Sly Deception and Silence


Sly Deception and Silence to conceal the state terrorism and conspiracy of President Dae-Jung Kim. - In front of President Moo-hyun Roh's Blue House (7)

Friday, Dec. 02, 2005

The Blue House of President Roh, Moo-hyun that says, go ahead, do it, putting those people who used force and dirty threats in front of eyes. Is this the clearing up of gangster culture that the President emphasized?

13:38. Pass the East Gate toward the Blue House.

A well prepared taxi of the National Intelligence Service intentionally took me to the entrance of the Blue House where the agents picked a fight and ultimately took me to Sam-Chung Police Box of Seoul Jongno Police Station. It went to the entrance of the Blue House toward Sam-Chung Police Box well prepared for my arrival. It was inducement for sly conspiracy. The entrance toward Sam-Chung Police Box has relatively less traffic and passers-by, and is a good place for the conspiracy and threats of agents who are afraid of people’s eyes, who use force and dirty threat, like the agents who said, do you want to die bastard, at the Taepyong-Ro Patrol Division of Seoul Namdaemun Police Station.

14:01. As was expected, the person wearing a well prepared police uniform let me off, and showed that I couldn’t pass by although others could. The road that the agents in front of the Blue House told me many times was open to passers-by was blocked against me again today. And the police intentionally provoked me, saying, “Don’t get too excited”, “Don’t tremble too much.” The police that want to agitate and scare me. Those are the words spoken by the policemen as they said they were taking me to the police station, those who let the person run away, the person who pressed my neck with fingers and made me fall on the subway station floor unconscious at Yaksoo Station.

It was the police that had the attitudes below standard saying, don’t be afraid too much, don’t get excited. The policeman who says he cannot show even a nametag because he didn’t bring it. In front of the Blue House of President Roh, Moo-hyun, there was a policeman who had to hide himself this way.

The Blue House of President Roh, Moo-hyun showed that it had the same intention as Mr. Park, Y.B. who told me inside the Sam-Chung Police Box, go ahead, do it.

There was an agent that appeared when picking a fight with me previously. He asked me where I was sending out what I recorded with mp3.

The words “sending out” are the words that well contain the substance of the conspiracy that many secret agents carried out to inflict harm upon me before.

Do they want to say that I am pro-Kim, Jung-Il leftist sending out top secret materials regarding the work of the current government to conceal terror? Or do they want to say that I am pro-Kim, Il-Sung leftist and sent out to North the fund or materials to develop Daepodong missile? Or do they want to speak out loud that I sent out abroad public health materials that are prevented from being sent out like the conspiracy prepared by “the professor couple who belonged to the organization that tried to kill me who told me not to hang around with the people from Jeon-Ra region”? Do they want to insist that I am leftist and assisted in sending out to North Korea the South Korea P.O.W's who escaped the not-yet-recovered area on their own, or closed my eyes to sending them to the not-yet-recovered area that is North Korea? Mr. Bae, Yang-hong was promoted to Army General as of January 1, 2004. Mr. Park, Y.H. who pulled me into the conspiracy of Mr. Jin acted as advisor of the Advisor Team to the Society, Culture, Women’s Sub-Committee of the Committee to take over Presidential post of Roh, Moo-hyun. Does President Roh, Moo-hyun who hired Mr. Bae, Yang-hong and Prof. Park, Y.H. of the organization ,that conspired to destroy me, using even drug, accusing me as political criminal at the end of 1980’s, as General and Advisor to the Committee to Take over Presidential Post, want to follow their precedence? Or does he want to package me as anti-Kim, Jung-Il extreme rightist mentioning the assassination of Kim, Jung-Il under the political necessity like the time of North-South Summit meeting like President Kim, Dae-Jung who committed bioterrorism?

President Kim, Dae-Jung who says poverty is the cause of terrorism, tried to conceal the political terror that he committed through economic compensation, and tried to kill again when rejected. When the member of President Kim, Dae-Jung’s terror organization, who accused me of being leftist, repackaged as extreme rightist in 2000 and tried to kidnap and murder, suggested leftist ideology in front of death, I refused it right there. It was President Kim, Dae-Jung who could make up a crime of being leftist on the ground of not agreeing with his political thoughts, and who could also suggest becoming leftist. President Kim, Dae-Jung was very persistent, as he tried to realize the conspiracy to kidnap and murder by inducing to Germany after the attempt to kidnap and murder failed in Brussels and Antwerp. And President Kim made me feel the persistence of his own oppressive politics even in Atlanta.

There is no way I will accommodate the political thoughts that even use terrorism of President Kim, Dae-jung who attempted kidnapping and assassination and committed bioterrorism.

The conspiracy of the agent through the word “sending out” is similar to the conspiracy of the dentist through the word, who made a hole in my tooth and used drug to aggravate as errands for President Kim, Dae-jung. It is the conspiracy of the agent that is carried out even in front of the Blue House. Are these the people that protect peace, freedom, and democracy? It is the word that expresses well the sly conspiracy that came out of the mouth of one of those who use threat and violence using political power. Gangster culture is not cleared up but is still maintained even in front of the Blue House.

Were my words and writings to President Roh, Moo-hyun so burdensome? The agent in front of the Blue House was playing a word game, wanting to scare and conspire, saying “sending out”! Does the Blue House hate me refusing to compromise even under the threat of the politics of power that says “Do you want to die, bastard?”

As everybody knows, I am clearing up the gangster culture as President Roh, Moo-hyun advocated! Are they waiting for me to clear up the gangster culture on their behalf? I told the agents who had the attitudes of go ahead, do it, that recording was for President Roh, Moo-hyun. It is because the writing “In front of the Blue House of President Moo-hyun Roh” is primarily the writing for President Roh, Moo-hyun and President Kim, Dae-jung of the Blue House.

14:05 This man who was wearing a black jumper all of a sudden put on a light blue mask and hid his face in front when I recognized him. This agent in question who suggests having tea after a few minutes. I had to be reminded of what those who used drug even at a church and the dentist’s did and what the policeman Mr. Han did in Sam-Chung Police Box. It is their well prepared habitual conspiracy and threat that spring out again.

He pushed me and pushed in his hidden face in front of the camera. It was the act of forceful pushing that the agents do when they make threats.

And the man who hid his face with mask loudly told his colleagues to block me so that I won’t be able to go in. They blocked me from using the passage.

It was the moment that the Blue House of President Roh, Moo-hyun was making fun of the victim of terrorism by using political power. It was the Blue House of President Roh that says, like Mr. Park, Y.B. go ahead, try if you can. I would like to ask President Roh, Moo-hyun whether what I am watching is the real substance of the progressive reformist democracy that advocates the clearing up of gangster culture.

Another agent in black clothes said in a threatening voice not to take a picture of his face. I told him that many agents grabbed me in the past while one pushed in a camera to my face and took a picture.

It is their attitude that they can take pictures while exercising violence against me and I cannot, and that I cannot resist the violence that desires death although they try to kill me. It is the terror politics that wants silent death and sly oppression.

When the criminals use political power, conceal their identity, and boast, go ahead, try it, it makes me think again what the reality of clearing up gangster culture actually is. These people tried to kill the citizen of their own country in Brussels, and approached me again saying they would help, mentioning the e-mail from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MOFAT) when I went to Atlanta. When I was going to the airport on my way to Toronto on September 10 before 9.11 terror occurred, I had to see one young man out of the two who came to me from the Consulate General on July 10 that year making tricks on Buford Highway. That location was not very far away from a quiet motel where I was staying.

It was the moment that reminded me of the existence of the Consul General called Joong-Pyo Jo, in succession to Vice Minister rank Ambassador Choi, Dae-hwa, who was behind the event of approaching to help with the e-mail of MOFAT as excuse.

A young police, who dragged me to Sam-Chung Police Box, when I recognized him, laughed, turned around, and avoided the camera. And these who bent or sometimes turned their necks were replaced by another people who avoided showing their faces. Other guys also took the posture so that their faces might not be seen.

The political power that visited a quiet motel in Atlanta under the pretext of the order from above mentioning MOFAT’s email was making a trick in front of the Blue House in the middle of the capital city Seoul, asking who are you, and what is your name. It is the trick that is done by the mouth that loudly said “Secret agencies of other countries are worse” before, threatening again after threatening and dragging me to Sam-Chung Police Box after picking a fight with me.

Today many familiar faces were mobilized. It was the attitudes of the Blue House, go ahead, do it if you want to, putting those who used force and dirty threat again in front of eyes. I had to think what the clearing up of gangster culture that President Roh, Moo-hyun emphasized was

The agents blocked again the passage that they told me before to pass by. After finishing the protest in front of the Blue House at 15:00, I went toward Sam-Chung Police Box.

As I went into Sam-Chung Police Box, the police Mr. Lim was sitting on a big desk in the corner and said he didn't have anything to discuss with me. He said he received all the reports from his subordinates. When I told him how his colleague, who participated in the exercise of force mobilizing threat and political power, spoke loudly that the secret agencies of other countries are worse, he said they were only protecting against crimes. Then after saying something like, go ahead and try if you want to, he sneaked out of the police box. The police Mr. Lim who lies to avoid responsibility.

For them, crime prevention means concealing terrorist event by collaborating with staffs and threatening. It must be a new realm of crime prevention done by Sam-Chung Police Box.

The police Mr. Han told me not to come to the police station again, but I went to see them again. Is the police, that tells the terror victim not to come again, a police? It is the position of President Roh, Moo-hyun itself who keeps silence and oppresses.

It is the impact of the political thoughts of President Kim, Dae-jung that turned a church and even a pastor into a tool of terrorism.

I was able to see Mr. Koh again who changed his words regarding the case before.

15:07 I left the police box, after saying that I would come to Sam-Chung Police Box again.

When I was about to come out, there were two foreign man and woman. The remaining policemen were showing these people where Eros Museum was. When I came out of the police box, they were leaving with these foreign man and woman in the patrol car.

I came home, leaving behind the familiar face making faces outside the police box.

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