Ban Ki-Moon's Crimes


In order to conceal President Kim Dae-Jung’s political terrorism and crime activity, Ban Ki-Moon confined a citizen, used violence and threats, attempted to intoxicate his victim with psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs) inside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MOFAT) - In front of President Roh Moo-Hyun's Blue House - 34th (2nd part - Afternoon) – In a dissimulated way, a woman tried to intoxicate me with psychotropic substances when I was confined in the police patrol division of Seoul Metropolitan Police.

June 16, 2006

Sat, 7 Jul 2007 23:18:33 +0900 (GMT) - In order to conceal President Kim Dae-Jung’s political terrorism and crime activity (2),  "Commission on Human Rights -a department of the United Nations Secretariat-",

Sat, 7 Jul 2007 21:10:45 -0700 (PDT) [Sat, 7 Jul 2007 23:10:45 -0500 (GMT)] 2. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon - In order to conceal President Kim Dae-Jung’s political terrorism and crime activity, To: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon

“The ultimate responsibility of diplomacy is with the President, and I am responsible for implementing the diplomatic philosophy or directions of the President.” April 19, 2005, Minister Ban Ki-MoonBan Ki-Moon (Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, incumbent Secretary-General of the U.N.),

April 26, 2006 - To Minister Ban Ki-Moon of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MOFAT), To Secretary General of the UN Kofi Annan - From Brussels to Atlanta: State Terrorism

June 21, 2007 - Torture on the street. [From Burnt Offering to Crematorium.]

June 26, 2007 - Marking the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and other United Nations officials today roundly denounced the practice and called on all countries to ratify the international treaty that bans it. To commemorate the Day, “let us speak with one voice against the perpetrators of torture, and for all who suffer at their hands,” Mr. Ban said in a message. “And let us build a better, more humane world for all people everywhere.”

Minister Ban Ki-Moon uses violence in order to terrorize one of his victims and orders the scene to be filmed in the Ministry.

12:57 A taxi driver working for the intelligence agency treats all Koreans as mere peninsula residents. He proposes me to go inside and greet Prime Minister Han Myeong-sook who has just come back. (Why do I have to greet a prime minister whom I do not know and who keeps on covering-up for terrorism? It is not understandable. Soon I realized that the proposed greeting was a terrible ordeal and part of a well prepared plot of violence and psychotropic substance intoxication, prepared by the Ministry under the control of Ban Ki-Moon.)

The taxi passes in front of the MOFAT’s north gate and stops a car on the opposite side of the west gate.

12:59 Arrival at MOFAT's west gate

“I come here to capture bad men! It will start at 1 o'clock!” (I give them time to prepare)

13:00 Initiating the process that pursuits the liquidation of all political terrorism. (I came back to MOFAT in order to talk about the violent acts performed in front of the building by Ban Ki-Moon’s agents).

When a citizen who is being victimized urges the arrest of terrorists who are hiding inside the public service, Ban Ki-Moon hits back with his fist in an attempt to stop the demand aimed at dismantling the terror structure. What’s the reason for that violence? Mr. Ban! Which country in the world would put one of his Ministries to perform perfectly conceived acts of violence with the sole purpose of hiding the very existence of an official terrorist structure, and for that sake would ruthlessly hit a terror victim who has only dared to request the arrest of those terrorists? 13:01

Ban Ki-Moon, who declaims U.N. reform, has actually recurred to violence in order to provoke more chaos and intimidation, and to make a terror victim look like a criminal, mobilizing gangster-like persons for that purpose.

Does Mr. Ban maintain a gangster culture within MOFAT, notwithstanding President Roh Moo-Hyun has mentioned it as an object of liquidation?

What way is it to execute Ban's official policies?

It was at that precise moment that Ban Ki-Moon showed his real intention to go on hiding political terrorists inside the government, even by using violence. Yes, they will be staying, for sure, continuously hidden under official disguise, wearing all kind of masks.

When I demanded the arrest of the terrorists that move around the world killing citizens and committing all sort of crimes, Ban Ki-Moon did not hesitate to use his fist against me -a victim of his implementation of terrorist policy- and to provoke a quarrel in order to justify himself.

13:03 Persons with walkie-talkie are passing by the west gate, hanging around men in police uniform.

The person is dressed in white colored Y shirt appearance, as opposed to the formal suit attires I had seen earlier in the morning, which then had the ID clearly attached showing his name. (Not only will he put me in solitary confinement inside the MOFAT building today, but he will also strangle my neck on the following week.)

One of them says “come into the ministry of foreign affairs” and tries to convince me. He’s a gangster who’s not wearing any identification tag.

Another person who has been hovering behind him approaches me on the sidewalk.

Two agents are dressed in civilian clothes.

13:05 One of them asks to me: “Do you feel pain in your neck?”

“Who struck you?” (He is hiding his ID inside his pocket)

These modern criminals are using various vicious methods from fist to drugs in order to provoke violence and turn powerless and naive citizens into outlaws.

13:06 An agent who invites me to a cup of tea and tries to play the role of a good guy inquires which is my quintessential motivation to come to MOFAT. [Intoxication attempt with psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs)] (A criminal who has taken part in all these violent actions creating more disturbances in order to label me as a criminal, is now inviting me to a cup of tea in that quiet and somewhat isolated place. He tries to make it an opportunity to use psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs) in an insidious manner without drawing my attention. It happened in Brussels with narcotics. It also reminds me of a similar attempt made at the Sam-Chung police box by a policeman named Han, who clearly refused any investigation of the public servants participating in terrorists' activities in the European Union (EU). Han even exerted physical force in order to make me drink the substances. Instead of understanding my demands to extirpate the terrorist group organized by KCIA (NIS) and the ministry of foreign affairs, this agent is trying to present me as a violent criminal by means of psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs), the very same trick that they had previously used at a dentist office in Seoul. In the year I returned to Seoul president Kim Dae-Jung showed his omnipresence and omnipotence by using his favorite bioterrorism. The dentist threatened me by using infectious agents. They used psychotropic substances after I recorded on my website the criminal event that took place inside the dentist office, instead of submitting to President Kim Dae-Jung's atrocious terror. It was pharmacological torture used in hospital.

After verification of these criminal activities and dentists who were using infectious agents -bioterrorism- and pharmacological tortures in the dentist office, I received the same death threat that I had already received from Cho (Jo) Dong-Il. May 07, 2007

The sly agent in question talks about having a conversation. These hideous attempts usually take place in quiet places that these agents -working for Mr. Ban's terror service- choose in order to commit their offences. Criminals under President Kim Dae-Jung -such as Ham and Kim Woo-Chul- always preferred unfamiliar and calm places to carry out their sinister plans. Kim Woo-Chul, who called himself “Black Suitcase”, tried to lure me into a quiet place located in Antwerp, which he used when staying in Antwerp.)

President Kim Dae-Jung, Kim Jong-Il

The same kind of evil tactics had been previously used in Brussels. Immediately after the June 15 North-South Korean Joint Declaration made at the North-South summit meeting and in Pyongyang from June 13 to June 15, 2000, President Kim Dae-Jung invested time and resources in a massive political operation –sheer manipulation-. As the date to commemorate the Korean War of June 25 was approaching, he branded me as an extreme rightist, his agents attempted to kidnap and murder me while bicycles were passing by in Antwerp, as it had not been easy to do it earlier in Brussels. President Kim Dae-Jung's attempt failed even though he had dispatched numerous agents and contracted agents in Antwerp and Brussels for his political gains.

Agent Moon, who was stationed later in the U.S., finally came to beg my forgiveness in front of the church -I had been on a hunger strike in 2001 at the same church- at the time his abduction and murder plan in Antwerp was carried out –unsuccessfully-. Even Jeon’s wife had been used for that criminal purpose.

Mr. Ban, who chooses violent ways in order to take advantage of citizens by means of political manipulation, and in that way fabricates political criminals, is a person full of hypocrisy. With one hand he is showing a pretended peacefulness and UN innovations, but with the other hand he is violently hitting a citizen with his fist and covering up his own terrorism.

(It is simply Ban’s way of creating more chances to harm me. Several times they asked to be forgiven, they also suggested financial compensation. They even added a woman for that sake.)

13:07 It was not possible to know when the operation of the camera had been discontinued, but the fact is that it was working again and capturing images by the time they entered the MOFAT building with their victim.

At that moment I was being dragged away by those people but I could see the desk and the instruments (those used at airports), I could also see the door of the room that is located in the left corner.

Photographs taken at the time of confinement in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. – The above picture shows “Jung Byung-Chul”, who used violence, threatened me for intimidation and cover-up. This is his scene of the threat. His photo is captured just after his physical attacks against Mr. Ban's terror victim, a victim who was simply demanding justice.

[Indeed, it is not possible to verify his name. Later on I realized it was a sly method to evoke my old memories and transfer to ex-presidents the responsibility of crimes committed by Kim Dae-Jung and his men -such as Ban Ki-Moon-. It will not be discussed in detail. They already tried it, they will try it again, and that can give certain comfort.]

[Vehicles belonging to the information bureau are showing temporary license plates according to necessity.]

When he uses violence without a word, he maintains his composed attitude. In that way he exerts violence composedly and quietly, committing his crimes to cover-up Ban Ki-Moon’s terrorist activities. He is one of the main components of this team participating in violence, intimidation and psychotropic drugging, using menaces against me in order to prevent any recording of his physical attack. (When I pull out my camera to shoot their crime scene just after his physical attacks, he again threatens me with force.)

Unlike other agents who were hiding their ID, this agent was intentionally showing his, being a leading part in the crimes organized for Ban Ki-Moon this morning. He also played an outstanding role in the organized violence through which agents of Ban Ki-Moon locked me up in order to intimidate me, to manipulate the crucial part of their terrorist actions in Brussels, and to create a chance to employ drugs in order to provoke violence. (In general, the substance they used to provoke anger and violence on site has a relatively immediate effect, in contrast to various pain inducing substances that are used by means of inhalation, which have a relative slow effect, with symptoms appearing only after several hours of inhaling the chemicals.)

The methods by which Roh Moo-Hyun and Ban Ki-Moon disrupt the realization of justice are diverse. This is just one of them, an obstruction of justice.

This is the moment when they try to hit me after having pushed the front chair against me so that my legs become locked up between the two chairs. At that moment I pulled out my camera, right after “Byung Chul”’s physical attack. This man helped a criminal to punch my belly and left side neck with his fist, and all this happened in front of the west gate of the Foreign Affairs Trade Ministry this morning.

There was a cameraman behind me during Ban’s agent’s physical attacks -Inside a room placed at the left side corner of MOFAT’s first floor-.

Ban’s agents did even film those violent actions and threats during my confinement inside MOFAT. This is President Roh Moo-Hyun's human rights defense and Ban Ki-Moon’s achievement of world peace.


The agent who drags me away and confines me into the Ministry building will attack and threaten me inside a room. Furthermore, he will try to strangle me right at the very front of the MOFAT building. This agent, named “Byung Chul”, will attack me again. (Filming has been discontinued at the moment violence started. The video camera is paused once again when they pounce on me and actions turn violent.)

This agent, with the name “Byung Chul”, resorts to violence.

Ban’s agents who take part in the operation that hit my neck locked me up inside a room located at the corner of MOFAT’s first floor, all for the eyes and ears of Ban.

“Byung Chul” attacked me again after they confined me inside one of MOFAT’s rooms. After his physical attack, he immediately contacted someone. Photograph taken just after his physical attack. The agent in front threatened me by employing legal terms. It is important to note that president Roh Moo-Hyun was once a human rights lawyer.

Agents who play a role in my confinement are the same who threaten and hit me with their fists and body.

13:08 A criminal who works for Ban Ki-Moon. He is hiding his ID. He was helping the agent who beat me with his fists. (He says that picking up a quarrel with me is up to him.)

Later, this person will use again his lightened cigarette as a tool to threaten me in front of MOFAT.

Ban Ki-Moon (Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, incumbent Secretary-General of the U.N.),

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and his thugs.

May 03, 2007 – This photograph was taken in the vicinity of my home. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon's gangsters are among a group of agents using pain inducing chemical substances and harassment tactics. This looks like the new UN secretary general's human rights policy.

Moreover, on April 17 2007 at 11 am, I could see this agent -who loves to threaten me in various ways- among the criminals disguised as ordinary citizens in the vicinity of my residence. He was there at the back of the street together with the group of those who use to follow me and take advantage of quiet hours and places in order to charged and use pain inducing chemicals. He took good care to say some words reminding me of the violent threats organized by Ban Ki-Moon from the Ministry.

Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General of the U.N., thanks so much for kindly including me as a target of the violence and threats you organize in your ministry on behalf of President Kim Dae-Jung, the ultimate responsible of all terrorist actions performed in Brussels and Antwerp.

They show their commitment saying that they will take me to a police station and formally requesting assistance from the Jongno police station. (One of intelligence agents from Seoul Jongno (Jong-Ro) police station of Seoul Metropolitan Police will show up in the middle of my confinement inside the Ministry.)

[Later, I will be confronted with other intelligence agents attached to the Seoul Jongno police station.]

In order to understand their tactics it is vital to remember what they did.

Diplomat Nho Gil-Sang told me that a criminal detective had come from Seoul and was investigating me in Brussels. An Investigator from Seoul Police was actually collaborating with terrorists under the control of Ban Ki-Moon and his colleagues. It was threats. All this would have been impossible in a democratic country.

Later on Ban's diplomat used a word “Interpol” as a means of menace. Astonishing criminal mind it was. Diplomat Nho Gil-Sang threatened me at a broadcasting room in a church. He said that they were mobilizing Interpol against me. Do I have to think that Interpol was collaborating with terrorists?

It was an investigation for President Kim Dae-Jung's political crime system directed to commit terrorist actions! President Kim Dae-Jung, who speaks wonders of his ideas about human rights, first begged my pardon and later tried to kill me at a restaurant in Antwerp. Those are Kim Dae-Jung’s political ideas, which justify killing citizens only because they support an opposition party! That is his real concept of democracy and the substance of his pretended civil rights defense.

To those who collaborated in this plot I say: do not destroy any of your investigation records fabricated in Brussels, nor the names and position of all police and terror gangsters dispatched to Brussels and Atlanta.

Those terrorism collaborators who protect terrorists’ crimes threatened me by yelling “police will take you to a police station”.

Those are Mr. Ban Ki-Moon’s errand men, working for the cover-up of president Kim Dae-Jung’s terrorism.

President Roh insists he is cleaning the government from its past crimes and “the exclusive and privileged gangster culture that remains in our political power.” It is being said that everyone will be punished because of his terrorist acts. Therefore nobody has to criticize the “fight against terrorism.”

Even the UN and it’s Secretary General cannot go against fighting terrorism and cleaning up the world from gangsters, under the pretension that it’s a crime to do so!.

Dear Mr. Ban, you are saying what I have to say!

One of the agents is yelling a question: “What was your damage because of Mr. Ban?”

Diplomat Mr. Ban, you should have to be protecting citizens, neither threatening them with violence nor covering-up terrorist activities! By declaring yourself innocent you are making fun of civil society, democracy and human rights.

The agent who was showing his name tried to stop my camera. So I asked him the reason why his colleagues were filming me. Another agent answered back without any hesitation: “collecting evidence!”. – Will Mr. Ban deliver his violent film to UN Human Rights Council and Interpol? - He certainly did not want to have any evidence of his violence. It was all sly threats. Furthermore, they threatened to break my camera -that is my only witness to Mr. Ban Ki-Moon's efforts to cover up his terrorist activities-. The same sort of behavior of intelligence agent from Seoul Jongno police station was later observed at the police patrol division. This is evidently Mr. Ban Ki-Moon's method to cover-up terrorism, and it is certainly obstruction of justice by using state power.

Later, one of my cameras will be damaged by a young agent in front of Roh Moo-Hyun's Presidential Palace. One among many young agents, he will later hurt himself while threatening me, and he’ll stain my clothes with his blood.

13:11 The video camera turns off automatically again. (Until this moment, this agent has been showing his threatening attitude several times, as illustrated by the preceding picture.) - [The video camera model that I use can be controlled at a distance.]

Left: An agent supervises my confinement in the ministry and uses physical violence without any hesitation, not only there but on the street as well.

Right: policeman Han - his attitude and presence are designed to give more pressure on me. 13:19

13:19 The policeman whose last name is Han, in front, is looking down at me.

“What do you want? We have to do what you want!”

I said “Arrest the terrorists!”. Don’t talk; just announce your liquidation of all terrorist activities in a newspaper.
“Put the announcement as [All terrorism has been cleaned up.].”

They order me to behave reasonably. Other agents pronounce the word “reasonably”.

(This attitude is not different from that one of the terrorists who offered me money and women as compensation in order to erase my memory of their crimes and break my ideas to do justice)

“Did I ask for money? Did I ask for women? Just catch the terrorists!”, that’s what I answered to their incoherent talk.

I also replied to them “When you liquidate the terrorist network, I will not be coming here anymore, even if you invite me to come to the ministry.”

When I was saying this, an agent who had used violence against me when I was locked up in the ministry under the control of Ban, was standing next to me. (Eventually, he will tie up my neck with his hand, all this happening on the road in front of the MOFAT building)

13:21 Another person who is in front of me says he is a policeman.

When I make reference to the sly gangsters who secretly administer narcotics to citizens abroad, one of the agents warns me that I’ll be punished for that.

(It was an intriguing word from someone whose identity I cannot determine. But it is clear that he is confronting me in order to break my ideas of justice and to cover up Ban’s and the President’s crimes. Does he want to punish criminals secretly administering narcotics to powerless citizens, or does he want to punish a victim of Ban’s terror, of that evil hidden organization which is a joint work of MOFAT and the Blue House?

What kind of action against criminals like Bae Yang-Hong can be taken by President Roh? President Roh made Bae a general, showing their strict relation of loyalty and compensation. President Roh is a president who promotes criminals and oppresses state terror victim.

(Particular contents of the conversation that took place with this agent are not specified in this text)

13:31 I start the video camera again. (28 minutes 28 seconds until 13:59)

The person in the picture above is one of the most terrible agents. He acknowledges that certain types of narcotics may be used by oral ingestion. He tries to manipulate the essence of criminal narcotic poisoning perpetrated by KCIA (NIS) and MOFAT diplomats against a citizen, and pretends it to be simply drug intoxication. By doing so, those diplomats and terrorists will be blanched. Some of them already emigrated to USA and are there living a happy life.

This is a person who very cunningly ordered his fellow agents to hit me with their fists.

He uttered evil manipulation that made their victim appear like a criminal. He tried to turn the criminal narcotic poisoning committed by diplomats and gangsters such as Bae Yang-Hong into a simple drug intoxication. He intentionally used a provincial accent that is often employed by Kim Dae-Jung’s professional gangsters such as Nho Gil-Sang and Jeon to create and manipulate regional sentiments that are convenient to politicians and political gangsters.

This man hiding his ID card operates his walkie-talkie from time to time when he selectively speaks cunning words. It was very strange because they have to be equipped with wiretapping equipment and secret recording system. (The certain content of my conversation with Ban Ki-Moon’s gangsters will not be disclosed here.)

This agent plays the role of a good person with whom it is reasonable and possible to have a conversation. It is one of their typical patterns of behavior. One of them performs as a violent and irrational criminal and the other pretends to be earnest, reasonable and reliable enough to have a dialog with. But the latter is a dangerous actor who will simulate innocence and good will, while he is manipulating everything for their purpose, which is to cover up their criminal activities.

(This person turns on and off his walkie-talkie in the middle of insidious interrogations, unnecessary acts of his fellow gangsters working for the same criminal organization ruled by politicians. Very abnormal procedure indeed –followed with a hidden purpose- because they would have to be equipped with wiretapping equipment and secret recording system. Installation of such recording system could be done without any difficulty. The object of his strange behavior is unknown. [It is important to remember what the a person -a son of friend of President Kim Dae-Jung- said about secret recording and filming through a pin hole to trap and manipulate a female subject of their plot.] It is a plot well designed with the aim of breaking my will to bring about justice. They once failed to intoxicate me with psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs) but they will try it again, in the same or in any other way. Let’s remember that President Kim Dae-Jung mobilized massive manpower through MOFAT diplomats, political gangsters, professional kidnappers and killers.)

“You wrote something in MOFAT homepage.” “What did you write? Tell us something about it.”

This man lies when he says that I wrote in the Foreign Affairs and Trade Ministry’s homepage. (Let’s remember what they are doing. Disruption of internet connection, destruction and manipulation of websites, blocking my old websites, limiting access to various websites that have no relationship with them, monitoring of internet contents that I access, all those are KCIA’s daily works. Furthermore, they monitor writings in my PC that are not connected to internet. They do not hesitate to destroy PCs and OS. In 2006 two PC exploded on my desk. So, this interrogation looks nothing else than a cunning manipulation to make a new plot. I still do not know Mr. Ban's intentions clearly)

When I ask whether a police station is located in a remote place or not, they reply “Police car is coming!”.
The place I will be sent to is not Seoul Chongno police station but Kwang Hwa Moon Police Patrol Division. The Patrol Division is not far away, even if you go by foot.

One of them is yelling “Live in a rational manner in this world.” [Indeed, he is saying what I have to say. Mr. Ban! Fighting against terrorism is my rational manner.] To the question whether living in a rational manner turns out to be “agreeing with you over the cover-up of terrorism by accepting your money and women” or “liquidating the gangster culture as was asserted in front of people by President Roh”, Ban is answering by his criminal actions. Minister Ban is preventing a righteous accomplishment by means of violence that is based on state power.

This agent calls me Mr. Hahn (Again a polite expression). And he states that they themselves are pitiful.

(These self-declared pitiful agents will tighten up my neck and use violence again under Minister Ban Ki-Moon’s power. One of the political gangsters that took part in the death threat at the time foreign agents committed bioterrorism in Brussels described his criminal acts as Just follow the order from above to earn my daily bread. Agent Nho said “to eat is to gain”. [Several times I asked the meaning of “to eat is to gain? But none of the agents told me the meaning.] President Kim Dae-Jung's diplomats, in other words Kim’s terrorists, offer me their economical compensation, a simple bribe to cover-up the president’s terrorist activities. They tried to persuade me to accept money by saying that it is a profitable choice, because the whole world is based on the logic of “who eats more”. [It sounded to me as the law of the jungle “The stronger prey upon the weaker”. ]

Gaining much more by accepting their bribes was an obvious choice for them. It seemed solid, because they were people who did not hesitate to use narcotics and infectious agents in order to destroy and kill weaker specimens. They were attempting to conceal various crimes, from diamond smuggling and criminal activities to narcotics, using all possible political terrorism and bribes. I did not accept their offer, even when they retorted that in that case they’d have to kill me.

One of the agents spits the word “Exile”. I can imagine, but it’s not easy to grasp the real full meaning and intention of the words used by Ban’s agents as part of their sinister plot.

(Diplomat Jung Kang-Hyun openly operated as an agent of National intelligence service (KCIA), while at the same time serving as Embassy Counselor with a diplomatic mission in EU. He offered economical compensation with the condition that I should not return to Seoul. The proposal conveyed the same threatening meaning -now from a consul who was merely one of the tentacles of Ban Ki-moon’s crime service- that I would be deported when arriving at Korea’s airport. It was the same tactics used by bioterrorist Roh Gil-Sang, a good public servant under Roh Moo-Hyun. Terrorist Roh Gil-Sang said that Interpol was collaborating in the investigation of my records during the year President Kim Dae-Jung tried to murder me. Naturally he did not forget to ask whether I would support President Kim’s political ideas or not. It was clear that I was not ready to support a president who did not hesitate to use prostitutes, psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs), professional killers, fake journalists, criminal minded medical doctors and bribery in order to cover-up his crimes, using my family as hostage and so on.

President Kim Dae-Jung mobilized various methods to hide his crimes and destroy me -as living evidence of his crimes and terrorist activities-.

When due to ever growing menaces I prepared to leave Brussels where I had lived for many years, Jeon and Patriot I tried to allure me to specific regions and specific countries. A couple of persons that were not previously associated tried to convince me not to go to Atlanta, because it was their working area. And Atlanta was not the only forbidden place. Another person who showed extremely complex behavior suggested me to move to a more vibrant city. Who was he? He was also accompanied by a foreigner.

Ban Ki-Moon’s service did not hesitate to employ a kindergarten director, Ham Yong-Sun, in order to convince me to go to Germany. Ham menaced the safety of my family, approaching me with the assistance of a consul under the control of Ban’s service. The presence of a kindergarten director in the kidnapping and murder plot reflects well the essence of “Kim Dae-Jung’s political philosophy. As for vice-minister class ambassador Choi Dae-Hwa, he used a religious officer, a Korean speaking foreigner and close colleagues of Popeye Choi in order to lure me to Switzerland and also prepare a soft cover-up to dissimulate, just in case of an eventual failure of that sort of bioterrorism. That’s how bioterrorism starts, organized for President Kim Dae-Jung, with the participation of Ban’s service.

These plots against me employed different methods, but they all have a common aspect, that they try to lure me to unfamiliar places, either in the region or in foreign countries which I do not know, with the purpose of making it easier to abduct and murder me.

As the Korean War Commemoration Day -June 25- was approaching, they branded me as an extreme rightist and attempted to kidnap and murder me while bicycles were passing by in Antwerp, as it had not been easy to do it previously in Brussels. This is an example.
It was their burnt offering to President Kim.

Kim’s servant called the murder of a citizen as “burnt offering”, describing the procedure as the killing of a human being, the mutilation of his corpse and the burning of his dismembered remains.

When you see the degree to which crimes were organized by Ban Ki-Moon and his colleagues, is it possible to pretend that he was just protecting human rights and overseas citizens?

There is no difference at all between the vicious attitude of MOFAT when attempting to kidnap and assassinate me while being in foreign countries, or when pushing me to use psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs) inside the Nation’s Foreign Affairs building.

13:42 He even invents a story, that due to my stress, I might have been consuming narcotics all by myself. (They have to evade their crimes. With the help of their cruelty, I was forced to be in touch with those gangsters. Most of them are still visibly active all over the world. In Seoul, one of president Roh’s disguised agents suggested a cultivation of poppy (April 08, 2005, Seoul). President Roh Moo-Hyun wished that a victim of his brutality could be turned into a criminal just by producing opium as evidence. That’s his wish. Terrorists using narcotics as a means of political terror -such as Bae Yang-Hong- are currently one of President Roh's errand men.)

This vicious agent speaks with a dialect accent on purpose, trying to make up regional sentiments on his behalf, and intentionally alters the crime scene contents in order to cover-up his crimes. Ban Ki-Moon will do his best to blanch his terrorists, even committing another crime.

A member of the intelligence section uses dialects to manipulate regional sentiments on purpose. Political gangsters such as Nho Gil-Sang and Kim Jong-Gil often use several dialects to help their plots and change their provincial accents.

Some more explanation is needed at this time. Narcotics were from the embassy. Narcotics were administered to me extensively without my knowledge after the NATO military base (Mons) plot failed.

The Military Attaché together with Bae Yang-Hong played a central role in this crime at the NATO base.

It is important to pay attention to the word “philopon” that is pronounced by this insidious Ban Ki-Moon’s agent. Until today, I do not know what kind of narcotics they employed to destroy me in Brussels. This manipulative agent -who behaves more like a criminal and worked as such both in Brussels and Antwerp- speaks about “philopon”.

13:43 I asked a question regarding the very serious matter that official state diplomats and functionaries are working together in order to transform a citizen into a diamond smuggler in foreign countries. (I inquired about the fabrication of criminals to an agent that was in front of me)

I had not concretely mentioned this organized crime to transform a citizen into a criminal until today. This simple question didn’t address the magnitude of the crime, but it was a large scale criminal operation. They mobilized a huge system -that is the government of my country- just to destroy a citizen.

I talked about the political terrorism that followed me abroad and even tried to kill me at foreign cities after the failure of the murder attempt in Seoul.

I stated that I have different political ideas than President Roh. (It is quite clear that President Roh is a successor of President Kim’s political ideas, even when he presents several variations.)

Of course, I am clearly exposing what those criminals viciously said in my ear on the Presidential Election Day: “Choose the correct one this time!”. In other words, it was a clear threat pressing me to vote for candidate Roh. It was an improper and inadmissible behavior. In front of three persons that were around me I clearly said that it was an inappropriate action precisely on the Election Day, and that it wouldn’t be admitted in any real democratic country in the world.

Where did those offenders plotting to insidiously kill a Korean citizen come from? Are they Koreans? What is their nationality? Who are they? Mr. Ban Ki-Moon!

I talked to the person who attacked me using physical force. I said “If we do not correct these political crimes, others like these will go on”.

And I suggested them to put a banner: “The terrorist organization was put to an end by great Ban Minister”. Right in front of MOFAT. Then, naturally, I wouldn’t have to go to that place again, as they wish.

They offer drinks to me (I am confined in the Ministry.). [Intoxication attempt of psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs)]

I refuse.

One of them whispers “During the time, he suffered. So he does not drink it.”

[They know what they are doing and how much I’ve suffered.]

They did not employ physical force in order to make me drink what they had prepared to transform me into a criminal. Let me remark that a policeman did exert physical force while trying to make me drink what he had in his hand, but I resisted it. That incident took place at Sam-Chung Police Box. It happened just next to the President’s palace (Presidential residence), that is Cheong Wa Dae. As Kim Dae-Jung’s young agent said, they do not follow any law or judicial principle, which do not carry any weight in comparison to the presidential power. Once I observed the face and behavior of a policeman who had consumed psychotropic substances added to his drink. He became uncontrollably violent. What a political philosophy!

I posed a question to these agents working for Mr. Ban.

Nowadays our country’s Intelligence is trying hard to hide terrorists and criminals who worked for politicians and high level functionaries, such as diplomat Mr. Ban Ki-Moon who wishes to be UN secretary general; and they do it by offering briberies and by menacing hostages. Is it reasonable and justifiable?

On the one hand, President Roh Moo-Hyun is asserting in front of the people the need to terminate the gangster culture. On the other hand my country’s intelligence service that is under Roh’s control is hiding, protecting and bringing up this kind of criminals by providing them with jobs such as that of university professor. They are also bribing terror victims in order to cover-up politician’s crimes. Is it appropriate?

Those diplomats and criminals employed by President Kim were mobilized on a large scale in foreign countries after the citizens had participated in the gold-raising campaign to overcome the economic crisis. I conveyed my concerns about this discrepancy.

This person releases me from my confinement. (The person who belongs to Seoul Jongno police station’s intelligence section was already at the centre of the first floor.) The leader of the gangsters, “Byung Chul”, adopts threatening attitudes and then confines me again inside the room that functions very much like a torture chamber. Eventually they transfer me from the Ministry to the Police Patrol Division. It is not Seoul Jongno police station.

It is possible to see some of the violent and sly agents working for Mr. Ban Ki-Moon's terrorism cover-up today.

When I came out of the room where I was confined, harassed, attacked and exposed to the risk of intoxication with psychotropic substances, I could see several agents who had participated in the crime organized for Mr. Ban. They were next to the machine that checks visitors. The agent playing the leading violent role is yelling “Why do you come out with him?” And he is displaying his aggressiveness by hitting my video camera with his hand. [This is merely a good-guy bad –guy trick to manipulate me.] The person who will menace and physically threaten me at Kwang Hwa Moon police patrol division (of Seoul Chongno police station) is standing with other agents next to the leading gangster.

13:58 Following the signal from the commanding agent, someone playing the role of a good person confines me again inside a room very much like a torture chamber.

“Agents, who directed violent attacks against me, took me into the room that is located at the innermost left side corner of the building’s first floor. Until 2:00pm they were trying to make me speak”, those are words written down on my notes during the confinement and violent incidents prepared by Ban Ki-Moon.

14:13 Two policemen enter and start a conversation with me inside the room where I was locked up. They took quite a long time to arrive to MOFAT, even though they belong to a patrol division located very near. Both are in police uniform.

I inquire about the policeman who had told me “Relieve your stress!” [His words transformed my demand to dismantle all political gangster structures into stress relieving sport/entertainment.] I tell them “I have to see him too.”

I told them: “Let's go to eat bean-mixed rice that a consul of the Republic of Korea prepared for me.”. [Eating bean-mixed rice means “Go to jail” in certain sections of society. This was a menace used by a consul and his wife in Brussels in the year 2000.] (Mr. Ban Ki-Moon has to remember that consul -who is his subordinate- conveying to me sly menaces and attempts to transform me into a right extremist, as well as the criminal work done through the kindergarten director who tried to lure me into Germany -by train from Brussels-.

The policemen do not come out and the agent who had a camera comes out with me. Ministry’s Iron Gate in front was closed. He is producing an atmosphere that looks like if I were freely moving around in the back garden of MOFAT. He who used violence and filmed the terror victim –that is me- when I was attacked by Minister Ban’s thug with violence as the one organized for Minister Ban is standing next to me, near a bench, now with a friendly attitude. (This is a simple production in front of their surveillance camera. What kind of scenes do President Roh and ex-Vice Minister Ban want to get through this mise-en-scène?) I am telling him to put a banner in front of MOFAT: “The terrorist organization was liquidated by great Minister Ban Ki-Moon”. Then, as they want, I wouldn’t have any need to go in front of MOFAT, and I will not be there.

I inform that they may post my pictures (which they captured during the physical attack and menace in the room where I was confined.) on the website of MOFAT.

Justice Minister Chun Jung-Bae’s laissez-faire! - Omerta - Code of Silence

What can I say to Mr. Chun Jung-Bae [Minister of Justice, June 29, 2005 - ],

who does not want to interfere with political crime business? Justice Minister Mr. Chun is helping Mr. Ban, who lets terrorists operate in EU and US without any need of dismantling their activities, gives them all chances to use their violence to cover-up their criminal activities in EU and US, permits the concealment of terrorist activities and interferes with the administration of justice.

14:21 Two policemen take me inside the car in order to conduce me to the police patrol division.

Sir, let’s not make it worse for each other. [Hesitation of a policeman]

It is not clear to understand. [Often they prefer to use vague expressions to avoid responsibility or to confuse their victim.]

01Ga 6911 - police car number

I speak towards MOFAT in a loud voice in order to express that I’m not showing any resistance to be submitted to police custody. [It is one of the most incredible human rights oppressions and obstructions of justice. The terror victim is arrested by the police because he wants justice to be done! What a democracy and human rights!]

The young policeman talks to the old one. “We should not take him to the police patrol division”

I say “Take and arrest.”

On one side you are hiding your professional killers, on the other side Mr. Ban you confined your terror victim in your Ministry, used violence and tried to intoxicate your terror victim with psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs). Why do you commit such crimes in the Ministry! Vice-Minister Ban, even if you hit my neck again with your thugs’ fist, you cannot change the true fact that you are a terrorism organizer in international scale. Even the small fry will not imitate your crimes.

14:22 They are opening the car door.

(A person who will threaten me at the police division located at MOFAT’s side is sitting on a small two-wheeled vehicle. He will later say that he belongs to the Intelligence section of Seoul Jongno (Jong-Ro) police station and will confirm that they know everything about me -as they did in front of Presidential Palace (Cheong Wa Dae)-. He will arrive at the patrol division before me.

We will see again how Minister Ban Ki-Moon and President Roh have spoiled the whole ranks, turning agents and policemen into gangsters.)

14:26 Transfer to the police car after confinement and attempt to use psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs) in order to label me as a criminal.

(Now again, a criminal mission is assigned to the intelligence section of Seoul Jongno police station. Interestingly, the intelligence agent will use Kwang Hwa Moon police patrol division -instead of Jongno police station- as his theater of violence. Both Sam-Chung Police Box and Kwang Hwa Moon Police Patrol Division are under Seoul Jongno Police Station.)

I can see “reliable police, safe country” written on the notice board at Kwang Hwa Moon patrol division of Seoul Chongno police station. (We will see those who make an effort to create a country safer for terrorists and criminals.)

The place of arrival is not Seoul Jongno police station but the police patrol division. (The person who was already seen inside MOFAT has arrived and is speaking with another police man.)

I talk to them about “my confinement inside the Ministry”. Standing in front of me is the intelligence person who was together with the criminals working for Minister Ban Ki-Moon at MOFAT. He is calling my name correctly and acting aggressively. He says that he belongs to the intelligence section and in this way knows my name and age. President Roh Moo-Hyun’s agents demonstrated what he is doing now.

14:36 I inquire about the policeman who previously told me “Relieve your stress!”, but nobody answers.

(Once they used intentionally a police woman to create problems in front of MOFAT. This tactic was also used at a well known department store. They often prefer to use women with young children. Some other time I would like to explain why Minister Ban and president Kim prefer to use women with children as offenders. It was exactly what happened in Brussels.)

14:41 Did the strangler commit his crime with my permission? It wouldn’t change a thing! (Only Minister Ban could add that crime to his personal records).

Did they have my permission to attack, strangle and knock me out on the concrete ground of the subway in Seoul, with the participation of subway employees, policemen, and elder criminal?

The latter were made to disappear from the crime scene with police help, the same policemen who later told me I had to be taken to the police station. Instead of using their police car, they consumed my time by working around here and there in order to make me exhausted. Finally they disappeared from my presence.

It is important to note that I was harassed in the subway office by its employees. In their attitude, they were not different from Kim’s agents who operated in Brussels and tried to murder me. When I asked police investigators about criminals and terrorist activities in EU under President Kim, the policeman named Han tried to make me drink some disguised psychotropic substances -just next to the Presidential Palace!-.

It happened at Sam-Chung Police Box. But I managed to leave that place only after I had finished asking and saying all that I wanted to ask and say! Han told me not to come back. It was a horrible crime and obstruction of justice perpetrated by an ex-human rights lawyer who is president Roh Moo-Hyun. Outside the police box, there were numerous agents and police to make a case if I became intoxicated by president Roh Moo-Hyun's psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs).


He mentions my age and produces a coercive atmosphere in which he pretends to know everything about me. (Indeed they have to know me well. They demonstrated their capabilities in Brussels and Atlanta.)

(Here’s a police intelligence agent working with criminals, terrorists and MOFAT diplomats who mastermind narcotics using all evil activities and infectious agents using terrorism in his vicinity, and he can only speak about my age and name!. What should I think? Ban’s intimidations and insults will continue. They will simply change location, but Ban’s crimes go on. Now he is a candidate for UN Secretary General. Doesn’t vice-minister Ban Ki-Moon have any plan to make public his criminal activities in Brussels, Antwerp and Atlanta?)

A police intelligence agent speaks with abusive language and threats such as “You have not been beaten enough! So…” (He was displeased to see that I was not moved by their intimidations and physical violence to which I was subject in the Ministry. These words make it clear that he knew what had happened inside Ban’s room, the one that functioned very much like a torture chamber. It was all part of Ban Ki-moon’s organized crimes, helping to understand how minister Ban mobilizes his state apparatus again and again in order to cover-up his crimes and terrorists’ activities.)

This police intelligence agent threatens me together with other policemen in the division and tries to drag me away into a rest room. [This was and is a toilet level of human rights protection and justice under presidential care. This is Roh’s human rights advocacy. Why does Roh, who was once a human rights lawyer, throw all his human rights advocacy into a toilet and into psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs) using terrorism?]

The agent above, who said that I had not been beaten enough, now tells me that he will let me eat “Delicious bean-mixed rice” and speaks in the tune that I am a criminal on the list of search instruction. [It was another set of intimidations that I often experienced from Ban’s diplomats and thugs in Brussels during 1999-2001.]

When he adopts such unacceptable hostile attitudes toward a terror victim whom he should have to protect, I narrate the story of a consul who used similar intimidation methods. This consul started asking for help and then lured me to his home. Once there, in the presence of his wife, he delivered the “bean-mixed rice” threat and related words meaning that I would be deported as soon as I landed in a Korean airport. At this point of our conversation the agent gets out of temper.

In conclusion, he made numerous threats and uttered insults on behalf of Ban and Roh’s cover-up and destruction of terror victims. This police intelligence agent consistently attempted to provoke violence with the help of his colleagues. [It is important to note that those gangsters who are working for Ban employ various methods in order to provoke violence. Soon, a woman in question will try to intoxicate me with psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs) in the form of candy. This is one of their favorites. Torture and criminalization of regime's terror victim can go together.]

This is intelligence works taking place in the so called President Roh’s democracy. It is indeed a very disappointing power exercise of a president who was once a human rights lawyer.


He says "I will let you eat delicious bean-mixed rice”. [It is a moment of recollection of the insidious consul’s menaces and plots. He lured me to his apartment by first asking my help. That consul, who is Mr. Ban’s subordinate, did not hesitate to employ menaces, masquerades of anti-Kim Jung-il right extremism, and even attempted to kidnap and murder me when I was in the European Union.]

The intelligence agent says “Do not let them undergo hardships!” (Mr. Ban is putting the cart before the horse.)

“I will let you eat delicious bean-mixed rice.”

The head of the police patrol division -who wears glasses- is at his desk, without saying a word.

Senior Superintendent (Chong-Kyung) Mr. Yun Chul-Kyu

Seoul Jongno (Jong-Ro) Police Station (2006) - Presidential Police Security Corps. (2007)


“Animal with two legs” he is saying.

Behind the desk, there is a police agent laughing himself while he eats something.

14:50 - 14:55

The police agents are behaving in this evil way, and the head of the patrol division is not only refusing to look at what is happening in front of him, but he is also adding his own ill behavior.

Agent Yoo Seung-Chul is pulling my neck.

Has President Roh any intention to arrest and punish those police agents who wish to become world-famous for their crimes and criminal assistance to those who attacked me and knocked me out on the concrete ground of the subway?

They are not answering my question about the police agents who wish to be worldwide famous for their crimes.

Mr. Ban’s collaborators are taking terror victims and sufferers of violence and menace into the police station, but they don’t even think of doing that with the criminals working for Ban at the Ministry. What does the head of the patrol division do? [Actually Ban and Roh’s police plays an important role in the physical attacks and death threats that repeatedly take place in Seoul.]

I ask a question to a policeman who is sitting at the the desk of the head officer of Kwang Hwa Moon police patrol division.

"Why don’t you apprehend those violent attackers?" He keeps silence. (This is President Roh’s violence, threat and silence. It is gangster culture itself.) The head of the patrol division says he will go for a round of inspection and disappears without giving any answer. [He will be seen again. “The road to crematorium” 94th - June 21, 2007] - This is a silent obstruction of Justice.

The patrol division becomes an advanced base of violence and crimes for Ban Ki-Moon.

(To understand gangster culture, it is important to note that Vice-Minister Class Ambassador Choi, Ban’s colleague, ran away in front of his subordinate diplomats and gangsters when his efforts to cover up terrorists activities failed due to my refusal of money, women and exile. At the beginning, Ambassador Choi Dae-Hwa menaced me with Nho Gil-Sang in front of diplomats who worked for him at Brussels. Both events took place at the same church after an interval of about one year.)

Unlike Sam-Chung police box stubbornly refusing to investigate Kim’s criminal and terrorist activities in EU, this patrol division enthusiastically speaks about the arrest of Ban’s terror victim. [Common point of the two sites under Seoul Jongno police station: police of both sites tried to intoxicate me with psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs). Again, it was the same in Ban’s Ministry.]

Behind the desk, two policemen that took me to the police station and one police intelligence agent are talking to each other.

14:56 - 14:58

An agent stops my recording of what I was speaking, so as to prevent having any evidence at all.

Using her femininity; Old habit of gangsters comes out again.

A woman offers the intelligence agent to use her digital camera. She has candy. [Intoxication attempt of psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs)]

[June 21, 2007 - A policeman will admit the practice of torture and will say “The Road to Crematorium.” (94th)

So, here was this woman at the patrol division, and the candy she exhibited was not candy at all. She said that she had a digital camera and offered the intelligence agent to use it.

The woman providing candy had the same color of clothes that the one used in police uniforms.

[We already saw what they did in Ban’s Ministry. Candy that isn't candy at all can change a citizen into a criminal. That is what they want. Psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs) used for criminal purposes, that happened already in Brussels. This sort of substances were administered to me on several occasions since my arrival to Brussels.]

[Once an agent talked to me about intoxication of children with narcotics and added that it happened in the past. He said that it was done by candy. He was one of the persons who delivered a death threat to me. What was his object?]

The method of using drinks such as coffee or drinking water contaminated with psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs) was extensively used, even in MOFAT. It is not surprising that they try it again, now through this woman in the patrol division.

It is important to remark that the candy given by the gangsters, those who exerted physical violence upon me in order to break my will to achieve justice, is not different from the drugs thrown into the coffee or soft drinks by gangsters who wished to abduct and murder me for their burnt offering for President Kim Dae-Jung in European Union.

A trace of psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs) can turn a citizen into a criminal unknowingly, and sometimes put him into a dangerous risk. A victim may be even pushed to risk loosing his life, according to the demands of the situation these gangsters have prepared. These drugs can entrap a citizen into committing violence and crimes, as it was already described.

The agent who threatened me and tried to drag me away into a toilet looks very much concerned. It is minister Ban’s toilet level of human rights and protection of citizens. As he said, “Now people have to be on the alert. They have to take care of their own security.”

One year later- Ban Ki-moon urges ratification of international treaty banning torture

26 June 2007 – Marking the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and other United Nations officials today roundly denounced the practice and called on all countries to ratify the international treaty that bans it. (UN)

This person insults me.

(Her level of criminality and corruption is not so different from those other criminals who confined me, attacked me and filmed me under attacks in Ban’s MOFAT.)

15:00 - 15:04

“Strange person!”

He speaks in the tune that I am a criminal on the list of search instruction. [It was another set of intimidations that I often experienced from Ban’s gangsters and diplomats such as Nho and the consul in Brussels during 1999-2001. Nho even tried to intimidate a terror victim by mentioning “Interpol.”]

When I speak about the criminal activities of the consul, he shouts "Be quiet!”. Several agents are yelling.

“Oh! You have not been beaten enough! So…” (My request for justice is met with menaces. They clearly show their intention to cover up Ban related terrorist activities. A police intelligence agent speaks with abusive language and threats.)

He yells “Do not record!”. He is trying to prevent any memory of his crime. Is it in this way that they are doing their police job? [Once I was attacked by a group of policemen, one of them took me away by force. Another one tightened my neck. That day they behaved like real gangsters. And they did not forget to deliver death threats at the police station. Am I living in a democratic country? As President Kim’s philosophy is being depicted by this agents’ behavior, law and justice are suspended during the presidential war against his own citizens.] Police works as mere collaborators for Ban’s diplomats- terrorists.

He is rushing against me in order to drag me away into the toilet. [What does Mr. Ban want to do with his terror victim in that toilet?]

(Recording is discontinued.)

Many are yelling and mutually cooperating with menaces.

I defy them to arrest me as they are threatening to do. This is a turbulent day of Roh’s regime wanting to arrest a terror victim by mobilizing terrorist collaborators.

[President Kim’s agent, a son of his political colleague, argues that values such as law and justice are suspended during war. President Kim started it without any war proclamation. His war is not even a war. His war is, in reality, terrorism against Korean citizens. Is he really the Korean President?]

15:04 – 15:16

Police took me from the Ministry, locked me up in a room that functioned very much like a torture chamber. They menaced and tried to intoxicate me with psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs).

When they failed to break my will to do justice, they pushed me out of the patrol division.

They are threatening me again after my protest against their menaces.

“Are you despising the police?” (They look very disappointed. It was queer to hear them use the word “police”, when they themselves had committed so many inappropriate, criminal activities in order to cover up Ban’s crimes and terrorist activities. They should understand better than ordinary citizens, but unfortunately they do not.)

They insult me with words used by an agent in front of the Presidential Palace in order to provoke a quarrel.

A policeman says “He is different from us.” “How do we know your name?”.

What is so different with him? [There is no difference between agents in Seoul and agents in Brussels regarding their basic objectives and methods.] From diplomats to professional killers, from Ban Ki-Moon to faceless KCIA (NIS) agents disguised as ordinary citizens, they are one organic whole.

“If you appear at MOFAT, in that case…”

And he talks like if I had gone voluntarily inside MOFAT. (We will see an agent in police uniform who will deny that I was confined, subject to physical violence, including the attempts to poison me with psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs). This person was seen before I was confined again in Ban’s crime room.)

The man keeps insisting that I entered inside MOFAT because I wanted to. This is Roh’s way to liquidate past events.

“Go away.” His colleagues are trying to provoke a quarrel with haughty attitudes and words that I used to listen from Roh’s agents in front of the Blue House. (15:07)

He is pushing me away, while at the same time saying “Don’t be noisy! Go away!”

They deny what they did. They keep on lying, pretending that they did not take me to the police station. Well, then, who brought me to the patrol division?

“Do not come here again! Do not appear at MOFAT again!”

Left: Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, Right: President Roh Moo-Hyun, successor of president Kim Dae-Jung

Obstruction of Justice, violence, intimidation and numerous attempt of psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs) using crimes were today's Ban Ki-Moon's achievements for cover-up of president Kim and his terrorists' activities.

(Persons in the above picture are one intelligence agent and policemen who push me out and threaten me. It’s just an extension of my brutal and sly confinement organized by Ban’s agents at MOFAT. Some of them and their colleagues were seen in various places near Roh’s Presidential Palace and Ban’s MOFAT later. Unseen colleagues will also participate. It seems to me that Ban and Roh have an endless supply of candidates to do the job, a vast criminal team. We will see more persons like them.)

15:16 From the Patrol Division to MOFAT by foot. - Mr. Ban! Do you really believe that you can cover up your terrorist activities by taking me to the police and intoxicating me with psychotropic substances?

Between you and me, who is the one in need of police assistance? Is it you, who keep on menacing your terror victim with chemicals and physical violence? Or is it me, your terror victim who is barely surviving from your “burnt offering”? Even the agents stationed next to the Presidential Palace refused to do any investigation, but one of them attempted to intoxicate me with psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs) and threatened me. At that time, when a well experienced agent named “Han” tried to poison me with psychotropic substances by using force, it was possible to recognize many agents who were disposed outside of the police box in the darkness. These sort of criminal activities were committed just next to the Roh’s Presidential Palace. Crimes like arson were not enough for Ban and Kim’s gangsters.

What’s happening? Now I have to see that the attacked terror victim is taken to the police station.

(Mr. Ban is responsible for implementing this diplomatic philosophy, these directions given by President Roh, who keeps on asserting the liquidation of all violence and gangster culture! What is this?)

The leading criminal is working. Mr. Ban's thug is coming out with a person in a business suite, pretending to come out to talk with me. Suddenly, he takes a taxi. This deceitful maneuvering is Ban’s confirmation that my request of gangster culture liquidation -asserted by President Roh- is badly needed.


The agent enters MOFAT. He belongs to the police intelligence section and has played a major role in the menaces and criminal plot designed to destroy me inside the patrol division.

I could see this agent, who repeatedly threatened and derided me, who went on saying that he knows my name and age because he belongs to the intelligence section, and who pushed me out of the patrol division, now going into MOFAT on a small two wheeled carrier that spouts sooty smoke.

Intelligence agent with Ban Ki-Moon’s thugs.

The head of the patrol division is refusing to look at what is happening in front of him. When I protested, the head of the patrol division -the person who was on the desk of the head- said he would go for a round of inspection and disappeared without saying another word. There were more vicious than agents of the Tae-Pyong Ro division who attacked me physically and menaced me by saying “Want to die?”. He tried to avoid the responsibility of his crimes organized to cover up Ban’s terrorism. It is important to note that afterwards the head of Tae-Pyong Ro division indirectly asked my forgiveness for the violence and menaces organized under his responsibility. It was the same trick employed by Kim’s agents in Brussels in front of a church. First begs forgiveness, then attempts to murder the very person who has just forgiven him. This is one of Kim Dae-Jung and Ban Ki-Moon’s tactics.


Mr. Ban Ki-Moon! Are you going to present your psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs) embedded violent films to the UN?

The photo above was taken at the time of my confinement during which “Byung Chul” (the principal offender) played a leading role by using menaces and physical violence. After I was dragged away and confined in the Ministry, I was attacked by “Byung Chul”. “Byung Chul” employed a technique which does not produce any external injury. That was an insult and was uttered in order to provoke a violent retaliation. Just after that attack, I tried to recover my senses and pick up my camera. After Byung Chul’s physical attacks, his colleague menaced me physically and pushed a chair over me in order to bog me down. Then he tried to hit me. At that moment of menace and violence, I could see a cameraman at the corner of the room on my backside. He was filming Ban’s organized crime.

(Is Ban producing this crime scene for his UN secretary candidacy? Later on he will toast a cup of champagne without saying a word about his crimes and terrorism. This is President Roh’s promised –and astonishing- human rights protection at the international level.)

President Roh Moo-Hyun says he is world-class president. June 2007

“Byung Chul” was the only one who had his ID on. Unlike other agents thrown into the crime spot, he was clearly showing it. On purpose, he had his ID on to exhibit his name on purpose. [I will not discuss this problematic technique of Ban Ki-Moon due to various reasons regarding its details. Kim and Ban do not hesitate to send such important state intelligence agents to commit crimes, hide them, kill and destroy terror victims. In this way, Kim and Ban demonstrate that they do their best to cover up their terrorism, and that they don’t really care for human rights and for the country itself.]

For reference, Consul from the Korean Consulate General in Atlanta came to visit me with another person when I was in a hunger strike and protest in the countryside near Atlanta on July 10, 2001. He said subtly his visit was due to an order from the Ministry of Foreign Affaires. (His local superior was Cho Jung-Pyo who is currently vice-minister of MOFAT. 2007) The actual purpose of his visit was a death threat. He strongly refused to give me his visiting card. Their ways to handle their ID were clearly revealing their treachery and criminal intention in detail.

The name “Byung Chul” and Ban’s organized violence were designed to remind everybody of the criminal activities accomplished by the faceless KCIA agents, and again demonstrate Ban’s sly plot to evade his responsibility. These are very common tactics. It is a foxy technique to attribute the responsibility to ex-Presidents who acted before President Kim. (Following this offensive Ban’s operation, one of his agents repeatedly used his lightened cigarette as a tool in order to menace and provoke violence, and in this way the names of ex-Presidents -their targets- have been known. Ban’s exertion cannot be successful.)

Since my return to Seoul, Kim and Roh's agents continuously tried to transfer the responsibility of Kim's crimes to ex-presidents, especially Park Chung-Hee and Kim Young-Sam.]

Minister Mr. Ban, You produced a violent film. You made it to be seen. Is it for entertainment? Is it to get another chance to show your power? You did your best in order to bring about the diplomatic philosophy and directions of President Kim. Now you are doing the same sort of exertion for President Roh. As Choi Dae-Hwa -a vice-minister class Ambassador who is your subordinate- tried to kill a citizen for political profit, you are now exerting yourself to achieve the cover-up of Kim’s terrorism. You are all together, one organic whole.

Do you really want to talk about human rights and world peace? Even though you keep organizing criminal activities in your Ministry and doing your best to cover-up your terrorist activities for President Kim?

Even though you are organizing this sort of criminal activities to break my will to do justice and to destroy me by means of psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs), Mr. Ban, you will have a keynote address in the new U.N. Human Rights Council on June 19, 2006.

This shows clearly what you are, you and your colleagues’ human rights and peaceful world. Further, I have to see the present, President Roh speaking about democracy and human rights at Kwang-Ju!. Bae, who tried to destroy me in the criminal plot at the NATO military base, was -under Roh’s Presidency- promoted to Brigadier General -as of January 1, 2004-. His promotion was based on strict relations of loyalty and gangster culture compensation, as asserted by President Roh. After their criminal plot at Mons (US NATO military base) failed, they intoxicated me with their narcotics.

Ban, who wishes to be worldwide leader and talks about world peace and human rights, is actually following the “disappointing reality of Roh’s philosophy as a president”.

This is today’s suspended law and suspended justice. As President Kim’s philosophy is being conveyed by his agent, law and justice are suspended during presidential war against a citizen. Ban is repeating what President Kim did in Brussels, Antwerp and Atlanta. It was a war -without declaration- against a citizen. When we see it, we all know it is simply terrorist activities.

“The ultimate responsibility of diplomacy is with the President, and I am responsible for implementing the diplomatic philosophy or directions of the President.” April 19, 2005, Minister Ban Ki-MoonKim Dae-Jung, Hostage Threat, Bioterrorism, Bribery, Prostitution

The presidents -and Minister Ban Ki-Moon, who wishes to be UN secretary general- have mangled the whole ranks, turning agents and policemen into gangsters.

This is today’s real situation concerning democracy and justice under President Roh, who once upon a time was a human rights lawyer.

(PS: This particular post (June 16, 2006) was deleted several times by an unidentified person. Final post June 17, 2006)




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