001). By doing so, I came to know the agents and how President Kim managed to carry out his political thinking.

Popeye Choi, who claims to be from the Defense Security Command (DSC), was the person who accused me of being an anti-Kim Jong-Il and pro-American extreme rightist, in the restaurant near Montgomery Square in Brussels — not far from the European Union headquarters. Charges were quickly invented against me. Like several other terror agents stationed in the US, Popeye is currently stationed in London (UK).

The crime cell tried to abduct and murder me, accusing me of being a pro-American extreme right-winger, right after the North-South meeting and summit talks in Pyongyang on June 13-15, 2000. Before the North-South summit talks, the crime cell constantly tried to falsely accuse me of being a pro-Jung-Il Kim communist under President Dae-Jung Kim. In Seoul, President Dae-Jung Kim transferred large sums of cash to Jung-Il Kim — who is Il-Sung Kim’s successor in North Korea.

The crime cell tried to abduct and murder me, accused of being a pro-American extreme right-winger, just after the North-South meeting and summit talks in Pyongyang from June 13 to June 15, 2000. Before the North-South summit talks, the crime cell continuously tried to fabricate false charges of my being a pro-Kim Jung-Il communist under President Dae-Jung Kim. At Seoul, President Kim Dae-Jung transferred large sums of cash to Jung-Il Kim who is Il-Sung Kim’s successor in North Korea.

October 13, 2000, OSLO, Norway -- South Korean President Kim Dae-jung has won the Nobel peace prize for his attempts to improve relations with his country's Stalinist neighbor North Korea. - CNN

Later, in Le Nemrod in Place Louise, after numerous attempts to kidnap and murder me, Paid Well told me about President Kim’s illegal transfers of billions of dollars to North Korea. [Today, intelligence agents talk of “Jung-Il Kim’s blackmail” in Seoul.]

Aug 4, 2003 - Hyundai chief linked to N Korea bribes leaps to his death. A senior executive of South Korea's Hyundai conglomerate has leapt to his death amid a probe into his role in the secret transfer of millions of dollars by the government to North Korea.

The probe focused on the transfer of $500 million to Pyongyang by Hyundai just prior to the 2000 summit. ...
The 2000 inter-Korean summit helped Kim Dae-Jung win the Nobel Peace Prize later that year.
The apparent suicide came days after Mr. Chung testified in court about the secret money transfer. ...

Ki-Moon Ban’s agents did not hesitate to employ a kindergarten director, Yong-Sun Ham, to convince me to go to Germany. Ham approached me with the assistance of a consul under vice-minister-level ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi. When I learned who he was and of his objective, he threatened the safety of my family — he used my family as a hostage. These were the hostage tactics of President Dae-Jung Kim. The presence of a kindergarten director in the kidnapping and murder plot also reflects the essence of “Dae-Jung Kim’s political philosophy.”

The crime cell that lured me to the U.S. Armed Forces base (NATO, Mons) is a branch of the crime cell that carried out terror activities between 2000 and 2001 in Brussels and Antwerp, and is currently under the control of a certain “Choi.” Choi cooperated with Popeye Choi. This crime cell includes the military attaché Yang-Hong Bae, from the Defense Security Command (DSC), and a violinist and his wife who do not hesitate to put psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs) into soft drinks.

[Mons is very important from a military point of view, and thus is located in a high security area. The commander of the European headquarters of the U.S. Armed Forces stationed in foreign countries (the U.S. European Command, abbreviation USEUCOM) also assumes the role of Supreme Allied Commander, Europe (SACEUR) in the NATO hierarchy.]

As for vice-minister-level ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi, he used a person —a secret agent had used religion as a cover— a Korean-speaking foreigner and several close colleagues of Popeye Choi, in order to lure me to Switzerland and also to prepare a nice cover-up to protect himself, just in case of an eventual failure of their proposed bio-terrorism. That’s how the bio-terrorism began, organized by President Dae-Jung Kim, with the participation of Ki-Moon Ban’s agents. The bio-terrorism was carried out several months later.


Left: Suh, Medical School Professor — connected to Dae-Hwa Choi’s terrorist group. Right: Suh, Biomedical Researcher — connected to Caleb and Joshua. (Both linked to the bio-terrorism carried out in Brussels.)

Diamond smugglers and the sword expert (Antwerp).

One of the typical examples is the attempt to murder me by mobilizing a swordsman at a restaurant in Antwerp. Many people were mobilized to cover up the murder conspiracy on this day. The person who was sitting in front waiting for the right moment to murder me was a person who said he dealt only with big things.

At the table in the restaurant where the electricity was going on and off frequently, I was sitting facing a murder expert who was waiting for a time to kill me. Someone said he was specially trained. When the lights went off from time to time, there were several people who were very strongly-muscled sitting behind me, and there was a henchman from a third country who said he could do the work of several people all by himself. The swordsman, who was swallowing rare-cooked beef without chewing it, murmured that there were too many people in the restaurant at that moment. He was waiting to kill me.

I was sitting in front of him, calmly watching the swordsman and President Kim’s diamond smuggling gang members and waiting for their move. I thought about how strange it is that people say that I am against the government because I support the opposition party and whose job is conspiracy. These people would even attempt to commit murder after accusing a citizen of being anti-government and making him out to be a political dissident because he did not agree with the political thinking of President Kim Dae-Jung, who had been a political leader of the opposition party for a long time.

I realized that a person who would murder me for money could come from the other side of the globe with this purpose in mind, and I watched as the person sat in front of me waiting for the right moment. It was a long wait, but they abandoned the attempt to murder me, saying that there were too many people in the restaurant. I could easily recognize the face of one person —Mr. Wise— among those who appeared to cover up the scene. He called “his colleagues” the rest of the people who had entered along with him. It was midnight when I returned to Brussels by train.

When they were trying to murder me at a restaurant in Antwerp, as a part of a support-effort for the sword expert’s murder attempt, many who were involved in dealing with diamonds, including Wise, were mobilized. The sword expert who was sent to murder me also told me at a restaurant in Antwerp that he dealt with diamonds a long time ago.

Wise is Paid Well’s henchman, and is the person who was by my side when I woke up after losing consciousness due to Paid Well’s drugs in June 2001 at the church. Even recently, Wise was with Paid Well. (A picture dated November 17, 2005, taken at the airport)

Conspiracy and threats continued in other locations as well.

During a church event in the suburbs of Brussels, Elder Gil-Sang Nho and Wise, under the command of ambassador Choi, who worked for President Kim, talked to me about President Dae-Jung Kim's Sunshine policy toward North Korea as if they were concerned about President Kim’s political thinking and Sunshine policy towards North Korea. They approached me in their attempts to carry out the conspiracy.

“There is the basic problem of poverty behind all the terrors. Those who are frustrated and angered by poverty that they cannot do anything about cooperate with and participate in terror. As long as the problem of poverty is not solved, nobody can be safe in the world.” from President Dae-Jung Kim’s speech on “East Asia and Young Leadership” on the morning of February 2, 2005.

Powerful President Dae-Jung Kim who can secretly send an enormous amount of money to North Korea, the self-appointed patriot who is said to be affluent, who boasted that he is rich, Mr. and Mrs. Paid Well who are said to receive the largest salary among them, ambassador Dae-hwa Choi who is said to be of vice-minister-level, and military attaché Seung-Sun Lee who is going on a family trip to northern Europe after the kidnapping and murder attempts and bio-terrorism for President Dae-Jung Kim — can they be said to be those who are frustrated and angered by poverty? Poverty was not the cause.

The group of political terrorists led by vice-minister-level ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi, who accused me of being a pro-Jong-Il Kim leftist and then an anti-Jong-Il Kim extreme rightist, gave me an opportunity to take up the political thinking of President Dae-Jung Kim after their numerous failed attempts to kidnap and assassinate me —even using infectious agents.

In the European Union, these members of a smuggling criminal network participated in the criminal terror attempt by Kang-Hyun Jung, Gil-Sang Nho, and Well Paid —who are the colleagues of vice-minister-level ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi— to terrorize, threaten and conceal terrorist activities for the purpose of kidnapping and murder.

Paid Well, who later on proposed that I follow the political ideology of President Dae-Jung Kim, saying that the world was becoming too rightist, had Woo-Chul Kim and Wise —members of the diamond smuggling criminal organization active in Antwerp and Brussels— approach me.

I rejected the political ideology of President Dae-Jung Kim right on the spot. It was after a worship service.

Later, Gil-Sang Nho made the same proposal, after using the biological terrorism. I rejected it again. It is not possible to accept President Kim’s inhuman political philosophy that can use kidnapping and murdering against a person who does not support his political ideas.

After President Kim’s germ using terrorism, terrorist diplomat Nho said that he and Jong-Gil Kim were spies. This was also just another threat. They were terrorists — not spies-.

When Jong-Gil Kim moved away from me —this was at Brussels’s Zavantam airport— he said, “Blue House — Presidential Palace.” It was a major threat — as much as saying what diplomat —terrorist— Gil-Sang Nho said to me that President Dae-Jung Kim —had not forgotten me— had not abandoned me. They used to talk about financial compensation, while President Kim’s agents and diplomats prepared more vicious terrorist acts and threats.

Vice-minister Ki-Moon Ban of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and President Dae-Jung Kim mobilized the criminal organization for “the protection of overseas Koreans by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, by kidnapping and murdering a citizen who does not accept the political philosophy of the incumbent president” — using the vice-minister-level ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi. On many occasions, they —the Blue House of President Dae-Jung Kim and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade— offered economic compensation in order to conceal terror activities and even tried to provide a woman as compensation at the church — diplomat Jung threatened me with a gun inside of the same church.

Diplomat Jung openly acted as an agent of the National Intelligence Service (KCIA), while at the same time serving as an Embassy Counselor. He offered economic compensation with the condition that I should not return to Seoul. The proposal conveyed the same threatening meaning —from a consul who was merely one of the tentacles of Ban Ki-Moon’s crime services— that I would be deported when arriving at Korea’s airport. They were the same tactics used by bio-terrorist Gil-Sang Nho, a good public servant under President Moo-Hyun Roh.

The terrorist Gil-Sang Nho said that Interpol was collaborating in the investigation against me during the year when President Dae-Jung Kim tried to murder me. The terrorist Nho even told me that from Seoul, police investigators were dispatched to investigate me — the person who has to be murdered by his boss. [This was the world wide tragic performance of President Kim’s democracy and human rights.] Naturally, he did not forget to ask whether I would support President Kim’s political ideology again. It was clear that I could not support a president who did not hesitate to use prostitutes, psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs), narcotics terrorism, professional kidnappers and killers, fake journalists, criminal-minded medical doctors, and bribery in order to cover-up the President’s crimes, hostage death threats —using my family as hostage— and so on.

Several times, I rejected, right on the spot in Europe, a woman and their proposals for financial compensation from President Dae-Jung Kim.

(Sept. 18, 2000 Koekelberg — At the time, ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi tried to cover up their terrorist activities with economic compensation.)

Left: Belgian King Albert II. Right: Terrorist vice-minister-level ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi, with diplomatic immunity and privileges.

The picture above is of the vice-minister-level ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi, who is a colleague of vice-minister Ki-Moon Ban, at a ceremony with the King of Belgium — King Albert II. Those present were the subordinates of Dae-Hwa Choi at the Embassy and Jong-Gil Kim, the barber in question, and Young-Sam Park, etc. Ambassador Choi is the person who enjoyed threatening me at the church, even from early 2000, with other diplomats at his side, such as Gil-Sang Nho. It was at the time when President Dae-Jung Kim’s terror organization was talking loud about compensation through Jong-Gil Kim and Gil-Sang Nho, etc., because numerous kidnapping and assassination attempts had already failed at the time of the event. Especially before this event, many people had made numerous offers, numerous times, regarding compensation. And they tried to conceal their terror activities with sneaky methods. These activities were a large scale transnational conspiracy.

The government sent military attaché Seung-Sun Lee —who used to help Mr. Paid Well— to participate in the UN Peacekeeping Operation (PKO) and assigned him abroad. It is amazing to let a bio-terror organization member participate in a PKO. It is nothing less than a useful cover.

2004-10-17 08:47:32 Military attaché Lee, who is a member of a bio-terror organization, was appointed as chief of the Korean military medical assistance team, which is a serious threat to freedom and human rights. The cover-up of such terror activists and protecting their terrorists could not be done without organized support from above — from President Dae-Jung Kim to Minister Ki-Moon Ban.

The couple who were living in Kwang-Ju in Honam region (Jeolla-Do) in the 1980’s and who told me not to hang around with anyone from Jeolla-Do. One of them silently threatened me at a church, and afterwards told me —pretending that it was a chance encounter— in a corridor of the Porte de Namur subway station as I was passing by. The terrorists led by ambassador Dae-hwa Choi wanted to meet me at the church. This couple were active around me since the 1980’s, with Yang-Hong Bae whom the terror agent Gil-Sang Nho also knows about, and played a role in the terror organization of President Dae-Jung Kim that was active in Brussels.

To understand the gangster culture, it is important to note that vice-minister-level ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi —UN Secretary General Ki-Moon Ban’s colleague— ran away from me when his efforts to cover up the terrorist activities failed due to my refusal of money, women and exile. There were his numerous subordinate diplomats and gangsters at the church. At the beginning of 2000 at the church, ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi threatened me with Gil-Sang Nho in front of diplomats who worked for him in Brussels. Both events took place at the same church after an interval of about one year.

Numerous times, Secretary General Ki-Moon Ban’s diplomats and thugs used my family as their hostage — UN Secretary General Ban and his boss, President Dae-Jung Kim, needed a human shield, even though they had almighty terrorists capable of carrying out various criminal and terror activities for them. They often threatened the safety of my family and their lives. This intensified, especially after President Dae-Jung Kim was awarded the Nobel Prize. Woo-Chul Kim, one of the rogue elements, threatened me by saying, “Do you want to eat the blood and flesh of your family?” This happened at a café located between the church and the streetcar —tram— station. He even smiled while transmitting this threat from Seoul. At his side, a big young man was smiling at the agent’s death threats against my family and was presented at the restaurant in Antwerp as the swordsman who came to murder me.

One of the kidnapping and murder ring members of President Dae-Jung Kim even boasted on the internet that he was going on a vacation after numerous kidnapping and assassination and bio-terrorism attempts. He is not the only one of this kind.

President Dae-Jung Kim, vice-minister-level ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi, the counselor who threatened me with a gun at a church, the couple who told me not to hang out around people from Jeolla-Do linked to the diplomat’s sophisticated plot in the NATO Military Base of the U.S. Armed Forces in Mons, military attaché Seung-Sun Lee who was on a family trip to Northern Europe after the terror attempt, a self-appointed patriot who threatened to kill me when the identities of the bio-terrorists were revealed, Mr. and Mrs. Paid Well who tried to kidnap and kill me at a church, the consul at the Embassy who participated in the conspiracy to lure me to West Germany in order to kidnap and assassinate me, the terror organization member who told me that there would be financial compensation, and the bio-terrorist Gil-Sang Nho who worked at the Embassy — all of them are interconnected. They are all together, in one organic whole — from the UN Secretary General Ki-Moon Ban to well-paid terrorists.

One member of the diplomatic staff —merely a terrorist— said that I shouldn’t trust anyone in the U.S., when I was leaving Brussels to go to Atlanta.

Move to Atlanta - Future UN Secretary General Ban’s diplomats and men await me.

When UN Secretary General Ki-Moon Ban was vice-minister under President Dae-Jung Kim, on numerous occasions vice-minister-level ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi attempted to kidnap and assassinate me, and even committed bio-terrorism (January 2000, vice-minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Ki-Moon Ban).

Committing Bio-terrorism

After the e-mail entitled “Happy New Year” from “Dae-Jung Kim” that was received after contacting President Dae-Jung Kim at the Blue House from Atlanta, President Dae-Jung Kim ’s terrorists committed bio-terrorism by mobilizing secret agents —Mme Suh and his Joshua group and contracted Chinese agents including a woman— in Brussels. [e-mail from, Sat, 23 Dec 2000 10:54:27 +0900]

It is important to remember what Paid Well’s colleague said about China to me and a Chinese person who is fluent in Korean — it was in the garden in the museum near the ponds. It was sophisticated preparation for committing bio-terrorism.

Mme Suh and his Joshua agents and the contracted Chinese agents were simple tools of President Dae-Jung Kim and those who implemented the diplomatic philosophy or instructions of President Kim, such as incumbent UN Secretary General Ki-Moon Ban.

After President Kim’s terrorists used infectious agents against a civilian, I survived and found out more about Kim’s terrorists. The so-called “Patriot I,” who was related to diamond dealings, made a death threat before I left Brussels. He was a person who was operating around me even before diplomats lured me to the U.S. Armed Forces’ NATO military base at Mons. Later, this person from this political repression group from the late 80’s became an honorary professor and a member of the NUAC. He is shrouded in mystery.

The “money” proposal by President Dae-Jung Kim, who suggested giving financial compensation to conceal the kidnap and murder attempts and bio-terrorism. — The only condition they mentioned is that I should not return to Seoul — to my home country. It was a trap for exile. Of course, there were numerous suggestions for economic compensation by President Dae-Jung Kim between 2000 and 2001 — continual insidious proposals for financial compensation were made —and repeatedly rejected by me on the spot. I gave up many things to leave Brussels. When I arrived in Atlanta, leaving behind the terror organization of ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi operating in the European Union, I had $20 in my pocket after paying a half-month’s rent.

Some time after I moved to Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A., leaving behind Brussels, where I could not find a way to solve the problem of state violence, vice-minister Ki-Moon Ban became ambassador to the United Nations in May of 2001 —just as the doctor who worked as a terror agent was arriving in Belgium (Head of the Cabinet of the President of the 56th General Assembly of the United Nations, New York, U.S.A.).

Hunger Strike at the Church - President Dae-Jung Kim’ Criminal Attempt (June, 2001, Brabant)

There was a limit to how long I could stay in the U.S., and I couldn’t go to Seoul, so I headed towards Brussels, where those who were waiting to kill me were. It was late May, 2001.

After arriving in Brussels, I talked with Paid Well and then met him. As they say, there were many times when I did not have many choices. This day was one of them.

While in Brussels in early June 2001, I did not meet most of them except a few such as Paid Well, Wise, Gil-Sang Nho, and several agents.

A few days after I started the hunger strike against those who tried to kill me, Paid Well suggested giving monetary compensation with the help of a secret agent (Hyundai). The location where the compensation was mentioned was the same place where Paid Well threatened me by mentioning the military prison when I came back to Brussels after the conspiracy to kidnap and murder me failed in Antwerp around the end of June 2000.

After the hunger strike was over, for 503.27 Euros I purchased an airplane ticket at a travel agency to leave Brussels. [Travel Shop Brussels, 2:40 p.m. on June 12, 2001]

Mr. and Mrs. Paid Well tried to eliminate me at the church (June, 2001)

President Dae-Jung Kim —who even committed bio-terrorism after being awarded the Nobel Prize— did not want to miss the chance to suppress the evidence of his political terror activities.

Paid Well carried out a conspiracy to kill me as I was preparing to leave, at a church, even using his own wife.

When I was losing consciousness because of the drugs, Paid Well had a smile on his face, shook his finger from side to side, and tested how conscious I was. Paid Well said —before I lost consciousness— many people would arrive , and I asked later on whom they were, but he said that he didn’t remember. Paid Well refused to reveal the identity of those who said they would come to the church before I lost consciousness on account of the drugs.

Wise —one of the members of the diamond smuggling ring— appeared again. This person was by my side when I was waking up from the drugs that Mr. and Mrs. Paid Well had used. That was the time when I faced him for the last time. Wise frequently came with Paid Well and Woo-Chul Kim. I saw him among those who were mobilized to cover up the conspiracy when the man who was trying to kill me at a restaurant in Antwerp (Diamond Smuggling Network, 2000).

In the evening that day, I, who had lost consciousness because of the drugs, was able to avoid death incidentally, thanks to the presence of the people who were coming there to sleep. Paid Well gave up the plan as the unexpected visitors appeared.

Hunger Strike and Rise of Terrorists (Atlanta, July, 2001)

On July 10, 2001, two people came to visit me as I was protesting in the countryside near Atlanta —I was on hunger strike. One of them said he was a consul at the Consulate General.

He said that he came to visit me on orders from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Their visit was actually meant as a death threat. When he arrived, he was not alone. A man who also came with the consul behaved in a strange, provoking fashion.

Cho, Jung-Pyo

Left: Jung-Pyo Cho, Consul General, Korean Consulate General in Atlanta, U.S.A., 2001. Right: Terror Target.

Their visit was actually meant to be a death threat.

He intentionally made known their presence around me. As I expected, I was not alone.

Later, I discovered that several henchmen who were active in Brussels and Brabant were in the US.

Kim Dae-Jung, Hostage Threat, Bioterrorism, Bribery, ProstitutionBioterrorism and President Kim Deajungchemical terrorismBan Ki-Moon (Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, incumbent Secretary-General of the U.N.), Drugs, Prostitution, Hostage Threat, Bribe, Germs using Terrorism, Chemical Terrorism, Kidnapping and Murder Attempt as DJ's Burnt Offering

That’s what they want — to be powerful and untouchable by using diplomats and doctors as terror agents.

Does the Presidential Palace —the Blue House— mean that the terror and conspiracies of foreign intelligence agencies are worse than the terror and conspiracies of the DSC (Defense Security Command) officer Yang-Hong Bae and the vice-minister-level ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi which I experienced? Is it because the intelligence agencies of other countries are more evil than President Dae-Jung Kim’s terrorists and even foreign contract agents mobilized for germ terror? Shouldn’t they say these words only when they know what I went through and are in a position to compare? Should they be allowed to commit acts using drugs and germs against a citizen?

Can President Moo-Hyun Roh’s Presidential Palace talk about protecting human rights and clearing up past history while exercising brutal force to erase the memory of terror? Does the Presidential Palace mean that only those whom it chooses shall be the object of clearing up past history?

Protecting human rights, cleaning up organized gangster culture, and clearing up past history will be facilitated if political power distances itself from political violence.

Concealing the activities of President Dae-Jung Kim by employing such a group of terrorists in public service and by calling ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi’s terror agent a desirable civil employee is a justification of terrorism. Crimes and regime-supported terrorist activities were a prominent part of the public services of your regime.

President Dae-Jung Kim and UN Secretary General Ki-Moon Ban have established strict rules of compensation and allegiance between themselves.

One of president Dae-Jung Kim’s agents —the one who made comments about emigrating to the USA and his naturalization as an American citizen— often spoke of “seas of blood” and “massacres.”

Violence and death threats with the use of pain-inducing chemicals: This is the position of Ban’s services. Mr. Ban proves he is the boss in his dealings with vice-minister-level ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi —Ban’s colleague. With his services for the protection of overseas citizens in Brussels, he showed that they were merely terrorist activities — including bio-terrorism, abduction and murder attempts. Since the arrival of his agents and diplomats in Brussels, Ki-Moon Ban follows the same course of action. He’s now simply adding some new techniques, intending to transfer his responsibilities for the terrorist activities to ex-presidents, such as Chung-Hee Park.

Assassination: President Chung Hee Park
On October 26, 1979, President Chung Hee Park was gunned down by Jae-Kyu Kim, the director of the KCIA.

When I was back in Seoul, I learned more about those agents and their political terrorism crime cell. I could see more clearly Dae-Jung Kim and Moo-Hyun Roh’s politics of criminal and terrorist protection and their criminal and terror activities.

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