The Road to Crematorium - 94th


June 21, 2007

Torture on the street – in front of Roh’s Presidential Palace and Ban Ki-moon’s crime base. - 94th in the middle of the criminals.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and Roh Moo-Hyun’s police acknowledge the practice of torture in police forces - without any hesitation-. Today, Police agent says “The police do not torture everybody.” He says that they torture a person like me. (He specifies the target of their practice of torture those who continue to demand the liquidation of terrorist activities —without subjugation to their terror and intimidation— without stopping.)

From Burnt Offering to Crematorium – From Brussels to Seoul

Numerous times Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomats and thugs took my family as their hostage —UN Secretary General Ban and his boss, President Kim, needed a human shield even though they had the almighty terrorists capable of doing various criminal and terror activities for them— They often menaced the safety and existence of my family. They held my family as hostages and used them as a bargain tool to threaten me. I was away from home. This has intensified especially after Kim Dae-Jung was awarded The Nobel Peace Prize. One of rogue elements —Kim Woo-Chul— has threatened me by saying “Do you want to eat the blood and flesh of your family?” - It happened at a café located between the church and the tramway station - He even smiled during his menace transmitted from Seoul. At his side, a big young man was smiling during the agent’s deadly threats against my family and was a person present at the restaurant at Antwerp. The big young man was presented not far from me and the sward man, who came to murder me — However, the sward man abandoned his service of murdering after long waiting in front of me — There was just a table between the sward man and me. The condition of that evening was probably not adequate for carrying out the killing.

Diplomat Jung Kang-Hyun also threatened the safety and existence of my family when I refused numerous President Kim's financial compensation after Jeon informed me about Kim Dae-Jung's illegal transfer of large sum of cash to Kim Jong-Il. It was a time of Sunshine policy.

Now Ban, who became UN Secretary General says “The fight against terrorism is our common mission.” His flexible response makes me wonder about what is Mr. Ban Ki-Moon’s ideas about using paid professional criminals and terrorists for abduction and murdering and how UN Secretary General Ban thinks about hostage taking.

Ban Ki-Moon (Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, incumbent Secretary-General of the U.N.), “Terrorism hurts all nations -- large and small, rich and poor. It takes its toll on human beings of every age and income, culture and religion. It strikes against everything the United Nations stands for. The fight against terrorism is our common mission.” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in statement to Member States on 16 February 2007Principle IV, The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him. Nuremberg Principles“The ultimate responsibility of diplomacy is with the President, and I am responsible for implementing the diplomatic philosophy or directions of the President.” April 19, 2005, Minister Ban Ki-Moon

“Terrorism hurts all nations -- large and small, rich and poor. It takes its toll on human beings of every age and income, culture and religion. It strikes against everything the United Nations stands for. The fight against terrorism is our common mission.” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in statement to Member States on 16 February 2007

“The ultimate responsibility of diplomacy is with the President, and I am responsible for implementing the diplomatic philosophy or directions —instructions— of the President.” April 19, 2005, Minister Ban Ki-Moon (incumbent Secretary-General of the UN), Principle IV, The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him. Nuremberg Principles

Mr. Ban Ki-Moon. Do you want to be a desirable servant and UN Secretary General? – First clean up criminals and terrorists in your office! That is the first step - you the UN Secretary General- have to take.

Ban Ki-Moon who did his best to implement President Kim's criminal and terrorists' politics, says beautiful words like a professional diplomat. But he does not want to stop his criminal and terror activities. As usual, his thugs continue criminal activities on behalf of the UN Secretary General.

Dear UN Secretary General Mr. Ban. Would you like to show me the road to crematorium to that extend?

Today’s demand for liquidation of terrorist networks is important. Because it is the 1st anniversary of crime committed by Ban Ki-Moon at the ministry of Foreign Affaires - Ban’s agent, who carried out his criminal activities, strangled my neck in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade who tried to use psychotropic substances numerous times —even inside of the Ministry.

[It was exactly same brutal assault done at a university in European Union. At that time the agent was known to me as person who had an equivalent status of local citizen —if so he has to be one of the European citizens—. Currently he is in Korea as a professor. Once he even appeared at the Church. At that time, agent Gyu —one secret agent kindly informed me about presence of this criminal was not far from me— said to me do not come again to the church. It was an arranged scene. He never appeared at that place again. He has changed a lot. Until that time the agent Gyu tried to lure me into the church. Why he suddenly changed his manoeuvre?]

Even though it is a rainy day, I have to go to in front of Roh’s Presidential Palace and Ban I-Moon’s crime base. It is what I have to do now.

inside of the police patrol station (94th).
He physically threatened me when I photographed him. I never heard about terrorists and criminals who said about the rights of portrait. They used violence against me and at the same time they hindered my taking photograph of their faces by saying it. When I returned from Atlanta that I stayed for a while, I met a group of agents who were using camera flash on my face at the Incheon International Airport. It was the first sign of welcome from President Kim Dae-Jung and his thugs. I remained more than calm.

Interestingly, Jeon asked me to make photos of all of them. Why he asked that? It was at the beginning of the year 2000 at the church.

Today, a person who commit self-injury near the presidential palace —at the time of liquidation demand for terrorists implanted by president Kim Dae-Jung—, appears in police uniform and intentionally draws my attention —he is laughing—. Now the agent of this patrol division does exactly the same trick like that of one miserable policeman did last year near the presidential palace. One of young police men —his face was known to me for a long time— tries to intimidate me by yelling and menacing me physically. He throws a cup of water in front of me —he smiles—. It is designed to provoke a quarrel -eventually violence- and he does exactly the same as the agent who played self-injury. This young policeman smiles from time to time with agent Choi after his intense intimidation. They behave as thugs at the police station —this is the well disguised face of criminals for powerful men like UN Secretary General Ban and President Kim Dae-Jung—.

This is a tragic moment I have to see for UN secretary general Ban and President Kim.

The policeman Choi smiles while he insults and menace me by saying that he will put me in troubles. He is one of the vicious men doing this crime cover-up job —if they use this term “job”—. This policeman Choi says that he will confine me up to 7 o'clock —and smiles briefly—. This is just one of Choi’s threats. And the police agent Choi says that those agents who were pictured by me at the crime scene were promoted when I published their photos on the Internet.

[There is an agent Ko, who was a policeman at Samchung police station, at that time the policeman Han tried to intoxicate me with psychoactive drugs —pharmacological torture—. When I am released at the patrol division, Police agent Ko —just like other thugs— tries to trap me by some words —he entices me to drink something— in front of the division. Despite their failure, they do not abandon their ugly criminal tactics to destroy his fellow citizen. He was not like this —not to this degree—.]

[Without any doubt, President Kim and UN Secretary General Ban’s ordinary —low echelon— criminals looked at my websites and blogs. And they know they will receive their reward from presidents and the UN Secretary General for their abominable criminal acts. This is the world governed by gangster culture —Roh once asserted the absolute necessity of liquidation of gangster culture in front of citizens—. This is what they are doing and what they are saying. The international level of human rights, as president Roh once asserted, is so miserable at this extend.]

[Some very low echelon agents are confirming that they are looking into my recent update of webpage. July 2007] [Based on the criminal activities they did today they have to have a heavy compensation and promotion from President Kim and his successor Roh and the UN Secretary General.] [They surely wish that I posted the criminals’ photos for their promotion – surely those criminals deserve it-. Unfortunately they have to wait until I finish my writing about the today’s ordeal of “the road to crematorium”. It is also necessary to note that I do not have any photos of Bae Yang-Hong. He was promoted to general by President Roh – another compensation for crimes-. They are not fully informed about criminal compensation. One of the bioterrorists who worked with Chinese proudly said about the large sum of monetary compensation he received after his criminal activities using the infectious agents in Brussels. Several terrorists posted their vacation photos after their bio-terror attack. Some agents were relocated in the US and other countries.]

This Choi —once prepared this highly organized violent intimidation and violence on the street— says that I have two hand phones. As I received many threatening calls at home, I have prepared one phone for all netizens —those who look my websites and so called intelligence agents— and another one for my families. He pretends that he does not know my name and address. They are more than police intelligence agents. Just disguised as ordinary policemen —that’s what they are—.

Also, he intentionally shows my address and number of identification card and other information written on his notebook. [This is also designed to intimidate Ban and Kim’s terror victims and also for the criminals’ promotion and compensation, as they revealed.] And he smiles with a strange expression and denies that this information is not about me. [He is lying about it without any hesitation.] This play was done with a young man who will drive the police car to create my fear —They said “the road to the crematorium”—.

This young policeman who will drop me at the end of their insulting menace -to cover-up their boss's crimes and terrorist activities for the substantial compensation as they used to say - in front of confectionery I used to go.

Clearly they do not hesitate to commit crimes to get promotion —by contributing in the effort to cover up UN Secretary General’s crimes—. They know well that they will get reward when they commit crimes against a terror survivor. This is just a bit of President Kim and UN Secretary General Ban’s political crime culture —named by President Roh as gangster culture—.

The policeman Choi is visibly embarrassed and becomes aggressive when I open the door of the police division and speak loudly to passers-by about what the Police are doing to a citizen. They know that majority of citizens do not know what they are doing under the camouflage of the police sign. They are more organized and criminal minded than those of Tae-Pyong Ro patrol division. Those who have to protect citizens and terror victims are trying to destroy a citizen of this country who is a terror victim. This type of characteristics of human rights policy -that is human rights suppression- is on the extension of practices implemented by Mr. Ban’s fellow diplomats and thugs at Brussels and Antwerp, and in Atlanta.

A police agent of police patrol division threatens me by saying in jargon -he will put me in jail just like his colleague’s did last year and Ban Ki-Moon's diplomat at Brussels. Policeman —A foothold of justice and government power— blackmails citizen! On his desk, I can see a phrase “victim supporter” —he is merely terrorists and thugs supporter—. One who threatens a terror victim pretends to be a victim supporter. What a great camouflage —this is the essence of President Kim's democracy and human rights policy— !

Today, they physically tortured me on the main street by using policemen near the MOFAT.

For the first time, policeman says “The police do not torture everybody.” They do not specify the destination of transfer of their terror victim. They say just “quiet place”. This menacing transfer is started with an order -as a clear order, but he is just an end point of tentacle of President Kim's and UN Secretary General Ban's terror networks-. President Roh’s perpetrators who acknowledge practice of torture by use of psychotropic drugs to cover-up Ban's crime – Including police woman, they murmured about my post, about practice of psychoactive drugs as a means of torture and the use of narcotics.

I am put into the police car and am accompanied by 4 policemen —two in front seats and two at the back of the car.

In the middle of the transfer of a terror victim —they are transferring me to their “quite place.” In fact, I will not see any quiet place.—, the policeman Choi intentionally will used this expression to provoke my fear. A policeman at the right side in front of the seats says “the road to crematorium.” It was a well tailored menace fired to threaten me –it is all a constant play, their selection of words and the play are prepared in advance just like kidnapping and a murder plan in Antwerp and Brabant. Suddenly the policeman, who is very big, says “The road to crematorium” in the middle of the way to unknown destination. I say “Will you burn my camera too?”

[To understand what they are saying, it is necessary to remind that the agent described president Kim’s kidnapping and assassination attempts as “burnt offering” in Brussels. It is merely kidnapping and murder of his victim for his political purpose. This is President Kim's democracy and human rights that were implemented by his diplomats such as Mr. Ban and Ambassador Choi —“the Order from the above” can not justify their horrible crimes and terrorist activities—.]

They say they are taking me to a “quiet place” and suddenly speak “the road to crematorium” - planned action and planned words.

These policemen are employed to conceal UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s terrorist activities —this is not police duty to do it in front of citizens—.

The Policeman says “Torture is not carried out on everybody.” They do not specify the destination of my transfer. They say just a quiet place. Suddenly he says “The road to crematorium” in the middle of the transfer. I say “Will you burn my camera too?” I asked if they are going to set fire (cremate) to my camera too. This word “crematorium” has something in common with President Kim Dae-Jung’s “burnt offering”. This is also a death threat as many of agents of President Kim fired in Brussels and Atlanta.

The police car is passing the location where agents related to “Patriot II” tried to kill me. This evoked a vivid memory of the terrorists —Some of the agents involved in it have migrated to the USA. I do not know where they are—. [Later, I found their traces at foreign soils.]

This word and timing of agent’s threat is well measured and prepared before the execution of this silent threat the UN Secretary General has a strange preference of cruelty.—.

Today’s demand of liquidation of terrorist networks is somehow important. Because it is the 1st anniversary of crime for Ban Ki-Moon in front of the ministry of Foreign Affaires. The Ban’s agent, who carried out his criminal activities, has strangled my neck in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. It was exactly the same brutal assault done at the University of Louven in European Union. At that time the agent was presented as a person who had an equivalent status of the citizen of European country.

[Ban’s agents work in that way against a powerless citizen who does not accept their untouchable status and their ever-changing political ideas depending on their boss. Death threats, threats of hostage, arson, physical attacks, narcotics use for political oppression, psychotropic drugs using for torturing and criminalization —all these are just a part of Ban Ki-Moon and his colleague’s arsenals—. UN Secretary General Ban and his president Roh Moo-Hyun do not hesitate to use young girls and women, who then use children as their shields. From time to time, they add new types of menace.]

Even though it is a rainy day, I have to go in front of Roh’s Presidential Palace and Ban i-Moon’s crime base. It is what I have to do.

Senior Superintendent (Chong-Kyung) Mr. Yun Chul-Kyu

Seoul Jongno (Jong-Ro) Police Station (2006) - Presidential Police Security Corps. (2007)


08:40 To the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - One of starting points of political terror committed at EU.

08:53 I arrive at the Ministry.

08:55 – 09:15 I demand the liquidation of UN Secretary General’s terrorist networks working for President Kim Dae-Jung.

There are many who say that they are members of intelligence division from Seoul Jongno (Jong-Ro) police station of Seoul Metropolitan Police. Interestingly, there are many who have very visible strange familiar badge -this badge was also observed several times. Last year, those who had that badge were intensively participated in the cover-up of terrorist activities of current UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. When I asked about the identity of their service, one policeman mentioned that of the ‘SS’. He mentioned about ‘SS’ of a foreign country. It is not possible to understand the relationship between foreign country's SS and those who had that badge. (It is worth noting that some of those who worked under Vice-Minister Class Ambassador Choi often spoke about CIA and other country's intelligence services in an attempt to threatened me and hide their identities. The real identities of some of them are shrouded in mystery.)

The Agent's badge was very similar to the logo of president’s security service except one point. [One one of the agents who said to me that he will be journalist soon conveyed the words concerning theses agents as very important —Why those important agent are blocking the progress of just demand of liquidation of crime and terror activities?—. This is a grave situation.]

[Later when I return to the Ministry after release from my 1st confinement, I will be confined again near the Culture Centre, however at this time they do not torture me. Instead of torturing, the police will spit on my face in cunning way -this is Mr. Ban's spit on democracy and human rights-.]

A heavy weight policeman, who is relatively old and of a high rank, comes to me and try to intimidate me. (Later, two young policemen will torture me on the street side of the Ministry of Foreign Affaires. Opposite side is the US Embassy. It is a scene to remind me that those diplomats lured me into the US’ NATO military base at Mons in EU. Later, they tried to lure me into a church —they often called “American Church.”— as a ground for mounting an operation to destroy me.)

In spite of the fact that they respond to my request for liquidation of their terrorist activities with their violence, criminal activities and death threats, I continue what I have to do.


Ji Myung Hwan worked in the well prepared complex crime last year. Interestingly, Ji Myougn Hwan shows his face saturated with aggression as he aggressively pushed me against the war of MOFAT, again he shows his face at the patrol division. His aggressive facial expression can not be considered as a means to support Ban and Kim’s terror victim, but it is his genuine tool of intimidation. (Once I observed him with a policewoman in a police patrol car. They tried to behave as if I was not there. Finally they closed the police car windows at the gate of MOFAT. It shows the UN Secretary General Ban's intention and practices to cover-up his crime and terrorist acts.)

Also in front of the main gate of MOFAT, he showed his genuine menace with his clenched teeth and pushed me against the wall of MOFAT. He intended to threaten me physically. When I demanded the liquidation of terrorist diplomats, he appeared several times near me. His presence was menace itself. He knew it —as much as Minister Ban Ki-Moon knew— why he had to put such agents in clandestine operation to menace and criminalize his victim by using psychoactive drugs, who barely survived his horrible terror acts in Brussels, Brabant and Antwerp.

This man shows his face in the patrol division. Agent Ji clenches his teeth –this is his characteristics of menacing facial expression when he threatens his victim-.

His colleague was the one, who tried to intoxicate me with psychotropic drugs under the command of a somewhat higher policeman. Indeed, his superior is seen inside of patrol division and at the periphery of MOFAT. [His superior commanded to confine me in front of MOFAT.] Near the agent Ji, there are the intelligence agents of Chongno police station in plain clothes behaving as gentle men –They will stand behind the torturers. They are real torturers on-site.

Without hiding his sadistic pleasure, one of the intelligence agents mentioned to me about the criminal acts of his colleague who committed crimes last year for concealment of Minister Ban’s crimes, who is currently the UN Secretary General. Is this one of the policemen who evokes terrible suffering and enjoys victim’s terrible memory? This sadistic agent refers to his criminal fellow as handsome —criminal acts as beautiful in the eyes of criminals—. [Birds of a feather flock together]

(The principal perpetrator’s appearance and body build reminded me of the person who was participating in a murder attempt in a restaurant in Antwerp. The sward-man was one of the terrorists under the control of Ambassador Choi Dae-Hwa, who worked under current UN Secretary General Ban to implement diplomatic philosophy and instructions of the President Kim. Kidnapping and murder of a citizen were an implementation of President’s diplomatic philosophy or instructions for political object —This can not be a politics promised by President Kim at his election campaign as a candidate of the opposition party. It was not difficult to guess why Ban ki-Moon’s thugs cast this policeman in the deadly menace. Ban’s thugs use policemen as tools for committing crimes.)

Today, the policeman says “The police do not torture everybody.” He says that they torture a person like me. (This man specifies the target of their practice of torture —those who continues to demand the liquidation of terrorist activities without stopping— without subjugation to their terror and intimidation.) Finally they —the agents— tried to intoxicate the UN Secretary General’s terror victim - acknowledged the practice of torture in front of their victim surrounded by their police colleagues, who do not mind any criminal behaviors and behaves as criminals themselves.

Today, in the heart of Seoul, they acknowledge their practices of pharmacological poisoning and physical torture on the main street in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Even today Mr. Ban has an influence on me in this nefarious way, as he behaves – trying to convince the whole world that he is impeccable UN Secretary General.

Interestingly, TV cameramen try vigorously to avoid capturing of my images. The camera man is embarrassed. Why?

09:33 – 09:43

At the moment I arrive at the point where president Roh’s force blocks my passage –at the level of the entrance of 202 UNIT-, I can see a man in regular police uniform who was mutilated himself last year to threaten me. At that time, to provoke my violent retaliation —that wasn’t possible—, he broke my camera D7. This premonitory sign of what will happen in the Kwang Hwa Moon patrol division.

Bad habits of thugs —they often claim freedom and lives of the citizens— but are often so persistent.

A young policeman says to me “Shout!” I have to shout to justify his existence. What a democratic politics! He refuses to speak about the reason why he blocks my move. (This happens near the entrance of 202 Unit. The leader of thugs operated at the east entrance of Roh’s Presidential Palace -June 16, 2007- said he belonged to 202 Unit. When I met him on the street, he said that he belongs to 101 Unit that is “Presidential Police Security Corps”. (2007) [I do not know the object of his intentional display and his communication.]

After the verification of their today’s blockage, I return to the Ministry —Ban Ki-moon’s terror base—.

I arrive at the Ministry, they become more violent.

After the signal from one of the superiors, they rush on me and push me to the main street. They are three young policemen. One behind and two are on my both arms. Other covers their back during their torture avoiding any attention —this is today's Seoul under the control of the powerful and fearful people like President Kim Dae-Jung and the UN Secretary General—.

They place their arms in a position they can break my arms.

They intentionally hold my arms to induce pain – they put their arms in a position that can break my arms-. At the same time they use their thumbs to push arteries and nerves of my wrists and twist my wrists. They execute some force on my both arms. [They may not break my arms but the unnatural feeling and pain go up to July 22, 2007. Surely it was design to torture me on the street in the heart of Seoul. Today, what they —UN Secretary General Mr. Ban and Nobel Peace Prize winner President Kim— did it defines who they are.]

This type of behavior that is organized to induce pains is simply torture on the main street. This torture on the main street in the heart of Seoul is committed publicly. [Nobody minded about it.] These two of 3 young policemen, who indeed tortured me on the street, go to police division with me by the police car. One of the agents’ behavior is insulting. They often do these types of insults with young police women. In front of Presidential Palace, they bring young policewomen near me and insult me just in front of her —this shows what they are—.

(This type of physical violence was committed at a patrol division Sept. 26, 2005. They dragged me to Taepyong-Ro Patrol Division of Seoul Namdaemun Police Station – They said “Do you want to die, bastard?”.)

These young policemen have to be the UN Secretary General’s favorites – they tortured me with all their might-. Does the UN Secretary General Mr. Ban wish to keep the world’s peace and protect human rights of the citizens of many nations by mobilizing this kind of criminal-minded policemen and bioterrorist Roh and other terrorist diplomats such as incumbent Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Cho Jung-Pyo (Consul General, Korean Consulate General in Atlanta)?

They often justify their brutal acts by saying that they are young —They are not young men but criminals who want ample compensations—. Some of those diplomats have emigrated to the USA after committing terrorism using narcotics, as many as those who enticed me into the US NATO military base to achieve their criminal objectives; these young men are nothing more but criminals brewed up by the UN Secretary General Ban and President Kim.

Nationalities and Ethnicities of terrorists can not hide their crimes – it is too small a world-.

Those strangers, who instigate the anti-USA sentiments by using inflammatory words, emigrate to the USA and hide their crimes. Nho Gil-Sang who told me that I shouldn't trust anyone in the USA, when I was leaving Brussels to go to Atlanta, but Mr. Ban goes to White House and New York and his terrorist diplomat Choi plans to emigrate to America too. What Nho will say today?

Later I found out that the agent Moon who was a member of Ambassador Choi Dae-Hwa's death squad was relocated to Los Angeles. Agent Moon posted a message concerning his initiated procedure for his permanent residency. LA was a city I planned to go.

The policeman –the head of the patrol division —who orders to confine me— was a person who plotted the psychotropic drugs intoxication attempt and physical violence against me last year. After his order, I was tortured on the street near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

[In front of me —while I am confined in the police patrol division, many policemen and a woman are drinking something. They (including the woman) are talking about narcotics and drugs that I suffered and wrote in my website. Woman indented to make me listen what she is talking about it with young policemen who together tortured me at the main street next to Ban’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.— after a cup of something, the young policeman, who tortured me, disappeared for a while.]

It is very important to know that they always try to ensure me that what they are providing is safe and that it is not contaminated by any types of psychotropic drugs. Astonishing aspect is that they used a torturer, who tortured me at the opposite side of US Embassy in a day time. The torturer did not mind the presence of anyone. It looks like everybody near me agreed to this torture of a citizen at daylight. They remained silent. This is a scene of terrorist policy well implanted since the inauguration of president Kim Dae-Jung. President Kim committed bioterrorism by mobilizing contracted foreign terrorists after he had received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Again in this crime, a police woman is in.

She —a policewoman— suddenly speaks loudly “Oh My Lord”. When I said about Mr. Paid Well, who later proposed me that I follow the political thoughts of President Kim Dae-Jung by saying that the world became too rightist, she began chanting loudly a sutra (Buddhism). [Why did she suddenly change from Christianity to Buddhism? She knows who Mr. Paid Well is and what he is doing. During my confinement, she clearly shows how they feel about the burden of existence of Mr. Paid Well’s mask and the covering-up of terrorist activities for gaining political profits. Here, I will not discuss about it in detail. The UN Secretary General Ban and President Kim used and are still using  diplomats and medical doctors as members of their terrorist team as well as Arab and Chinese people and others as terrorist agents —extremely disturbing the criminal and terrorist entities— to repress and murder a defenseless citizen who they have to protect from criminals and terrorists.

This type of scene has taken place at the Tae-Pyeung Ro patrol division. At that time, the policeman used physical force and menaced me. This police woman made use of all her sinister abilities. She is an expert in this domain —more sinister that the one of last year—. She is much more sinister than a woman who has tried the psychotropic drug poisoning attempt on me through a candy last year at this season. Citizens like me have to keep in mind the existence of this type of highly motivated agents for crimes.

In front of the Presidential Palace, an agent —not much different from thugs— intimidated me to provoke my wrath and retaliation in front of very young policewomen —this was an insult from the presidential palace that committed arson as their threats—. The UN Secretary General Ban’s diplomats loved to use young women and prostitute at church —they didn’t change at all since their terrorist activities were committed at Brussels and Antwerp—. President Kim and Secretary General Mr. Ban loves to use femininity in various ways —they speak loudly about human rights—.

President Roh was once a human rights lawyer but he is nowadays acting like a human rights oppressor without any hesitation. Once one of very low echelon agents said that president Rho —the successor of president Kim— has more than the power of King. This may explain this violence and menace and crimes without hesitation.

Several policemen insulted me because of my age. Most of them have to be younger than me. At the police they use various means —especially insults and threats (including physical attacks)— to provoke me. They have to be forever young. Exactly the same insult was used by Ban Ki-Moon’s thug to provoke retaliation that can not happen. I pardoned them after their failure of their kidnapping and murder business in Antwerp. Unfortunately, they did not asked for my pardon for real, but they needed time to prepare another terrorist acts —That is the way how they conduct. They said that they are intelligent.—.

victim supporter - criminal and terrorist supporter

The policeman tells menace that can only be delivered in Stalin-style dictatorial regime under brand of communism and often smiles to encourage his subordinates, who commits menace and violent acts. He is the so called “victim supporter” and will order to transfer me to a quiet place.

In this time, they torture me with their fingers and arms to induce pains and intended to do not produce any bruises. [Later, I found many bruises on my both arms] (It was an intended method. One of the policemen, who will relocate to an unknown quiet place with the police car, strictly orders young policemen not to produce any marks such as bruise —unfortunately it was done on the street during the torture to cover-up the crimes and terror acts of UN Secretary General Ban—.

A young policeman spits his saliva into my face. It happened also when they restrain in the rainy street at the opposite side of US Embassy. It reminded me the insulting act of policeman who guards US Embassy at the opposite site of the Ministry of Foreign Affaires. Once I had to renew my passport at the service. When I passed the street along the wall of US Embassy, a young policeman has spat on me. This is President Roh Moo-Hyun’s style to insult and provocation. What was the intention and object to insult me and provoke quarrels in front of US Embassy?)

This professional policeman who will deliver a menace in the line of “burnt offering” admits their practice of (chemical) torture. He says he can torture me if I question. Clearly they do not hide any more what they are doing. Also he intentionally talks about “the road to crematorium”, he touches the apex of death threats. When they put me into their police car, the sly one said that they will transfer me to a quiet place. They did not say where it will be.

[It is not difficult to remind of President Kim Dae-Jung’s murder business called “burnt offering” at the period President Kim Dae-Jung publicized his policy toward Kim Jong-Il as Sunshine policy and generously delivered an illegal transfer of a large sum dollars to Kim Jong-Il.]

[The uneasy sensation on right pelvis area was begin to develop at the time of that violent day.]

Today, criminals tortures me openly on the street in the heart of Seoul -for the cover-up of UN Secretary General Ban's terrorist activities.

He says he can torture me if I want. [He is asking for my strong action to liquidate President Kim and UN Secretary General's violent criminal and terrorist networks.]

By using police agents as thugs and torturers, Ban Ki-Moon and President Kim degraded police and its intelligence agents to real thugs and torturers. – And I still have to call him the U.N. Secretary General. That’s what he is now.

The young policeman who lied with Police, man Choi, has a handle of a car. He drives the police patrol car for an hour. I get off their police patrol car about 3 PM.

I was confined in a police car about 1 hour —surrounded by policemen who spat on my face—. At the moment I was confined by the police on the street —in front of the Ministry— one of the policemen spat on my face. Spiting on my face is also one of UN Secretary General’s intelligent cover-up efforts. What an astonishing UN Secretary General’s gangster culture —his agents often contaminate soft drinks, such as cola, with certain drugs—. Interestingly UN secretary General Ban's agents and colleagues often use American products to intoxicate his fellow citizen in their criminal activities just like they speak about their emigration to the US and naturalization, and American green card. [I still do not know the nature and origin of narcotics they used to intoxicate me.]

Crematorium Police man - Crematorium

3 : 30 P.M. I come back home.

Few days later. UN Secretary General Ban will stand against the practice of torture .

Jun. 26 2007 - Marking the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and other United Nations officials today roundly denounced the practice and called on all countries to ratify the international treaty that bans it. To commemorate the Day, “let us speak with one voice against the perpetrators of torture, and for all who suffer at their hands,” Mr. Ban said in a message. “And let us build a better, more humane world for all people everywhere.”

For reference, while I was confined and menaced in a patrol division by Ban and Kim’s criminal minded police men, I received a phone call from a provincial police. I cannot recall anyone who called me —It was a similar sort of tricks used by terrorist diplomat Jung, who was under Ambassador Choi in Brussels—.

Those who fight each other to conceal their criminal relation haunt my memory —It was impossible to understand—.
Death Threat comes into various languages in Chinese in Japanese in Korean and so on.

[A day later, I found a serious bruise done by young the policemen. They produced it to torture me. Bruise were observed on the both side of my arms. Until today July 1, 2007, I have to endure pain on my arm due to the torture on the street in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs -the base of Ban Ki-Moon-.]

As you said UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, the fight against you and your colleague's terrorism is my mission that you and your friends gave me. Ironically, theoretically, you have to help me to fight your terrorist act and crimes perpetuated for a long time.


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