Ban On Narcotics


August 17, 2007


Dear Mr. UN Secretary General,
Do I have to grow legally-prohibited opium poppies to facilitate your efforts, and your colleagues' efforts, to destroy your terror victim and cover up your criminal and terrorist activities and wash President Kim Dae-Jung's hands?

Apr. 08, 2005 — “Growing opium poppies”

UN Secretary General Ban has to respond for the diplomats’ activities related to use of narcotics among citizens — including the role of numerous diplomats and medical doctors in this crime.

Even though Ban commits terrorism himself, he urges others not to commit terrorism.

Ban issued the following statement: “Nothing can justify indiscriminate violence like that used against civilians.”

“The ultimate responsibility of diplomacy is with the President, and I am responsible for implementing the diplomatic philosophy or directions of the President.” April 19, 2005, Minister Ban Ki-MoonBan Ki-Moon (Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, incumbent Secretary-General of the U.N.),

April 26, 2006 — To Minister Ban Ki-Moon of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MOFAT); to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan — From Brussels to Atlanta: State Terrorism

June 21, 2007 — Torture in the street. [From Burnt Offering to Crematorium.]

June 26, 2007 — By establishing the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, today UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and other United Nation officials have roundly denounced this practice and called on all countries to ratify the international treaty that bans it. To commemorate the Day, “let us speak with one voice against the perpetrators of torture, and for all who suffer at their hands,” “ Mr. Ban said in his message. “And let us build a better, more humane world for all people everywhere.”

Nevertheless, you tried to murder a person in order to implement the diplomatic philosophy (thinking) or instructions issued by the President.

In order to cover-up your criminal and terrorist activities in Brussels and Antwerp, you and your colleagues threatened and tortured people using psychotropic substances — even the medical personnel at a hospital. Furthermore, you do not hesitate to torture me on the street in downtown Seoul — in the same way your henchmen behaved in Brussels and Antwerp. Kim Jong-Gil, one of the President Kim Dae-Jung’s agents, said to me that to expose their activities would humiliate Korea before the whole world. It was simply your agents’ tactic to make time to undertake another attempt on me. Now they openly continue their hideous criminal torture activities unlike before the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize.

So now, Mr. Ban and President Kim do not only have any intention to stop these activities but also keep them secret from citizens,  You already have in your hands what you wanted: the Nobel Peace Prize.

When your attempts at bribery —a clear symptom of corruption— failed to produce the desired results, you threatened my family’s life using them like hostages.

Publicly, you discourage the taking of hostages just like narcotics, even though you yourself committed such acts through abduction and murder attempts and using my family as hostages threatening their safety and their lives. You must have been very nervous when I managed to escape numerous kidnapping and murder attempts carried out by your criminals and diplomats —such as vice-minister-level ambassador Choi Dae-Hwa— in numerous places.

Your henchmen were able to silence me for some time by using my family as hostages. You must have been deeply relieved at that time. Also, your henchmen tried to murder me during my silence.

You were deeply relieved by the release of BBC’s Alan Johnston. This is a very different approach. What was the cause for such a difference? I wish I could ask BBC’s Alan Johnston a question: Why does one defenseless citizen have to be the target of powerful persons like President Kim and Ban Ki-Moon, at the same time as they welcome so warmly and humanely the release of other hostages.

The act you committed isn't terror? Then what do you call it? Your criminals said that it was a profitable business.

More explanations are required at this time. The narcotics came from the embassy. Narcotics were administered to me without my knowledge after the failure of the Mons military base (US, NATO) plot.

The Military Attaché, along with Bae Yang-Hong, played a central role in this crime at the NATO base.

Under President Roh Moo-hyun, Bae Yang-Hong was promoted to Brigadier General as of January 1, 2004. He called himself Lieutenant Colonel Bae Yang-Hong, and boasted that “even stars tremble in front of DSC officers.”

Those who were working at that time did not hesitate to confront me again — but this time with a higher ranking. They came again to kidnap and murder me. They answered my questions. It was certainly along the lines of organized and sustained criminal and terrorist activities. It wasn’t an isolated incident or an accident.

Meanwhile they have profited — they became more vicious and now they publicly torture me on the street in downtown Seoul.

It is important to pay attention to the word “philopon,” which is used by Ban Ki-Moon’s insidious agent — I was confined in the room of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Until today, I do not know what kind of narcotics they used to destroy me in Brussels. This manipulative agent —who behaves more like a criminal working in both Brussels and Antwerp— speaks about “philopon.” He was a typical agent of Ban Ki-Moon — all along the line from Vice Minister to Ambassador and up to Consul.

The agents, who were involved in narcotics dealings and crimes, were inserted into these terrorists activities carried out under the diplomatic thinking or instructions of President Kim by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and his colleagues. This was often observed during the terrorist activities of Ambassador Choi at Brussels and Brabant. [This demonstrated the organization and characteristics of criminal power making a profitable business.]

Let’s think about the implementation of your diplomatic thinking and the instructions of the President and your diplomats’ illegal narcotics trafficking (illegal drug trade). Illegal drug trade goes side by side with “human trafficking becoming a booming international trade, making billions of dollars at the expense of millions of victims” ( And your agents and diplomats love to make use of prostitution and women as compensation for my silence.

Where did your diplomats get the narcotics from, which were later used to destroy a citizen but who did not die in their criminal plots?

It is well known that there is a sizable worldwide lucrative underground economy based on the production, distribution, packaging and sale of illegal psychotropic substances such as opium and heroin. It can generate high profits because there is a huge price difference between the production site and the final consumer.

On what level are those criminals used narcotics to get their criminal objects and profits are working?

How did you pay for it? Was it a cash purchase?

Who were the buyers? Who was the purchasing agent?

Who was the supplier? Who are these people?

Since when have your diplomats been using narcotics and other psychoactive drugs to commit their crimes and terrorists activities for your benefit?

What kind of connection is there between your diplomats and the diamond smugglers and “Patriot I,” who played their criminal and terrorist role in 1999-2001 in Brussels and Antwerp? [Patriot I was one of those people who worked around me in the period of the plot at NATO military base — the narcotics period.]

Did you get the narcotics on the local drug market —about which you kindly informed me— in order to facilitate the sure destruction of your victim? The local market was controlled by Arab drug dealers, as one of your criminals informed me. What was the purpose of that kindness after the insidious criminal drugging operation of your diplomats? What was the reason that you recommended that specific drug market?

Or did your diplomats purchase it in a third country?

Or did you make the narcotics?

If your diplomats produced them, where did you produce them in secret?

Did you smuggle them from a third country?

How did you get them out? [What route?] What was the method of transport?

On what pretext did your diplomats obtain the narcotics?

On what pretext did one of your terrorists —who drugged me with narcotics— suggest a financially-lucrative business that was later to become a setup to harm me —just like the diamond smuggling? [As you did, he participated in the operation “2000 km cycling event between Paris and Berlin” to kidnap and murder me.]

What is the exact content of this criminal setup, of this financially-lucrative business?

What kinds of drugs did your diplomats handle?

What kinds of drugs did your diplomats use against citizens — against me?

How did your diplomats, the military attaché and the people related to him benefit (like job promotions) and how did they take advantage of the secret use of narcotics against citizens?

What are characteristics of these narcotics used for the criminal activities committed by your diplomats after your diplomat and military attaché’s plot at the NATO military base failed? It went beyond political repression. What was the purpose of drugging me with narcotics after their failure at the US NATO military base? Why did your people do that?

Ban, who became the UN Secretary General, has a duty to inform the citizens about the origin and use, the number of transactions and the amount of narcotics trafficking.

Do not just call for “International human rights!” First, just wash your very own hands of the criminal acts which take place on transnational scale!

UN Secretary General! Even after you had enough time to think about your diplomats’ criminal and terrorist activities, you are using more sneaky, treacherous and villainous methods to cover up the terrorist and criminal activities organized in Brussels, Antwerp and Atlanta.

That all shows your determination to continue to have your thugs carry out criminal and terrorist activities all over the world.

Meanwhile you say: “Terrorism hurts all nations — large and small, rich and poor.” You promote human rights improvements —showing your human rights face to the world— but you do not stop using young women in an attempt to cover-up your criminal activities and destroy me. Is it true that you are the Secretary General of the UN?

UN Secretary General Ban is setting an example of criminal and terrorist activity to the whole world and he advertises the fact that “I can do it just like Mr. Ban Ki-Moon,” that is, the “Ban effect.”

When somebody commits crimes or supports terrorism, including those who are linked with President Kim’s terrorist network, they can be just like a high-class gangster who receives big payments and enjoys the conveniences of the support of political power. These are the serious and detrimental Ban effects, already with roots on an international scale — proudly shared with other notorious ones.

Even though Ban made a big profitable business through international-scale criminal and terrorist activities, what you, as the UN Secretary General, still enjoy are the more aggressive criminal activities of professional gangsters, including foreigners under contract, that must be the “Ban effect.”



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