To the leader of Hannara


Oct. 19, 2007

To the leader of Hannara Party, ex-Chairwoman Park Geun-Hye and Presidential nominee Lee Myung-Bak of the Grand National Party (GNP)

Assemblyman: A member of the National Assembly (opposition political party - Grand National, Hannara): The National Assembly Members office, manipulation, Sept. 2005

It is about certain record concerning manipulation that I wrote just after my visit to one of the National Assembly member’s office. They used my visit as a trap to manipulate the nature of the crimes and terrorist acts ordered by President Kim and implemented by incumbent UN Secretary General Ban. A few days ago, just by chance, I found this record in my blog that I had left behind for several years. The record didn’t describe any event in particular detail, just the essence of crime. To my surprise, this record had lost the essential words. These had been deleted. [This sort of manipulation often occurs in various ways —includes blocking the access to my own websites and blogs.]

The criminal —simply a terrorist supporter— suggested me how to talk about the nature of President Kim’s crimes and terrorist acts —political manipulation, bribery attempts, bio-terrorism, physical and pharmacological tortures, multiple kidnapping and murder attempts and using my family as hostage to cover up the President’s political crimes (Sept, 2005).

All this happened at the time I had to be confronted at the National Assembly Member’s office. Let’s remember that I was branded an anti-government activist because President Kim Dae-Jung’s agents were saying that I supported the Grand National (Hannara) political party.

Ironically, this aggressive manipulation was done in the office of a Grand National party’s member.

As a member of the Grand National Party, he is critical of President Kim Dae-Jung and Kim Jong-Il’s foreign policy and oppressive inner politics, including human rights repression.

This is a very abnormal situation. He, as a member of an opposition party, is publicly critical of Kim Dae-Jung and Roh Moo-Hyun’s regime, but he actually works for President Kim and Roh in order to cover-up their crimes, terror acts and conspiracies, even using President Kim’s own illegal transfer of a large sum of dollars to Kim Jong-Il. This case of a member of the Grand National party —opposition political party— shows clearly two presidents making a frantic attempt to cover-up President Kim’s crimes and terror acts implemented by Ban Ki-Moon who is currently UN Secretary General.

He —as a member of the Grand National Party at the National Assembly— shows in his own behavior the normal ways in which terrorists and criminals are mobilized by Mr. Ban in order to implement President Kim’s political philosophy and instructions.

This sort of manipulation with the same purpose and under the pressure of violence and intimidation was several times tried at the Ministry of foreign Affairs under the command of Mr. Ban Ki-Moon (2006). [This manipulation was then repeated by Mr. Ban Ki-Moon’s thugs at the ministry of Foreign Affairs. It was also a repetition of what had previously happened at the Kyobo bookstore. Their systematic terror operation from Brussels to Atlanta was continued in Seoul —from the National Assembly to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs—. That is quite an astonishing fact, and I cannot avoid mentioning another tragic fact that they put in front of my eyes.]

In front of his fellow citizens and in foreign countries —human rights activists and foreign politicians—, he speaks loudly about Kim Jong-Il’s human rights repression, but the truth is he is actually taking part in the systematic criminal activity implemented by President Kim Dae-Jung and Mr. Ban Ki-Moon. [It is vital to remember that those who speak loudly about human rights repression in my home land normally assume a threatening position to someone who is critical of human rights repression.] Cover-up of political crimes and terrorism against democracy and human rights has already taken place in the office of a National Assembly’s member —which is supposed to be the last barrier for the protection of democracy and human rights in Korea—.

Since the arrival of Ban’s agents and diplomats in Brussels and Atlanta, Ban Ki-Moon persists in the same course of action. He is apparently adding some new techniques, intending to transfer his and his boss’ responsibility in terrorist activities to ex-presidents such as Park Chung-Hee.

Assassination: President Park Chung-Hee
On October 26, 1979, President Park Chung-Hee was gunned down by Kim Jae-kyu, the director of the KCIA.

President Park Chung-Hee died a long time ago. It is not possible to send Ambassador Choi Dae-Hwa and mobilize Ban Ki-Moon, the current UN Secretary General, to silently kidnap and murder me in foreign soil. Ban did his best and moved up to New York in order to accomplish his objective as instructed by President Kim.

Those who manipulate the nature of President Kim’s crimes and terror activity implemented by current UN Secretary General —Ban Ki-Moon— are vulgar criminals, just like those terrorists that, in a similar way, have manifested their criminal intentions in EU and USA.

(Sept. 04, 2007, Efforts made by UN Secretary-General to Counter Ban Ki-Moon's Terrorism - Concealment of His own Terrorism - In front of President Roh Moo-Hyun’s Blue House - 100th)


Seoul, Korea

To the leader of Hannara Party.

I am asking you a question because you are the leader of Hannara Party.

Since when a person has to die in the Republic of Korea when he rejects socialism?

They attempted kidnapping and assassination many times in the capital city of a foreign country even mobilizing the staffs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MOFAT). After I managed to come back to Seoul alive and observed society, I was able to understand. If a human life and freedom are worthless, if given political thought is not accepted and if justice is not guaranteed, it is not the Republic of Korea that I have known and resided in.

I am contacting you again, remembering the political terror of MOFAT. I have contacted in many places before but there was no reply most of times.

The only exceptional reply was an email that came in the name of President Dae-Jung Kim that says “Happy New Year." After receiving this, I was even subject to terror that a human cannot commit against another.

Why try to kill a human when he rejects socialism?


September 15, 2003 in Seoul


The above letter is effective even to Chairwoman Park, Geun-Hye ,the successor of Chairman Choe, Byung-Yul.

"If the terrorists cannot be legally dealt with, I wonder how the terrorists should be dealt with. What other method is there, if legal action is avoided in the fight against the terror that attempt to kidnap and assassinate abroad even using chemicals and infectious agents?"

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