Diamond Smuggling and Terrorism


Saturday, Sept. 02, 2006

Diamond Smuggling and State Terrorism under President Kim, Dae-Jung (2000-2001) Antwerp and Brussels, EU

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L: President Moo-Hyun Roh, R: Ki-Moon Ban (UN. Mr. Ban Ki-Moon stressed, “Terrorism continues to be the gravest security challenge of our times.”)

A Diamond Smuggling Criminal Organization of President Kim Dae-Jung mobilized for political terror

They even committed bioterrorism after numerous conspiracy attempts to kidnap and murder.a world where terrorism and poverty have no place to stand. Kim Dae-Jung.

For what purpose did President Kim, Dae-Jung operate “a diamond smuggling organization mobilized for assassination”?

Paid Well, who later on proposed that I follow the political thoughts of President Dae-Jung Kim, saying that the world became too rightist, made Woo-Chul Kim and Wise etc. , members of “the diamond smuggling criminal organization active in Antwerp and Brussels” approach me. In EU, these members of a smuggling criminal organization participated in the attempt by Kang-Hyun Jung, Gil-Sang Nho, Well Paid who are the colleagues of Vice Minister rank Ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi to terrorize, threat and conceal terrorist activities for the purpose of kidnapping and murder.

It was at a dinner meeting held at a church in early 2000 that Paid Well talked about the smuggling organization, at a space that was equivalent to a part of dining room. Mr. Paid Well simply explained to me the transnational diamond smuggling route. He also told me that Wise whom Paid Well frequently kept by his side was a member of this diamond smuggling organization. Paid Well intentionally told me that there was a diamond smuggling criminal organization at that time. This Paid Well is the person who told me about President Dae-Jung Kim's illegal transfers of billions of dollars to North Korea at Le Nemrod in the Place Louise Area after numerous attempts to kidnap and murder.

“Zero tolerance” on terror

1) Left: Belgian King Albert II, Right: Vice Minister rank Ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi, Diplomatic Immunity and Privileges
2) Ban, Ki-Moon Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Diplomatic Immunity and Privileges (“The ultimate responsibility of diplomacy is with the President, and I am responsible for implementing the diplomatic philosophy or directions of the President.” April 19, 2005, Minister Ki-Moon Ban The next U.N. secretary-general)

Vice Minister rank Ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade was a person who formally belonged to the highest stratum of the group that was involved in a kidnapping and murder conspiracy in the European Union.

Jung-Pyo Cho (Consul General, Korean Consulate General in Atlanta, incumbent Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade.), Dae-Hwa Choi (Vice Minister rank Ambassador), Ki-Moon Ban (Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, incumbent Secretary-General of the U.N.), Diplomatic Immunity and Privileges, Kuhn Shin (KCIA), Dong-Won Lim (KCIA) - Principle IV, The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him. (Nuremberg Principles)

Dae-Hwa Choi, who threatened me at the church, was the person in charge “who carried out an official duty to kill a citizen with a political purpose” at Brussels and Antwerp as Vice Minister rank Ambassador of President Dae-Jung Kim. Ki-Moon Ban, who is the present Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, was Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade at that time. Under the Chiefs of National Intelligence Service (NIS, KCIA) Dong-Won Lim and Kuhn Shin, the members of Ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi's organization committed a crime in connection with the diamond smuggling organization.

Woo-Chul Kim, who called himself “Black Suitcase”, is also included in this organization. Woo-Chul Kim conveyed words many times that he was keeping many people in his residence, and also words regarding the compensation to conceal terror as if he were a spokesperson of Kang-Hyun Jung of KCIA. Before I left Brussels, Woo-Chul Kim, a member of smuggling crime organization, also played a role as a means of delivering a threat such as they would kill my family members to conceal terror. Next to him was a person who said he was the relative of the person who gave help to the swordsman at the time of the attempt to kill me.

Left: Medical School Professor, Right: Biomedical Researcher (linked to bioterrorism)

The so-called “Patriot I” who was related to dealing with diamonds also made this kind of death threat before I left Brussels (After Dae-Jung Kim’s bioterrorism).

Health and Welfare attaché and Bioterrorist, Embassy and Mission of The Republic of Korea, Gil-Sang Nho: Diplomatic Immunity and Privileges

During a church event in the suburbs of Brussels, Elder Gil-Sang Nho and Mr. Wise of “the terror criminal organization of Ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi, who worked for President Kim Dae-Jung,” talked to me for conspiracy as if they were concerned about President Kim Dae-Jung's political thoughts and Sunshine policy toward North Korea , and even approached me in their attempts to carry out the conspiracy.

When they were trying to murder me at a restaurant in Antwerp, as a part of effort to assist the act of the sword expert, many who were involved in dealing with diamonds including Wise were mobilized. The sword expert who was put in to kill me also told me at a restaurant in Antwerp that he dealt with diamonds a long time ago.

Among the members of this organization, especially Wise, acted beside Paid Well (Jeon) frequently, and the time that he faced me for the last time was when Mr. and Mrs. Paid Well tried to eliminate me at the church. This person was by my side when I was waking up from the drug that Mr. and Mrs. Paid Well used. Paid Well refused to reveal the identity of those who said they would come to the church before I lost consciousness on account of the drug.

Paid Well who went to Korea at the end of 2005, revealed on a website that these Wise etc. were around him when he was leaving Brussels where he tried to kill me. (A picture dated November 17, 2005 taken at the airport. Wise etc. who were the colleagues of Mr. Paid Well boasted in this way that their organization was strong and existent up to November 17, 2005. Paid Well went to Korea a while after my uploading relatively detailed records on my blog regarding the location and time that Paid Well tried to kill me.)

President Dae-Jung Kim, who even took asylum with the help of the U.S., and who mobilized terror organization and smuggling criminal organization for the purpose of murder to achieve a political aim by killing powerless citizens, was behind them.

Vice Minister Ki-Moon Ban of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and President Dae-Jung Kim mobilized the criminal organization in “the protection of overseas Koreans by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade” through the Vice minister rank Ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi. The Blue House of President Kim, Dae-Jung and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade suggested economic compensation many times to conceal terror and even tried to provide a woman as compensation at the church.

(Where there was power, there always was the violation of human rights. A message from President Dae-Jung Kim to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the World Declaration of Human Rights) I remember the Blue House of President Roh, Moo-Hyun who said Attempted murder is not subject to the penalty of very many years.” We can see the political power today which put law and justice on hold for its own convenience." - Principle III, The fact that a person who committed an act which constitutes a crime under international law acted as Head of State or responsible government official does not relieve him from responsibility under international law. Nuremberg Principles

The Blue House of President Roh, Moo-Hyun which makes a personal guard inflict injury on himself in front of the Blue House commits violence and refuses to clean up the terrorist organization and diamond smuggling organization of President Dae-Jung Kim even today.

President Moo-Hyun Roh Special lecture. On 27th, the President said, “We have to get rid of the exclusive and privileged 'gangster culture' that remains in our political power.” “In the gangster culture, they have strict laws established for themselves. They don’t respect any law toward the outside world. Internally, they have powerful rule, and have strict relations of loyalty and compensation. It is an exclusive privilege group. People in general suffer because there are unfair transactions among them. This is the reason why I am trying to cut off the connection between political and economic powers.” May 27, 2004


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