For a beautiful country.


When I went to study abroad, I left with the hope that my country would become a beautiful country when I come back. Wishing for the kind of country where a human can be a human and where there is no need to be subject to the threat of death and incomprehensible conspiracy. Now I came back to my country, as the political oppression that was one of the reasons that made me leave, was still exerting its efforts even abroad. Remembering their faces one by one.

One of them was promoted to a military general on January 1, 2004 under President Moo-Hyun Roh. Lieutenant Colonel Yang-Hong Bae of Defense Security Command (DSC), whom he believes even the generals are afraid of. Now he is a Brigadier General. The power of a group that can not even be compared with my own power.

They do not hesitate to commit a behavior to achieve their goals even risking the breakup of society into a few pieces, and through the behavior of promoting mutual distrust and conflict among citizens. What would be the difference between those who aimed at people’s chest with guns and killed many human lives because they had different thoughts on one hand, and those who try to kill the people who do not agree with their political believes by using germs and chemicals, on the other hand?

It is very disgusting to see those who have been speaking loud for the past few decades that the national division is a sad thing to be lamented are dividing the society of a divided nation into many pieces, making them conflict with each other according to their interests and gain and loss, and leading them into regional conflicts. I see the line of cruel people who speak loudly of reform and advance even though not a thing has changed.

The people who are connected to intelligence activities, who battered and threatened me saying I was fond of Jeolla-Do people, in the back hill of a college campus, once upon a time when democracy was hoped for. They didn’t stop at hitting and threatening me but tried to kill me at another opportunity. Yang-Hong Bae who was promoted to military General as of January 1, 2004 under President Moo-Hyun Roh, who was having fun in Brussels using the discriminative expression based on negative and destructive regionalism, and his group including military attaché of Embassy. They propagated in front of the local resident A and A’s spouse as someone with leftist political thought who has to disappear, and while getting harassed by their conspiracy, these made up words that he hated Jeolla-Do. They used drug. And they also told me not to hang around with anyone from Jeolla-Do.

And before IMF occurred, a certain married couple in Political Science tried to accuse me as person with anti-Gyeongsang-Do orientation, and this couple that appeared again in Brussels when Dae-Jung Kim administration came into power explained the validity of leftist political thought and wanted to find out my thoughts about it. And the person who is the son of President Dae-Jung Kim’s political comrade and who called himself as the descendent of a revolutionary fighter said that the food tasted North Korean and was again going to the road of conspiracy like Yang-Hong Bae. He tried to package me as terrorist and terror sympathizer. Playing with words as such, they call me anti-government. Of course his colleagues suggested that I choose leftist political thought, and also tried to package me as extreme right. And after receiving Nobel Prize, the Dae-Jung Kim regime carries out terror using germ and chemicals.

The desirable terrorist of President Dae-Jung Kim who tried to kidnap and assassinate a person by falsely accusing him as anti-government communist, conservative extreme right. When will you ever recognize the memory of their terror?

No matter how much you beautify the terrorists who thought the extremely evil behavior of terrorists was nothing and gave the opportunity to choose socialist thoughts instead of death, he and his colleagues remain as terrorists. Nobody is safe in a world like this, as long as terrorist act is rewarded as desirable and concealed and the problem is not solved.

Nothing has changed about such political oppression condition including that of Director Young-Koo Ko of NIS (KCIA). Although he allures by even borrowing the grandiose expression of the defense of human rights.

When the time comes, beauty will overflow in this land! The political violence and conspiracy that enjoy blood will disappear.

Wishing for a beautiful country.

Hahn, Soo

Seoul, Korea


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Last updated: Wednesday, 12. September 2007 11:53 PM +0900, Seoul, Korea