Fight Against Terrorism - 100th


Sept. 04, 2007

Efforts made by UN Secretary-General to Counter Ban Ki-Moon's Terrorism - Concealment of His own Terrorism - In front of President Roh Moo-Hyun’s Blue House - 100th

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, who so loudly speaks about human rights and world peace, is actually operating one of the most vicious and highly organized terrorist activities “against everything the United Nations stands for.”

Mr. Ban! It is you —not just Taliban and Al-Qaeda— who is striking against everything the United Nations stands for. You should first clear-up your own terrorist activities in front of UN and the rest of the world.

Ban Ki-Moon (Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, incumbent Secretary-General of the U.N.), “The ultimate responsibility of diplomacy is with the President, and I am responsible for implementing the diplomatic philosophy or directions of the President.” April 19, 2005, Minister Ban Ki-Moon

Why are Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomats delivering information concerning President Kim Dae-Jung’s illegal transfer of large amount of dollars to Kim Jung-Il while they strongly promote Sunshine policy toward Kim Jong-Il and peruse their “burnt offering” for President Kim Dae-Jung? Ban’s diplomats and thugs at Brussels already knew about Kim's illegal transfer of dollars to Kim Jong-Il. Several years later, some of President Kim's men were imprisoned and one of the influential businessmen died during the probe.

Ban Ki-Moon. You should disarm your own terrorists!

I am hereby resuming my request for the liquidation of all political terrorist activities after the release of the remaining hostages kept by Taliban in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, UN Secretary General Ban and President Kim have been enjoying my silence during the period of time in which Taliban held many volunteer aid workers captive in Afghanistan. Ban and President Kim’s thugs went on with their criminal activities during such silence.

Jul. 30, 2007

Taliban —under the lead of Mullah Mohammed Omar, one of the main allies of Al-Qaeda headed by Osama bin Laden— kidnapped many Koreans and killed one of the hostages. Meanwhile, UN Secretary General Ban and President Kim Dae-Jung —the same ones who had taken my family hostage [They held my family as hostages and used them as a bargain tool to threaten me. I was away from home.] — are profiting from my silence about their crimes and terror activities in the turmoil, which created great anxiety over the kidnapped aid volunteers. Pain and inflammation affecting the respiratory system and nodes were caused by chemical substances delivered at the entrance of my living place. [Pharmacological Torture]

Jul. 31, 2007

Chemical substances -often used by thugs working for President Kim De-Jung and UN Secretary General Ban- were delivered in a package that contained a camera (e-bay). Those substances produced highly acute respiratory pains. [This is Coca Cola tricks. They did this with Coca Cola and their foreign countries’ citizenship and US permanent residency. One of the specialists in this kind of tricks is actually a surgeon who once tried to initiate the process of harming me by means of local prostitutes in EU. This will not be discussed in detail.]

Aug. 05, 2007 – 07, 2007

Pain inducing gas is introduced through the windows (early morning.)

Aug. 20, 2007

Xenophobic Incitement (Aug. 19, 2007 - Using a foreign criminal as a terror agent)

Aug. 23, 2007

“Those people that fall victim are stupid.” [It is what Ban and Kim did in Brussels, Antwerp and Atlanta. They begged my pardon, spoke about compensation and prepared more vicious crimes and terrorist acts. As an example, at a ceremony with the King of Belgium –King Albert II-, the Vice Minister level ambassador Choi Dae-Hwa -who is a colleague of vice-minister Ban Ki-Moon- delivered their compensation proposal through henchmen who included Kim Jong-Gil (Sept. 18, 2000, National Basilica of Koekelberg). Soon after, they resumed their criminal activities.]

How can I compare two different organizations? They look different, but both of them are terrorist groups.

September 11 2001 attacks, suicide bombings, kidnappings and ransom demands in Afghanistan are being attributed to groups such as Taliban —under Mullah Mohammed Omar— and Al-Qaeda —under Osama bin Laden—.

Taliban, which is an ally of Al-Qaeda headed by Osama bin Laden and looks for financial gain and political maneuvering power by kidnapping defenseless foreigners —including journalists and aid workers— and by killing hostages in order to secure their object without any hesitation. Taliban and Al-Qaeda’s activities are evident, both behaving as violent entities.

Mullah Mohammed Omar (Taliban) Osama bin Laden (Al-Qaeda)

23 South Koreans were kidnapped by the Taliban (July 19, 2007). Two of 23 hostages were killed by the Taliban kidnappers. The remaining 21 hostages were released.

President Kim Dae-Jung’s political terror networks that tried to kidnap and murder a defenseless fellow citizen in order to enhance the political maneuvering of President Kim Dae-Jung —implemented by persons including Vice-Minister rank Ambassador Choi Dae-Hwa, current vice-minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Cho Jung-Pyo and current UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon— finally threatened the safety of their own citizens making them hostages. This took place after the failure of other numerous bloody crimes including the use of psychotropic substances and germs (infectious agents using terrorism – bioterrorism). As a main difference with Taliban and Al-Qaeda, Kim and Ban’s criminal and terror networks remain unnoticed —behaving under the disguise of moderate and just entities— and armed with Hippocratic oath and diplomatic immunity and privileges.

Historically, terrorism had a role as an unacknowledged state policy in numerous totalitarian regimes, such as those under Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Pol Pot. But it is not just limited to such totalitarian regimes.

[Khmer Rouge "Brother No. 2" faces U.N. court Wed Sep 19, 2007 1:44pm IST PHNOM PENH (Reuters) - Khmer Rouge "Brother Number Two" Nuon Chea, Pol Pot's top surviving henchman, was arrested on Wednesday at his house on the Thai border and taken to Phnom Penh to face the U.N. "Killing Fields" tribunal for the first time.]

President Kim —who received Nobel peace prize— does not acknowledge his terror acts prepared and committed in Brussels, Antwerp and Atlanta, and in the same way his secret illegal transfer of large amount of dollars to Kim Jong-Il. But President Kim and his high ranking diplomats do acknowledge what they have done by committing criminal acts in the field of bioterrorism, pharmacological and medical tortures, and by delivering diverse menacing words —Did we see it? Intelligence agencies of other countries are worse. Do you want to die? Why didn’t you end up dead? Why are you coming back (alive)? You are dead!—.

May 07, 2007 - I received the same death threat I had previously received from Cho (Jo) Dong-Il (July 2002, Seoul). (After verification of criminals (infectious agent using terrorism and pharmacological and medical tortures), Il-Won Dong, Gangnam Gu, Seoul)

Unlike Al-Qaeda and Taliban, President Kim often committed bioterrorism by using infectious agents (germs), and by means of pharmacological and medical tortures, prostitution and bribery to facilitate his crimes and cover-up.

Ban Ki-Moon (UN Secretary General) Kim Dae-Jung (ex-President of ROK)

Since 1999, President Kim Dae-Jung tried to kidnap and murder a defenseless citizen. Ban Ki-Moon was one who was responsible for implementing the diplomatic philosophy or instructions of the President.

UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, do I have to accept your money and your woman-offer? Do I have to do it?

Al-Qaeda and Taliban used to have their bases of operation at caves and secret places in the inaccessible rugged mountain areas, but President Kim’s terrorists often prefer places such as UN, Presidential Palace (Blue House), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, embassy and cities like Atlanta, Brussels, New York and surely Los Angeles.

Impressive differences have to be appreciated.

Nevertheless, all of these terrorist organizations see human life as being expendable. Terrorism implies various harmful acts —ideologically and/or politically motivated violence— committed and directed against selected civilian targets. Violence, psychological impact, political goal, intentional selection of civilians as terror targets and illegitimacy are observed in terror acts. Taliban is engaged in the kidnapping and murdering of foreigners. Diplomats and thugs under the command of Mr. Ban Ki-Moon and President Kim are engaged in doing the same against their fellow citizens through different means.

“Terrorism hurts all nations -- large and small, rich and poor. It takes its toll on human beings of every age and income, culture and religion. It strikes against everything the United Nations stands for. The fight against terrorism is our common mission.” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in a statement to UN Member States on 16 February 2007 (What he said that day in front of the world is not what he did in Brussels, Atlanta, Seoul and his Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

As everybody knows, terrorist networks have crucial roles in the destabilization of world wide security, peace and prosperity; incumbent UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and two concerned Presidents know it too. Even though they stand and strike “against everything the United Nations stands for”. This is the way they conduct themselves and do profitable business.

Left: Organized Violence of Minister Ban Ki-Moon (2006), Right: Two who executed criminal attempts of pharmacological torture (Intoxication of psychoactive drugs) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2006).

Pharmacological Torture Attempt 2006Mr. Crematorium

Jun. 21, 2007 - Physical torture on the street. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and Roh Moo-Hyun’s police admits the practice of torture and says “the road to crematorium.” (94th)

Jun. 26 2007 - Marking the International Day in Support of the Victims of Torture, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and other United Nations officials today roundly denounced the practice and called on all countries to ratify the international treaty that bans torture. To commemorate the Day, “let us speak with one voice against the perpetrators of torture, and for all who suffer at their hands,” Mr. Ban said in a message. “And let us build a better, more humane world for all people everywhere.”

Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomats and thugs were thus showing their profoundly distorted sense of values. What can Ban Ki-Moon and President Kim do with this profoundly distorted sense of values that consider human lives expendable?

Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomats and terrorists said several times that I should not go back to my home country -that is Korea-. As usual, Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomats and terrorists offered me financial compensation in return. All those dubious financial proposals made by Ban’s diplomats were rejected. My refusals were then followed by their murder attempts. [And I came back alive —after my retreat from Brussels, so infested as it was with President Kim’s criminals and terrorists. So, war on terrorism was started after President Kim’s bioterrorism, pharmacological and medical tortures, and death threats in Seoul.]

Money and women were their way of working. Those who were involved in the suggestion of a woman just like bribery in the church were Jeon’s wife and another woman. [Their offering of a woman together with financial compensation was nothing else than prostitution and corruption. Once they used narcotics against me, a defenseless citizen, after they had failed in their criminal operation at US’s NATO military base (SHAPE). A human being is expendable for President Kim and Mr. Ban Ki-Moon. A human being can be purchased, used as bribe, and discarded as they want.]

That day, the lady was well packaged as an innocent merchandise. I refused on the spot the well dressed gift presented by incumbent UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomats —just like human merchandise—. I learned that those who can give me a woman just like a bribe do have distorted values on human beings. It happened inside the church. (At the end of the day –my 100th demand for the liquidation of all terrorist networks-, on my way back home, an agent asked me about religion. I am sure that President Kim Dae-Jung and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon know what is church and religion.)

Such corrupt practices of covering up crimes and terror acts should not be coming from a person who has received a Nobel peace prize, but he did. For several years he has been denying his illegal transfer of a large sum of dollars to Kim Jong-Il. During the investigation of his illegal financial transfer, one of the key influential businessmen died after he testified in court about the secret money transfer. [During the illegal wiretapping investigation —crimes committed under President Kim Dae-Jung—, there was one intelligence official person dead.]

Aug 4, 2003 - Hyundai chief linked to N Korea bribes leaps to his death. A senior executive of South Korea's Hyundai conglomerate has leapt to his death amid a probe into his role in the secret transfer of millions of dollars by the government to North Korea.

The probe focused on the transfer of $500 million to Pyongyang by Hyundai just prior to the 2000 summit. ...

The 2000 inter-Korean summit helped Kim Dae-Jung win the Nobel Peace Prize later that year.

The apparent suicide came days after Mr Chung testified in court about the secret money transfer. ...

Before the probe focused on President Kim’s secret illegal transfer of a large sum of dollars, Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomats intentionally delivered such secret information to me at café Nemrod. They often talked about “sunshine policy” while they tried to harm and murder me. In Café “Le Nemrod” in Place Louise, just after President Kim was awarded the Nobel peace Prize, Jeon told me about President Kim’s illegal transfers of billions of dollars to North Korea.

In Café “Le Nemrod” in Place Louise, just after President Kim was awarded the Nobel peace Prize, Jeon told me about President Kim’s illegal transfers of billions of dollars to North Korea. Before the probe focused on President Kim’s secret illegal transfer of a large sum of dollars, Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomats intentionally delivered such secret information to me at café Nemrod. They often said about “sunshine policy” while they tried to harm and murder me.

L: President Kim Dae-Jung and Kim Jong-Il at the time of the secret illegal transfer of money to Kim Jong-Il (Sunshine Policy, 2000, Pyongyang), R: Ban Ki-Moon’s thugs tried to cover-up incumbent UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and his President Kim’s crimes and terror activities (2006, Seoul).

Incumbent UN Secretary General Ban's diplomats and thugs knew about President Kim's illicit transfer of money to Kim Jong-Il. Secretary General Ban tried to harm me by giving me manipulated information about a large sum of dollars illegally transferred to Kim Jong-Il,  which Ban and his boss President Kim pretended not to know about for many years.

Agent Jeon said President Kim Dae-Jung sent money to North Korea for the amount of billions, and participated in the conspiracy to harm me. I made Jeon’s conspiracy through diplomat Jung Kang-Hyun impossible to succeed. They afterwards proposed me and economic compensation, again through Jung Kang-Hyun, which I wouldn’t accept. I refused it on the spot. In return, I had to receive threats against the safety of my family, which was held hostage by Ban Ki-Moon’s agents.

The inflated amount that was mentioned by Jeon was a stratagem of President Kim Dae-Jung. What Jeon mentioned that day was that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was involved in this criminal activity. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon was then a vice-minister, fully responsible for implementing President Kim Dae-Jung’s diplomatic philosophy and instructions.

The agents used in this criminal mission were Jeon and Yeom, both of whom would later participate in a murder attempt inside a church, after using psychotropic substances. It took place after my hunger strike in the church. Jeon was an instrument of Ambassador Choi Dae-Hwa —a subordinate of incumbent UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. [Today, intelligence agents talk of “Jung-Il Kim’s blackmail” in Seoul.]

One of President Kim Dae-Jung’s henchmen, agent Sturgeon (Oregon, US), who emphasized his father’s special relationship with the President and many other well-known politicians, often mentioned these politician's criminal activities —I do not know why he talked about the criminal activities of his father’s political colleagues, covering from eavesdropping to diverse criminal manipulations.

Such a move —informing about secret illegal transfer of large sum of dollars to Kim Jong-Il— was certainly not designed to help me, for a terror target was in a dangerous situation created by persons who included UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. And it happened just after the Nobel peace prize award to President Kim.

Bio-terrorist - Bio-terrorism

The reason why UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon decided to give me such secret and dangerous information concerning illegal transfer of large sums of dollars to Kim Jong-Il should be known —preferably through the explanation of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon himself at UN.

“Corruption hurts the poor disproportionately by diverting funds intended for development, undermining a government's ability to provide basic services, feeding inequality and injustice, and discouraging foreign investment and aid”. Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary-General in his statement on the adoption by the General Assembly of the United Nations Convention against Corruption

I do believe UN Secretary General Ban knows what corruption is, and what its worldwide detrimental effects are.

Arrival of Mr. Ban Ki-Moon at the US.

“Ban lacked work for the only time in his life and was expecting to receive an assignment to work in a remote and unimportant embassy. In 2001, during the 56th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, the Republic of Korea held the rotating presidency. To his surprise, he was selected to be the chief of staff to general assembly president Han Seung-soo. Wikipedia

Just like the arrival of a medical doctor who tried to use prostitutes to harm me, Vice-Minister Ban arrived in New York (May 2001). After Ban Ki-Moon’s arrival, Cho Jung-Pyo’s diplomats and thugs — Consul General, Korean Consulate General in Atlanta, incumbent Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade —moved and showed their close presence near me by delivering their death threat (July 10, 2001). At that time, I was in the middle of my hunger strike and therefore very weak. They were in front of me. While the consul threatened me by delivering his sly death threat, he was smiling in a strange way. Together with him came his assistant, who did his best to intimidate me.

“With the exception of his misstep in 2001, Mr. Ban has been almost surpassingly unassuming and inoffensive — noticed, when he is, for his steady record of incremental achievement at the South Korean Foreign Ministry, where he has spent his entire 37-year career. The elusiveness may be intended.” NY Times, December 9, 2006, By Warren Hoge

Vice-Minister Ban’s move for his new post in New York cannot be a surprise due to his reallocation and mobilization to fulfill his terrorist duties —already started in Brussels and Antwerp on President Kim’s behalf—. Vice-Minister class Ambassador Choi Dae-Hwa personally threatened me actively in church [and then passively in front of the embassy]. If he was surprised, it was because the victim had survived, the terror target was still alive, his victim had retreat from Brussels, and he had to be murdered in a secret way without drawing any public attention. So that the elusiveness had to be intentional —Ban Ki-Moon was already a high-profile diplomat when his crimes and terrorist acts were actually taking place.

It was a terrifying fact that President Kim Dae-Jung relocated his subordinate, the one who implemented the president’s instructions to kidnap and murder a citizen, so that he could pursue his terror activities even in another continent. This type of persistence was lasting during my dwelling in Brussels. Their repressive activities followed from Seoul to Brussels. In Atlanta, I had to expect some attacks coming from Seoul and some from Brussels. Incumbent UN Secretary General Ban represented one of those coming from Seoul.

At Atlanta and Seoul, it was possible to see the come-and-go between the US and Brussels. [Jeon’s websites]

[They put lots of information on the internet. Later on, much of that information concerning them was made to disappear. Certain pages with their names evaporated from my room in Seoul. I could only find a word written at the last page: “Silent.” This is sheer intimidation. Some of the disappeared names need to be remembered and reminded.]

After the failure of the kidnapping and murder attempt in Antwerp under the cover-up of the 2000 kilometer cycling event between Paris and Berlin, diplomat Nho told me that President Kim Dae-Jung had not forgotten me —he had not abandoned me. He delivered this threat at the church. His words simply proved and predicted what later happened in the area, filled with the political criminal activities of President Kim Dae-Jung.

Agent Sturgeon —the one who made comments about emigrating to the USA and his naturalization as an American citizen— often spoke of “seas of blood” and “massacres.” Agent Sturgeon —one who is a son of President Kim’s political colleague— often said “into the fog.” Indeed he dragged me into the fog of manipulation and terrorism. He tried to drag me into gambling and become bogged down in the gamble. And he tried to make me have an interest in the kind of philosophy that was the foundation of World War II crimes. All his plans were in vain. This tactics to influence me with the philosophy that facilitated crimes during the second world war —crimes against humanity— had been already applied to me by an agent working close with the surgeon who tried to use prostitutes in an attempt to harm me. One of the diamond smugglers —under the control of Vice-Minister class Ambassador Choi Dae-Hwa— also tried this kind of approach to me. But at the early step, he unexpectedly and wisely stopped his maneuver.

Why did President Kim -who for such a long time was hoping to receive the Nobel Peace Prize- attempt to influence me with such a philosophy, which he would later have to deny in public? What was his purpose?

Kim Dae-Jung’s put in motion new and diverse ways, all in vain. President Kim’s agents used to tell me how intelligent the President is —I was insulted because of my inability to fight against those state sponsored criminal and terror activities implemented by persons like Mr. Ban Ki-Moon—.

President Kim Dae-Jung’s crimes and terrorist acts implemented by incumbent UN Secretary General Ban were highly sophisticated.

Agent Sturgeon, the son of President Kim’s political colleague, tried to make me believe he was a US Intelligence agent (CIA), and at other times that he belonged to Korean Intelligence (KCIA, NIS). I do not have any idea about his really essence, that is not the key point here. He has to be what he is. His nationality is not here important. Just like Vice-Minister Rank Ambassador Choi when he planed to emigrate to the US (Texas), agent Moon’s naturalization or permanent residency does not play any role in his classification as a terrorist. Even if they were foreign nationals, they are still members of criminal networks, just like any other foreigner —Arab, Chinese and others— hired as a terrorist agent. Their foreign condition cannot be used as a shield.

President Kim Dae-Jung’s agents often played as if the encounter had happened just by chance—starting with Kim Jong-Gil, an agent who played an important role in the plot at NATO and those agents who used the psychotropic substances intoxication, a fake journalist—. These were all well calculated and prepared plays —as a practical expression of “The elusiveness may be intended” which I found in the newspaper.

I could later see persons that were coming and going as a connection between the US and Brussels —It was quite evident, because they often wrote their news in the Internet. [When I discovered their websites, some of them disappeared soon.] They did not care who they actually were —they were terrorists indeed, who did not mind the evil goals they were contributing to— from diplomats to medical doctors.


Today I am standing in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Presidential Palace to demand the liquidation of all crimes and terror acts performed against human rights, peace and justice —organized state supported crimes and terror activities against everything the United Nations stands for—.

In order to solve this manifest injustice and to put an end to those state supported crimes and terror activities, I have no other choice but to go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Presidential Palace where terrorists have their nest, even though they do not hesitate to reply with violence against me, including pharmacological torture and death threats.

Today is my 100th consequent demand for the liquidation of terror activities.

09:19 A disguised agent speaks about three high ranking police men (senior superintendents) who are appointed under the exclusive influence of the Presidential Palace. He emphasizes their direct link with President Roh Moo-Hyun and reminds me of those responsible for the crimes, including physical torture (The day of Crematorium, June 21, 2007), many attempts of torture using psychotropic substances, and other various evildoings —like death threats—.

[Do I have to focus just on those senior superintendents, all appointed by the Presidential Palace —Presidents Kim and Roh—? Or do I have to focus on those behind them —Presidents Kim and Roh and current UN Secretary General Ban—?

Using policemen as expendables in order to cover-up president Kim and Ban’s crimes is not acceptable. They do not have the right to sacrifice subordinate personnel in order to accomplish their transgressions, and that limitation persists even if they are the President and the UN Secretary General.

Mr. President Roh Moo-Hyun and UN Secretary General Ban KI-Moon! Why are you both trying to put the blame of your crimes on others, in this case on the shoulders of three senior superintendents? Shouldn’t you assume open and full responsibility for your crimes?

Left: Belgian King Albert II. Right: Terrorist vice-minister-level ambassador Choi Dae-Hwa, with diplomatic immunity and privileges. (Sept. 18, 2000 Koekelberg — At the time, ambassador Choi Dae-Hwa tried to cover up their terrorist activities with economic compensation.)

I had to remember that vice-minister-level ambassador Choi Dae-Hwa —UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s colleague— ran away from me when his attempts to cover up the terrorist activities failed -when I refused their offers of money, women and exile-. There were his numerous subordinate diplomats and gangsters at the church. It was the beginning of the year 2000 when Ambassador Choi Dae-Hwa threatened me at the church, and then Nho Gil-Sang in front of diplomats who worked for him in Brussels. Both events took place at the same church, with an interval of about one year.

Some lizards are known to be able to shed their tails deliberately and flee to safety when threatened or caught by their predator.

What kind of democracy and justice do I have to face! Prosecutor General Choung Sang-Myoung and Justice Minister!]

09:31 Arrival at the west gate of MOFAT – closed due to repair. [I move to the north main gate.]

To the Ban Ki-Moon’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs currently under the control of Song Min-Soon and Cho Jung-Pyo who managed terrorist networks in Atlanta under Mr. Ban Ki-Moon —Mr. Ban was then in New York (Head of the Cabinet of the President of the 56th General Assembly of the United Nations, New York, U.S.A.)—.

09:33 - 09:59 — At the west main gate of MOFAT

I demand the arrest of all political gangsters —criminal groups— just the same as I had previously done in front of Roh Moo-Hyun’s Presidential Palace.

“Terrorism hurts all nations -- large and small, rich and poor.” Those are wonderful words included in Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s statement.

After perpetrating so many criminal and terrorist acts using women (prostitution), money (bribery and corruption), concealment and obstruction of justice, using medical doctors and dentists and fake journalists and diplomats and policemen for that purpose, UN Secretary general Ban can still utter –effortlessly, incessantly and unashamed- such beautiful statements. Finding the right words is a very hard work for ordinary citizens. But for Ban, it looks so easy to pretend to be different –a person of integrity- through the utterance of these great words.

It is quite astonishing that politicians and high ranking diplomats such as UN Secretary General Ban incessantly say beautiful words -such as peace (anti-terrorism), human rights, combat poverty- while behind the shadows they are using terror and multiple crimes in order to facilitate their objectives, they are utilizing women to conceal crimes (prostitution), they are proposing financial compensation for silence and complicity (bribery and corruption), and for all this criminal activity they are employing highly trained professional killers.

Same as narcotics and the illicit psychoactive drugs that they use, I wonder how do they get and supply their women —just as expendable items— for their criminal actions. Do they pay enough to keep them silent and do whatever they are asked to? Or do they convince them to cooperate under insidious and surreptitious coercion? [It is important to note that President Kim’s agent Sturgeon loved to mention the secret filming of men and women having intercourse, shots taken through pinhole lenses in order to gain control of their victims —coercion.]

UN Secretary General Ban and President Kim’s criminal and terrorist acts, their preparation and cover-up in case of failure have to be daunting tasks.

Mr. Ban Ki-Moon tried to conceal his terror activity by making his fellow citizens political extremists —and criminals— to insure that they would meet his terms. By threatening the safety of his hostages —my family—, he tried to enervate my existence and eliminate my resistance, for he was attempting to buy me with money and with a woman used as a prostitute. That is the truth, though nowadays he doesn’t speak a word about his criminal and terrorist acts, limiting himself to many and incessant beautiful words. Does he believe that the “no see no listen no response” tactics he uses can erase his responsibility in criminal and terrorist acts perpetrated against all those who the UN are trying to defend through their campaign on human rights, world peace, bioterrorism, narcotics, prostitution, torture and other numerous concerns? Ban Ki-Moon and President Kim “strike against everything the United Nations stands for.” Working together for terrorism is actually Ban and Kim’s “common mission.”

Ban’s camouflage is good only for him and his colleagues.

Very intelligently, Ban’s colleagues and thugs speak about their emigration to the US and European countries in a way that pretends to dissociate them from their criminal entities. That’s the case of Ambassador Choi who informed of his emigration to Texas (US), the Doctor who bragged about the EU passport for his children, agent Moon who informed publicly of his permanent residency request in the US (Los Angeles, curiously the place where I was planning to go for a while), Kim Jong-Gil who told me about his future station in the US, Patriot I who confessed to me his foreign nationality, another agent who made comments about emigrating to USA and becoming an American citizen. From Koreans to foreigners -including Arab, Chinese and many others-, from diplomats to thugs on the street, all those who display their foreign nationality or identities cannot change the gravity center of Kim Dae-Jung’s crimes and terror activities — implemented by Ban Ki-Moon who is currently UN Secretary General. These activities took place right in front of my eyes, and were directed against me.

A very special case is agent Moon, who used to work under Ambassador Choi as a thug and was stationed in the LA area where I was planning to stay for a while. In such a situation and life danger, I couldn’t move to LA as I wanted to. I had to avoid any direct confrontation with Ban’s well prepared terror agents. They had my family in their hands. [He once wrote that his life in LA is more comfortable than that of Brussels.]

Secretary General Mr. Ban, he may be trying to launder his agents’ crimes and terrorist acts, disguising them with flying colours and using foreigner contractors —including Arab, Chinese and others—, but his efforts cannot change the fact that President Kim and UN Secretary General Ban have been and are still orchestrating criminal and terror activities.

It was surprising to find traces of these terrorists from the east coast to the west coast of the US. I am not sure of their nationalities, but that fact is not under my consideration. They are just terrorists.

What difference would it make to know the precise nationality of those terrorists?

Nationality and ethnicity are being played like a game, just one of the many tricks that Ban and his colleagues are using as part of their structure and finances to mobilize them. The resulting elusiveness is intentional.

Even though some agents are foreigners, you —Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, the right hand of an ex-human rights President— are at the very center of crime and terror activity as a worldwide example of successful criminality and terrorism, as a shining path for all international evil doers.

Ban Ki-Moon, the Secretary General of the U.N. can move around the UN and White House with all freedom, he can play all his acts of camouflage, even though he is actually one of the highest ranking officials responsible for transnational crimes and terror activities.

10:10 President Roh Moo-Hyun’s agents are blocking my way towards the Presidential Palace at the level of Kindergarten. [Nobel peace prize awarded President Kim used a kindergarten headmaster in order to lure me into Germany so that I got trapped according to his plans—abduction and murder.]. One of those agents is the one who induced a criminal to injure himself in order to threaten me and try to provoke violence [The aforementioned agent deliberately damaged my camera that day.]. He wishes to be called an intelligence agent, not a spy. [Recently the concerned criminal was wearing police uniform. That’s the way in which they all work, continuously changing their appearance and being deployed from hospitals to banks.]

Finally, I also asked some questions about the narcotics used by those diplomats in Brussels and about the illegal transfer of a large sum of dollars to Kim Jong-Il. [It is important to note that I was intoxicated by Kim’s psychotropic substances, even in church.]

[Today, there were persons involved who looked like westerners. For a brief moment they assumed a contemplative posture considering my presence on the road toward the Presidential Palace. President Roh’s agents intentionally deployed those foreign agents. Aug. 20, 2007 - Xenophobic Incitement (Aug. 19, 2007 - Using a foreign criminal as a terror agent).]

I return home after demanding the liquidation of high profile criminals and terrorists.

Inside the Taxi prepared by thugs working for Presidents and UN Secretary General. The agent —driver— says that all that I said has been recorded.

He asks me “What is religion?” [The question should be addressed to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon who decided to administer psychotropic substances, to use threats via diplomatic staff —including Ambassador Choi and diplomat Nho Gil-Sang—, to propose financial compensation and a woman (prostitution) in exchange, and finally to threaten and attempt to murder me inside the church. The lady was used just like merchandise.]

Ban came to the UN with the plan to finish his unfinished job —abduction and murder that he had already attempted in Brussels, Brabant and Antwerp. After Ban Ki-Moon’s arrival to UN (New York, May 2001) Ban’s subordinate delivered President Kim’s death threat to me in the midst of my hunger strike at Norcross, Georgia (near Atlanta, July 10, 2001). I was feeling very weak due to my hunger strike at the church (hunger strike at Brussels, June 2001). Just a few weeks before in Brussels, Ban’s diplomats had tried to murder me at the church (June 12, 2001). [At the end of that hunger strike in Brussels, Ambassador Choi’s agents tried to murder me (June 12, 2001). Jeon and his wife and diplomat Nho were the tentacles directed to commit the crime during that summer of the year 2001 in Brussels. It is important to remember diplomat Nho’s words “President Kim Dae-Jung has not forgotten you, has not abandoned you”, as well as President Kim’s e-mail without text (Sat, 23 Dec 2000 10:54:27 +0900)]

I had to make this agent reminded about the fact that President Kim, and high ranking diplomats like Ban Ki-Moon, were keeping secrecy concerning President Kim’s illegal money transfer to Kim Jong-Il. Several years later, during the ensuing probe, one influential businessman met his tragic end.

After the Nobel peace prize was awarded to President Kim, Ban’s diplomats and criminals at Brussels already knew about those huge illegal transfers of dollars to Kim Jong-Il and delivered that secret information to me at café Nemrod. The reason why UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon decided to inform me of such secret and dangerous information concerning the illegal transfer of money to Kim Jong-Il should be better explained by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.


There has been a development that had not been noticed before.

Patriot II: Ex. member of the National Assembly (opposition party): manipulation and intimidation, Jul. 2004

Assemblyman: A member of the National Assembly (opposition political party - Grand National, Hannara): The National Assembly Members office, manipulation, Sept. 2005

These two persons are placed in the political hemisphere of an opposition party. What they actually do for the politician who is in power becomes evident, and it is not to reflect the citizen’s political opinion or judgments, but to manipulate and figure out what the politician and supporters of the opposition party are actually doing in their hemisphere.

It is about certain record concerning manipulation that I wrote just after my visit to one of the National Assembly member’s office. They used my visit as a trap to manipulate the nature of the crimes and terrorist acts ordered by President Kim and implemented by incumbent UN Secretary General Ban. A few days ago, just by chance, I found this record in my blog that I had left behind for several years. The record didn’t describe any event in particular detail, just the essence of crime. To my surprise, this record had lost the essential words. These had been deleted. [This sort of manipulation often occurs in various ways —includes blocking the access to my own websites and blogs.]

The criminal —simply a terrorist supporter— suggested me how to talk about the nature of President Kim’s crimes and terrorist acts —political manipulation, bribery attempts, bio-terrorism, physical and pharmacological tortures, multiple kidnapping and murder attempts and using my family as hostage to cover up the President’s political crimes (Sept, 2005).

All this happened at the time I had to be confronted at the National Assembly Member’s office. Let’s remember that I was branded an anti-government activist because President Kim Dae-Jung’s agents were saying that I supported the Grand National (Hannara) political party. [As you may see, it’s not that difficult to become an anti-government activist. You just have to do the same as I did.]

Ironically, this aggressive manipulation was done in the office of a Grand National party’s member.

It is not surprising at all that such an evil force would reside in the National Assembly. As I have already explained, I met an ex-member of the National Assembly who tried to manipulate me (July, 2004). Even abroad, I once met someone who introduced himself as personnel of the National Assembly, while he was in fact merely working as an agent for Mr. Ban’s crimes and terror acts. This person, whom I shall describe as Patriot II, became angry when I identified his affiliation on the spot, as soon as the gathering started. [Patriot II was fully informed about me. He figured out what I was thinking about his display, and he showed it without any hesitation. What is more important here, Patriot II’s real name was frequently mentioned by terrorists in Brussels. They kept on asking me what did I think about him. He was in charge of a group that tried to kill me at Seoul.] They are continuously changing, not only their appearances, but their political convictions too. Just like other homologous are deployed from hospitals to banks, some are placed in the National Assembly —the difference being that they are very well known and agile enough to present themselves as persons who can stand against oppression and injustice, and for causes concerning democracy and human rights. Patriot II’s activity and aggressive response answered many questions.

As a member of the Grand National Party, he is critical of President Kim Dae-Jung and Kim Jong-Il’s foreign policy and oppressive inner politics, including human rights repression. This is a very abnormal situation. He, as a member of an opposition party, is publicly critical of Kim Dae-Jung and Roh Moo-Hyun’s regime, but he actually works for President Kim and Roh in order to cover-up their crimes, terror acts and conspiracies, even using President Kim’s own illegal transfer of a large sum of dollars to Kim Jong-Il. This case of a member of the Grand National party —opposition political party— shows clearly two presidents making a frantic attempt to cover-up President Kim’s crimes and terror acts implemented by Ban Ki-Moon who is currently UN Secretary General.

He —as a member of the Grand National Party at the National Assembly— shows in his own behavior the normal ways in which terrorists and criminals are mobilized by Mr. Ban in order to implement President Kim’s political philosophy and instructions.

This sort of manipulation with the same purpose and under the pressure of violence and intimidation was several times tried at the Ministry of foreign Affairs under the command of Mr. Ban Ki-Moon (2006). [This manipulation was then repeated by Mr. Ban Ki-Moon’s thugs at the ministry of Foreign Affairs. It was also a repetition of what had previously happened at the Kyobo bookstore. Their systematic terror operation from Brussels to Atlanta was continued in Seoul —from the National Assembly to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs—. That is quite an astonishing fact, and I cannot avoid mentioning another tragic fact that they put in front of my eyes.]

In front of his fellow citizens and in foreign countries —human rights activists and foreign politicians—, he speaks loudly about Kim Jong-Il’s human rights repression, but the truth is he is actually taking part in the systematic criminal activity implemented by President Kim Dae-Jung and Mr. Ban Ki-Moon. [It is vital to remember that those who speak loudly about human rights repression in my home land normally assume a threatening position to someone who is critical of human rights repression.] Cover-up of political crimes and terrorism against democracy and human rights has already taken place in the office of a National Assembly’s member —which is supposed to be the last barrier for the protection of democracy and human rights in Korea—.

Since the arrival of Ban’s agents and diplomats in Brussels and Atlanta, Ban Ki-Moon persists in the same course of action. He is apparently adding some new techniques, intending to transfer his and his boss’ responsibility in terrorist activities to ex-presidents such as Park Chung-Hee.

Assassination: President Park Chung-Hee

On October 26, 1979, President Park Chung-Hee was gunned down by Kim Jae-kyu, the director of the KCIA.

President Park Chung-Hee died a long time ago. It is not possible to send Ambassador Choi Dae-Hwa and mobilize Ban Ki-Moon, the incumbent UN Secretary General, to silently kidnap and murder me in foreign soil. Ban did his best and moved up to New York in order to accomplish his objective as instructed by President Kim.

Park Geun-Hye, Chair Person, Grand National (Hannara) Party (2004 – 2006.06)

Those who manipulate the nature of President Kim’s crimes and terror activity implemented by current UN Secretary General —Ban Ki-Moon— are vulgar criminals, just like those terrorists that, in a similar way, have manifested their criminal intentions in EU and USA.

[And this explains why some journalists turn their eyes away. Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomats have used fake journalists in order to harm me inside and outside the country.]

Why has UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon decided to share with me such dangerous information concerning the secret transfer of a large sum of dollars to Kim Jong-Il? His reasons should be known —preferably through Ban Ki-Moon’s own explanation. For several years after Ban Ki-Moon intentionally leaked the corresponding information, President Kim kept insisting that there had been no secret illegal transfer of dollars to Kim Jong-Il.

Again, let’s remember that one person left this living world during the probe concerning the aforementioned illegal transfer of money.

UN Secretary General Ban KI-Moon! You should keep in mind the shrewd handling that took place in the National Assembly’s office, the sly manipulation of a high profile ex-politician, the death threats of the President, the death threats of some diplomats and their other criminal attempts —bribery, corruption, providing a woman (prostitution) and taking my family hostage—! Those are all evil acts, they constitute your own crimes! UN Secretary General Ban! You have to solve this problem accordingly —your crimes, terrorist acts and those of the President—, as you have promised to do in your statements, as you have to do according to UN conventions and treaties.



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